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  1. Theres a shop a few miles from where I lived in Houston that had a van out front that everyone talked about (an Astro van, I believe). If anyone was around Spring Branch in early/ mid 90's they know the Chester Cheetah van. A good friend of mine knew a guy who worked there, so we got a lil sample one day. I'm not sure how many speakers it had, but I remember it being pretty tight on space from what I saw. I never sat in it, but stuck my head in n couldn't believe my ears. It gave me a new perspective on sound. On the way out I wanted to bump some Scarface, but suddenly I was faced w the reality that my 2 12" Pyles were nothing to be proud of. Immediately i decided 3 JL 10w6's & a Soundstream Reference 500 was a necessity. That's how these shops get sales right? lol
  2. ...and also, should the gain overlap be a different level for full range or sub amp? ...or do i set the overlap for each amp, specifically based on its own readings? ...and is there a relationship between the 2 levels? Thanks in advance!
  3. First. Let me remind you there is a reason i chose my username lol. Second. Yes, i have used the search function for the past 3 hours. Third. I'm still not 100% confident that i fully understand the dynamics here. Following the DD1+ manual and rechecking my numbers for all channels, I came up with: -Head unit volume 40hz - 33, 1k - 40 and subwoofer channel - 37 (... btw, can i put my head unit volume at 30 to do the gain setting on my amps accurately. Its an OCD thing) -then on my 4 ch amp, i did my gain setting till light stayed on, clicked read (said 15db) changed track and says it is .4 overlap and on my sub amp .7 overlap however the next step it says set to "desired gain overlap" which lost me bc idk what this is based on... Should i zero it out to say "no overlap"? Or do i turn it up till it says a certain number?
  4. Paid $90 for a slightly used 300w MEI back around 92 or so... Rescued 2 15" Realistics that were were destined for a landfill bc of ants snacking on the surround... but being a young, desperately poor visionary, a couple coats of "all purpose" caulking n voila. I was bumping lolol. Surprisingly, I never managed to blow em... Then I stepped up to a Coustic 360 on 2 12" pyles... loved that amp
  5. I hear ya, but i hate when they two up ya even more lol jk Im from the south, so i was taught manners and hospitality... So i cant relate w self centered people on any level and i drive for a living so if ya have zero courtesy or interfere w my safety (or money) you may put yourself in danger ok well usually im laid back to care much, but every so often, i fantasize that theyd have the arrogant delusion to back up their "in car" aggression lol
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