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  1. ckeeler11

    Port Velocity Equation

    Here is formula: http://www.carstereo.com/help/Articles.cfm?id=4
  2. You are going to be a little on the small side to run ported. You have 3.5 cu ft. to work with and that does not account for the space you need for the subs excursion on the bottom., so probably closer to 3.0 cu ft. You want to be around 4-4.25 most likely.
  3. ckeeler11

    Tweeter mounting locations on a 2012 GMC Sierra denali

    I would mount them with double sided tape and listen for a few days to determine what the best location. The lower you mount them the lower you soundstage will be unless you have a decent headunit with T/A. First spot would be sail panel then A-Pillar, then, down by mid.
  4. ckeeler11

    Old skool,new skool?

    Max numbers are BS the RMS is going to be 750 to 1k.
  5. Definitely want to disconnect the wires from the amp.
  6. ckeeler11

    box tuning and db numbers HELP

    Most likely you are seeing peaks and nulls due to the environment the enclosure is in. You can try positioning the enclosure differently and see what changes can also use an eq to tame the peaks and valleys.
  7. ckeeler11

    RF T1D212 Enclosure Help

    Torres Box tuning calculator
  8. Lifting is an option. plenty of people do it. HAving said that the box has 1.97 cu. ft of volume so you are good htere. Also hase 1.25" clearance for subs underneath so good there. I would run it. http://www.lmiwelding.com/kits_supercab.htm
  9. ckeeler11

    Enclosure design help

    Changes the cutsheet quite a bit as the port will be totally different and on another panel. I'm assuming this is for an SUV?
  10. ckeeler11

    Enclosure design help

    Sounds like you are on the right track.
  11. ckeeler11

    Sub enclosure help

    DC Level 5, SSA Zcon, maybe Sundown ZV.
  12. Go piece by piece. If you are nailing then you dont need to keep it clamped. Put glue, clamp piece together, nail, move on to the next piece.
  13. ckeeler11

    Sub enclosure help

    You dont have enough room for that much power. I would not go smaller than 12.5"x 6" with port on that much power and that will bring you volume way down.
  14. ckeeler11

    Help with box design

    No still 3 after it makes the turn it is Top, Bottom, Back.
  15. ckeeler11

    Help with box design

    If the port goes top to bottom along 1 side then it should be 3 common walls. Top, Bottom, and Side.