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  1. I'm right around the corner from the address on pic, in the Woodlands/ Old town Spring area
  2. Gotcha. Thank you Sir! So many lil nuances and such when it comes to making music, I had to ask lol
  3. Nice. Thanks man! I may hafta keep Saturday open, like to check this out. Will you be there, or is it more of a small local thing?
  4. Ok so I figured they would probably cancel each other out, lose output n generally sound real messy... so would there be any change in sound quality? I'm sure one port would have more velocity than the other, correct?
  5. This will probably be a no brainer to yall, but its something that's been on my mind n all I have are theories and uneducated guesses. I was looking at 4th n 6th order enclosures and the benefits of each and got to thinking... What would happen if you had a dual ported enclosure with 2 different tunings in the same box? I'm sure it would probably be a mess, but if I had the funds I would just build it n see for myself... but I'm sure somebody can shed some light on it for me.
  6. Theres alot of guys out my way who have Massive subs, hear good things ab the 6.5's
  7. This set up will have 2000w available to split between however many subs, but mostly looking for clean and low on this one. Hows the freq response?
  8. I wish I knew somebody who had them, I'd love to audition a set of 10's. Lookin to find a show coming up, it would be nice if somebody had somethin I can listen to.
  9. I been on the road for last 3 weeks in N Cali, so I hadnt been online, but I was kinda hoping you had a chance to abuse em by now lol How do they compare w the Skar?
  10. Did you get a chance to hook up those subs n play w em a bit?
  11. I always like to read the science behind things to understand what's actually goin on, but feel like I'm missing somethin here. On #2 of the "requirements" Can somebody clarify his formula at 6:45 of the video? Are we adding these numbers or multiplying them? It says "plus" between the different factors in the formula, but seems like the X max would be a multiplier? Can anybody help me out? Thx in advance!
  12. Very nice. My buddy bought a 2018 Road Glide Special last year. For an 800 pound bike, the power is impressive. I read up n itll do 60 in 3.5 seconds. He says up to 70 it will hang w alot of sportbikes half its weight. Love the new Harley line up.
  13. Personally, it would hafta be on another level to make me wna ditch my PWX bc i got no complaints (and I'm not shopping atm) but I will be starting a build in about a month, so its somethin I like to keep in mind for later in the year.
  14. Yea my thoughts exactly. I'd love to hear a set bc I have trouble believing an unbiased opinion based on a potential sale (He doesnt carry Crescendo)... I do know a guy who heard a caddy w 4 of em tho n says they are very nice, so maybe I get a chance to see
  15. Aside from screwing the top down n the lower trim panels, I got it all put back together n my part is basically done!
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