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  1. 0 gauge ofc is only rated at 300 amps dont have to run battery from front to back fir ground but it helps
  2. Any idea how i might be able to contact him Nd will he recommend which one he thinks i should go with i noticed on win and bbp6 it gives recomendations on what type to go with for the type of sub I aint really sold on 4th order i just want the most i can get outta what i got
  3. But what does it cost kinda strapped for cash electrical really ran up faster then I thought it would and in unsure of who hunter is???
  4. The harder part im not to worried aboit carpenter by trade by im worried about the excursion? What ive read online and have come to understand is that if the port isnt correct it'll cause the subs to mess up i may not be correct I have to read these forums and random facts online and its hard to get educated that way
  5. Thats what i thought but they just wont let it go they said since i have room for 4th order thats what should be done I know testing is the only real way to know but i work 6 12s so time is kinda an issue when it comes to building trial and error
  6. Thats what i thought but they just wont let it go they said since i have room for 4th order thats what should be done I know testing is the only real way to know but i work 6 12s so time is kinda an issue when it comes to building trial and error
  7. Hey guys im doing my first build 3 skar evl 15s dvc 2ohm on a ts 3.5 I was gonna do a flat wall but everyone I know personally who does comps says if this is for me anf not for comps I need to do a fourth order cause it's more musical and has more bandwidth i wanna do demos but really i just love bass I've tried bass box 6 and win isd and on regular ported walls it wasnt a problem to get good response on the graph but when I try it with the 4th order calc no matter what i do I cant get the tuning right i want it tuned where its peaking between 32 and 55 Hz tops I don't know a bunch about it all i know is i love bass and I am a noob to all competitors I've read over an hour a day for 9 months and finally got the basics but still know nothing theres so much to learn but im dedicated i got everything for it ho alt batts subs amp and all power cable ran but cant build the box correctly cause i cant do the specs and don't wanna mess up the subs from doing it wrong I know it's time consuming and has no benefit to you but if someone could please help id be eternally grateful the box max external specs are 42d 36h 40w so it leaves plenty of room for the 2:1. And the subs rec enclosure are 3.5-3.75 sealed 3.5-4.0. Ported thanks so much for even reading this ridiculously long post if someone would help I will build and show results so they can know there time wasnt wasted -hooplah-
  8. Ok sorry. Yes thats exactly what happened they werent strappable so just daisy chained an ivehooked up probably 30 single monoblocks. But this is the first time ive tried hooking up 2. Everything was lit up no protect or nothing both on but no harmony. It had deep obnoxious bass but not sounding how it should no harmony just full tilt, and the mids and highs were now mute. So I unplugged it all to try from step one but nope it was still mute even after reverting back to original set up ive ran a meter on all speakersthey are all fine now my system is complete oem beside hu and i cant even get static.
  9. And if it is the car amp can i just get a 4 channel and run different speakers and have the problem be fixed planned on doing this in the future but if this will help I'll do it sooner then later
  10. How do I know if that's what happened though just hook up oem head unit and if it plays then thats it but if not assume its the cars oem amp
  11. Yes its all oem except the hu and the mono block obviously but the speakers are direct to the wiring harness and im guessing is just running off the hu amp or the cars oem amp i dont understand why everything shut down when i grounded the amps though everything is now disconected that isnt oem and its still mute I think my car oem amp or the hu amp may have blown but idk how to test it i thought maybe the speaker wire had grounded a d muted it all but im like 99 percent positive thats not the case
  12. Plugged mono blocks up and my mids and highs have completely muted unplugged everything and it still has my speakers completely mute checked all wiring in harness and no my speakers are not blown can someone please help i have no idea what happened at all and the mids and highs are oem the sub is going but its lost all harmonics lime its just deep bass with no harmony to it at all im so lost idk what happened fuses are not blown not a noob so obvious answers I tried
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