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  1. How will the port run inside the enclosure if coming out of the top? From the drawing it looks like it will be right on top of the subs?
  2. How much power you going to be throwing at it?
  3. If using the same power you will be losing some output due to lower cone area.
  4. You are correct. I would recommend bracing any panel over 12".
  5. What do you think needs broken in? the soft felxible surround and spider??
  6. Yes you should be able set the frequency to what you want. What are you running at 70 Hz?
  7. I dont think you are going to have the room for 3 ported. Given the dimensions and .75" mdf you are at 6.9 cu. ft. add in woofer and bracing displacement and you're at 6-6.25 cu ft. the port to run 4k to those will be 16.3 per cube ideally, so pretty big which will take another foot or so. Which leaves you around 5 cubes, which I think will be to small.
  8. On same power you will not get to use the excursion advantage of better subs.
  9. Turn down that subsonic. Your box is tuned to about 32 Hz so you ar e not even using all you have. I would set the SSF to 28 but you need to set the gain correctly first. I would also raise the LPF up to 100 it might help with the boominess. The driver is going to be sloppy. With an Mms of 505 which is high and Qms of 2.2 which is low it will be hard to control.
  10. So let's try again. What are your goals for your system? better than stock can be done for a couple of hundred dollars and would not require 1000 watt mono amp. So are looking to get as loud as possible? something geared towards good sound? ported enclosure or sealed? how much room do you have for an enclosure? How much money you willing to spend? You doing the work yourself or paying a shop?
  11. If power handling is the same then all that is changing is cone area. So 4 would be louder.
  12. Port area is alittle low for that power. the box is about 5.8 cu. ft total after displacements. that is a bit small for 2 15's and i dont see any bracing, so that will definitely affect output. If you have T/S parameters of the subs that would help but I suspect that they are part of the issue as well.
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