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  1. DC likes smaller boxes I would try 1.5-2.0 cubes and tuned 36 Hz for louder.
  2. ckeeler11

    Enclosure help for 2 RF T2 13...

    No you do not need an "L". they should label that calculator slot ported box calculator. Also I ran the numbers in Torres and come with a slightly different specs (which is not surprising). I get 10.39 cu ft. tuned to 36.8 hz. I trust the Torres calculator more than the RE one. you have a shit ton of port
  3. ckeeler11

    Obsidian Audio 18 Enclosure Assistance

    There should not be any ill affects from having the port that far away.
  4. I guess it depends on what you want from the sub. I would probably go a different direction if you want the lows. If you can have a good sized enclosure the Dayton UM will get low but needs a big box. Could also go with an Ascendant Audio Chaos, American Bass HD, or Incriminator Lethal Injection.
  5. ckeeler11

    6.5" sq components

    I prefer Morel over the majority of those. The Hertz CPK are nice. End of the day it is what you like go out to some shops and demo.
  6. ckeeler11

    Box Design Help

    Torres calculates the port length down the centerline of the port. the physical port length is the total length of the pieces of wood used. As drawn, with port in the middle of the box not touching any walls it would be 0 maybe 1 for the back part but would not make a drastic difference. he woul dbe better off having the port on a wall instead of in the middle.
  7. ckeeler11

    Center Console Build

    th eonly otehr I would consider is the SA-8. they should all perform in the right enclosure. Not sure how much room you have but you might run into issues fitting the right sized aero(s) if the enclosure is small.
  8. ckeeler11

    Skar EVL-18's sealed enclosure question..

    Not very once you put it in a car
  9. ckeeler11

    F150 SCrew Under Seat Box

    I would seriously consider the Sundown Sd-3 not a true shallow sub and can still get down. Or seat lift to get the extra room needed.
  10. There should be some more internal bracing. those are some big panels and will be flexing if not supported.
  11. ckeeler11

    Trunk 4th orders...

    If you got the time and money to do something like thhis then go for it. I bet this is not the first or second revision of this set up. Also who is to say it is any louder than a regular ported enclosure sealed off from the trunk.
  12. Are you building a ported enclosure? If so you should be doing a sealed one. In teh end you will most likely end up with better performance because of all teh compromises you are going to have to make to get 10 lbs of shit in a 5 bag. If it is sealed then maybe you need to think about doing a single 12 or dual 10. Again you are better off with fewer compromises.
  13. The only way that can happen is if one sub is loading off of a something internal to the enclosure. What are the specs on the box? it looks like it is tuned really high but pictures can be deceiving.