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  1. Unfortunately, yes. I tried to talk him into none in rear and put more focus up front. I'm modifying his door panels to fit 2 sets of 6.5 components, so now's the time, but hes stubborn and only wants loud. He heard a car w a wall of 6x9s in the 90s n still cant seem to get past it. smh
  2. So here are a few pics I took along the way. The blueprint. 8.24 ft3 net / 30.3 hz / 136 in2 port area. Getting it all mocked up, checking measurementd before glue This is the battery / fuse compartment accessible from driver side rear door Prob 300 pilot holes x 3 layers... This is what happens when your router and jigsaw are inoperable at the same time... That was fun. Everything double walled, triple baffle and 45's in all corners getting closer I didnt care for this part of kerf, so I decided to reinforce it w fiberglass. Never kerfed birch (only MDF), but i always enjoy the learning process. 2 skim coats of Rage to fill the low spots in fiberglass. 180 n ready for primer Had to piece together the 6x9 panel with leftover wood from the old amp rack, but with a lil planning n alot of measuring, it worked out ok Got it glued n smoothed, ready for primer Close up of the insert between 6x9s 3 coats of Red Mohagany and 4 coats of polyurethane. I really like how this color looks over Birch 3/4" Bevel. Because square edges are boring. Besides the other 6x9s, this is where we stopped for the night. We still have some work to do. Everything will be birch and black bedliner. The top of 6x9 panel / amp rack matches the box. His RCA's are a bit short tho, so we cant put that on yet bc they are draped over the box at the moment. Other than that we ran out of 0g terminals to plug into fuse box and are putting a second run of 0g from front to back. But the good news is, we got it playing before he took it home n this thing goes deeep. Soon as we link up to finish (maybe this weekend?) I need to adjust all his settings, but it sounds real good even w it all dialed back. Sundown def got 2 new fans
  3. If I can find a way to resize the pics to 13 kb, I will post a few I took along the way
  4. First I wanted to thank everyone for their .02 while i was redesigning this set up and others for the invaluable info Ive gotten this last month. Just got my buddy's music installed in his truck this weekend n wanted to share. This isnt the best pic, but when he gets his wire terminals and new RCA's delivered, will be finishing it up asap... still needs bedliner on anything not birch, a panel to cover the lower frame its mounted to n longer RCA's so we can put the top on the 6x9 panel/ amp rack. Heres a few pics I took along the way, but will post the finished product soon as we both have a free day. Tell me what ya think.
  5. If you wna make sure the dust stay knocked off I know where a Veloster is w no back seat lol
  6. That's pretty interesting. I wonder how much it would help if you only put a reverse flare centered w an aeroport on back wall vs the way theirs is w the pole piece through the center?
  7. That's prob the best way to go anyways. What sounds best to my ears is what I want
  8. Found this and a cpl other articles. Says it should be equal distance of port diameter. http://ddaudio.com/ddownlow/july-tech-talk-breath-easy-making-ports/
  9. That's a good question bc I'm ab to build 3 boxes w 2 12s each w aeroports... (I'm thinking out loud), but I'd think since it's not confined to a wall n it can breathe in multiple directions it would be able to be closer than a slot port as long as it can displace the port area... ?... I'd love to know myself tho.
  10. Theres a place in Flagstaff ab 5 mile east of 17, not far off the freeway called "sounds good" I delivered a truck there n seems like they do good work. Nice folks too
  11. What yall think ab this method of gain matching? Seems kinda interesting, never woulda thought it's a good idea to put an amp on separate coils of same speaker.
  12. I used 2 terminals on outside of box, so I can have options, but regardless, the entire truck is getting redone, so I will prob gain match this time.
  13. That's what I was hoping to hear. Thx!
  14. Thx for this review! Theres a guy at a local shop who highly recommended their products. Never heard anything from DS18, but dude almost got my buddy convinced to "trade up" to one of their big 4 ch amps and a set of pro neo mids over a big Crescendo amp and 4 PWX mids... Other than the misleading rating, is it a "step up" as he says?
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