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  1. Very nice. My buddy bought a 2018 Road Glide Special last year. For an 800 pound bike, the power is impressive. I read up n itll do 60 in 3.5 seconds. He says up to 70 it will hang w alot of sportbikes half its weight. Love the new Harley line up.
  2. Theres a shop a few miles from where I lived in Houston that had a van out front that everyone talked about (an Astro van, I believe). If anyone was around Spring Branch in early/ mid 90's they know the Chester Cheetah van. A good friend of mine knew a guy who worked there, so we got a lil sample one day. I'm not sure how many speakers it had, but I remember it being pretty tight on space from what I saw. I never sat in it, but stuck my head in n couldn't believe my ears. It gave me a new perspective on sound. On the way out I wanted to bump some Scarface, but suddenly I was faced w the r
  3. What exactly would you need? I have a buddy that may be able to help.
  4. ...and also, should the gain overlap be a different level for full range or sub amp? ...or do i set the overlap for each amp, specifically based on its own readings? ...and is there a relationship between the 2 levels? Thanks in advance!
  5. First. Let me remind you there is a reason i chose my username lol. Second. Yes, i have used the search function for the past 3 hours. Third. I'm still not 100% confident that i fully understand the dynamics here. Following the DD1+ manual and rechecking my numbers for all channels, I came up with: -Head unit volume 40hz - 33, 1k - 40 and subwoofer channel - 37 (... btw, can i put my head unit volume at 30 to do the gain setting on my amps accurately. Its an OCD thing) -then on my 4 ch amp, i did my gain setting till light stayed on, clicked read (said 15db) changed tr
  6. Paid $90 for a slightly used 300w MEI back around 92 or so... Rescued 2 15" Realistics that were were destined for a landfill bc of ants snacking on the surround... but being a young, desperately poor visionary, a couple coats of "all purpose" caulking n voila. I was bumping lolol. Surprisingly, I never managed to blow em... Then I stepped up to a Coustic 360 on 2 12" pyles... loved that amp
  7. I hear ya, but i hate when they two up ya even more lol jk Im from the south, so i was taught manners and hospitality... So i cant relate w self centered people on any level and i drive for a living so if ya have zero courtesy or interfere w my safety (or money) you may put yourself in danger ok well usually im laid back to care much, but every so often, i fantasize that theyd have the arrogant delusion to back up their "in car" aggression lol
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