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  1. The correct answer is "Yes it is 100% taken care of." The should of part tells me they do not have confidence in their supplier.
  2. They are the same line so they would both sound the same.
  3. ckeeler11

    port direction truck box

    Slot port would be fine you just need to get the ratio down to something below 10:1. You are at 30:1 so a port 3" wide x 19" tall would be much better.
  4. A subwoofer cannot produce clipping. the clipping is from the signal being fed to the subwoofer. So its either from your headunit or your amp. That is why gain setting is so important. A 90 amp alternator is not going to last long in this situation. Capacitor is useless for you so get rid of it as it is now it is an additional load on your electrical system.
  5. That should work fine. No disrespect to Steve and his products but the DD1 is not error free, if I did more amp tuning I would probably buy one, as most devices are not so use what you have at your disposal and do the best you can. I would say also learn to listen to what a sub sounds like when it is playing distortion that will help.
  6. ckeeler11

    new build for my truck?

    8 cubes is not enough. .5 a cube is sub displacement, another .5 to .75 for port displacement, and then bracing will be at least .25 so that leaves you at 6.75 CU. FT which is below their recommended 7 cubes, which is probably a little on the low side anyway. I say go with 4x10's and good luck!
  7. you are louder by having more cone area or more power, or more excursion. So 2x10's has more cone area than 1 12 so in that aspect the 10's louder. Even when we look at Xmax if the U had double the excursion potential of the 10's then it would be equal but it is not as the U has 30 and the SA's have 19. When you talk about the SA-12's its not even close as you will have twice the cone area, the same power handling, and more combined Xmax.
  8. ckeeler11

    new build for my truck?

    I recommend what I think is best. If I did not recommend it I don't think it is best.
  9. This needs to be fixed. You should be running true 4 gauge. Ideally OFC> if you are running 6 gauge you will be pushing to much power through that wire. Does not make sense to do the big 3 and not upgrade this. Also you need to be concerned if you are dropping below 12 volts not 8, even if the amp says it can take it. At that point you are depleting your battery and most likely the car will die.
  10. ckeeler11

    3 way front stage placement

    I know a bit of an old topic but wanted to chime in. Having the drivers as close together is ideal. Separation of sound is not a good thing unless you like hearing the different frequencies in different locations. If you have a DSP then it is less of an issue as you can time align. If the midrange cannot cannot play above 2k they are petty useless and going with a smaller tweeter will not be a good idea as it will be pretty hard to find one that can play down that low cleanly.
  11. ckeeler11

    new build for my truck?

    If you are going for output then I would look at the Sundown E series or maybe Soundqubed HDS. Could you possibly do 3 12's? Something with decent sound quality and output would be the Dayton HO's or Image Dynamics IDQ.
  12. ckeeler11

    Skar subs and deep bass ?

    There are basically 2 camps when it comes to Skar. 1) are the guys that think they are great because they are cheap and look similar to Sundown and they think they are of similar quality. While ignoring the owners past dealings and bad CS. 2) is the guys that know Skar uses lower quality parts so the price on par with other subs of the same caliber. Also they remember the dealings of the owner and the poor CS, and don't want to support a company because of it. My opinion is with all the options out there why would you want to support a company with a bad rep when you could support a company that actually cares about their customers and is straight up about their products. What's more important to you money or ethics?
  13. ckeeler11

    Skar subs and deep bass ?

    Any sub will play down to whatever the box is tuned too. So if you throw these in a box tuned to 25 they will play down there its just a matter of how loudly and cleanly. My guess is they will do fine down to around 35 but wold have to model to see what they look like.
  14. ckeeler11

    new build for my truck?

    4 10's will have more cone area than 2x12's, so they have the potential to be louder. Looks like the box is ported? what are the specs of the box (tuning, port area, volume)? Most likely you will want to build a new box matched to the sub specs.