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  1. Those subs do appear to not want to get low but I would not worry to much about the response WinISD gives you. Once you put it in a car it will change drastically. In a vehicle this will get down into the 30's pretty well.
  2. What do you mean by height? why would having a shorter box be less sturdy? Not quite understanding what you are asking.
  3. Birch will resonate if you do not do proper bracing.
  4. Are you going to have enough port area stepping up to that power level?
  5. You need to get that box bolted down. That will definitely kill someone if you are in an accident. And I would find a different box builder.
  6. Do you have the T/S parameters? 7 cubes is ridiculously big for 2x12's.
  7. On the same plane there is no difference.
  8. Just my opinion but if you are going sealed and want something musical I would look at the Dayton HO or the Image Dynamics IDQ. DC makes solid stuff but I think the other two would be a better fit in this case. The only way you will be able to port your box and keep the volume anywhere near what it needs to be they will have to be external ports. A 6" port 20" long takes up .3 cu. ft. and 20" is probably not going to be long enough for low tuning.
  9. How will the port run inside the enclosure if coming out of the top? From the drawing it looks like it will be right on top of the subs?
  10. How much power you going to be throwing at it?
  11. If using the same power you will be losing some output due to lower cone area.
  12. You are correct. I would recommend bracing any panel over 12".
  13. What do you think needs broken in? the soft felxible surround and spider??
  14. Yes you should be able set the frequency to what you want. What are you running at 70 Hz?
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