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  1. Yea the damn thing rolled to where I could not see it very easy. Thought I was going crazy for a few days.
  2. The optimus amps were good, I still have a XL400 that I just retired 2 years ago, I want steve to do a amp test on it, im sure it still puts out 300 watts clean. I just replaced it for a 5 channel thats 1/4 the size
  3. Mine was a sherwood 40+40w powered 2 optimus 6X9s in the rear package tray of my 71 grand prix around 1990, everyone thought I had subs in that car.
  4. Cant go wrong with new amps, there way smaller and more powerful.
  5. If anyone wants to buy/trade this. I probably am not going to fix it as my 80prs is way more reliable and I can play files off sd cards and usb drives. I know theres a following on these old head units cause the screen is way nicer at the cost of replacing the ribbon cable every 2 years. I have the remote/mic/trim ring basically everything but the box.
  6. Found It! It was jammed between the seat track and the carpet under the passenger seat closest to the trans tunnel. Now I can resume my speaker upgrades I was in the middle of doing! Thanks for the replies/suggestions.
  7. Yea I was thinking that to, nothing really unique about it. I used the remote control for the 1st time today to do the controls, its actually more convenient then leaning forward to make adjustments. The blue light is just so bright though without the knob!
  8. Yea but I did have my drivers door open at the time so I thought maybe it rolled out on the street somewhere but I looked all around there too. guess ill just pull my seats out, got to be under there, probably my drivers seat since its power and I cant get my hand under it.
  9. Somehow I managed to lose the knob, Was taking the face out of my glovebox and the knob fell off, Unable to find it. I know I sound like an idiot but looked everywhere inside truck about to pull out the front seats thinking it has to be under there somewhere but if I do not find it does anyone know what knobs fit this deck? Pioneer sells a replacement for $68 but there out of stock and would love a cheaper solution anyway.
  10. I did this on a dodge dakota with factory infinity amp, lookup where the amp is located and go from there. I removed my factory amp and just spliced the wires from my new amp in, running 75 watts through the factory wires to mids/highs and sounds good to me. I did run 12ga to my subs but were talking about a pickup so the wire runs are pretty short wich I think makes it ok to go through the factory 18ga wiring.
  11. I have a new flex cable, its just that is all they sale now, they used to sale it allready soldered to the little board that attaches to the faceplate. Now you have to reuse the old board that attaches to the face and I just do not know how to solder that, it has like 10+ tiny connections.
  12. I have had this HU for a long time. It has a problem of wearing out the ribbon cables every few years. I used to be able to buy the ribbon cable attached to a circuit board and it was a easy fix but all they sale now is the ribbon cable that you have to solder to the existing board. Can anyone point me to directions on how to do it or does anyone in the sacramento area do it for minimal cost? I allready replaced it with a pioneer deh-80prs but I liked the 9600mp alot better!
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