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  1. Don't forget whatever you buy you will have to do electrical if you want to run anything on decent power. So buying an odd vehicle will require more fabrication for an alternator.
  2. Decent prices for some low end Kicker amps right now at Best Buy
  3. LOL you provided pretty much no information. Hard to make a recommendation.
  4. 15's take a lot of space so you do not want to end up trying to shove 2x15 in 6 cubic feet.
  5. On that power and enclosure size somewhere around 17 sq. in. would be good. Just watch that the port ratio does not get to high.
  6. You better figure out how much space you have before committing to 15's.
  7. Just turn the box on its side.
  8. Port is a little big but should not hurt anything. I would personally tune alittle lower but if it is how you like it then you will be okay.
  9. How much power will you be running?
  10. Need to know amp and what your goals are?
  11. Are you pulling out the backseats or what?
  12. Depends on your goals really. I would say since you like all kinds of music to tune on the low side with their low Fs and decent QTS they are good candidate and should perform well for what you want.
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