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  1. Hahah looks loud. But i cant do that. I got to choose between fabricating the seat to fold or put it facing back
  2. So seats up and sub and port facing trunk will sound fine once i sound deaden? Or is it worth the time and money to fabricate a back seat and make them foldable and seal the sub facing forward?
  3. Good day all. I got a nissan tiida (versa) sedan and unfortunately the rear seats in the car cant fold down and it doesnt have a hand rest/cup holder in the middle to fold down. My system has a single 12" in the trunk and its geared towards a daily. Anyways, can i hack together something on the seat to make it foldable so i can seal the sub facing the cabin without removing the seat completely? Or am a forced to face the trunk only? Will that affect my SQ? Not chasing numbers or anything Thanks all
  4. Yoo buddy!! Whats up!! Build commimg along great. Got my mids amp yesterday but plans changes with the components. I ended up reselling and got 2 6.5s amd tweets running active... ok i got it, it says i need 33" total. What about xmax and cone area? That factors that in?
  5. I've been reading that the 12-16 rule for a slot port isn't fully accurate and i want to attempt a diy optimal sub box. Unfortunately i don't have any programs to do this for me and i can't seem to get any way to calculate it on pen and paper online, i was wondering if someone can assist me with calculating port area for my daily box using the following information. The sub is a 10" DD sub (610) cone area 78.54 The xmax is 14mm I will be giving the sub 1000rms The box will be 1.5cubes net. Am going for a 35hz tune. Can someone tell me the perfect port area that the sub will love..thankss
  6. Good Day guys, Would anyone be so kind to help me with an optimal slot port box design for a dd 610d4? https://ddaudio.com/series/600-series/ The sub will be wired to 2ohms and i have approximately 750rms to power the sub at that 2ohm for a daily setup. Sub will be going in a nissan tidda walled in the trunk facing the cabin. I am hoping to cover the 30hz-75hz range where my midbass will pick up from there. Looking for that loud lows lol As always, thanking you in advance for the magic box!!
  7. Not looking to upgrade, trying to make the best of that 500rms amp
  8. Good day all, trying my hands on adding a single 12" sub to my small set up. I got a 500rms mono to play it and i must be able to get a dual 2 version. Soo, a pair of components are in the front only and that will be covering from 100hz going up. Am thinking to cover the rest of the spectrum from 30hz to 100hz with the sub, i plan on tuning around 32-33hz if that will work as most of my music is upwards of 33hz. System is geared towards SQL but leaning more to the SPL side even though i cant do much with 500rms but am aiming to work magic with that lol. Anywho, my budget can be anything as ill save for whats "right for me" however,my issue is availability in my country. I cant ship stuff in so i have to get whats already here. The brands available to me are american bass, resilient sounds, dd audio, sundown audio, deafbounce,massive audio and re audio. Any sub recommendations from those brands will work best for me? Am also trying a DIY box so an optimal slot port box design is greatly appreciated, space is not an issue but its a relatively daily,small set up so nothing to crazy. Thanks in advance guys
  9. https://www.elektramobileaudio.com/α1200-1d-monoblock-amplifier/ Anyone has any experience with this? Not seeing any dynos or reviews online. Am seeing its pretty cheap and i know you get what you pay for in car audio. But am also working on a budget soo it is what it is. Is it solid,does it do rated?
  10. Any one ever tested or used these amps. Am interested in the e100.4. Do they make their power? Thanks
  11. Nice,its settled then. Kicker cs it is
  12. I think ill go down the components road. Whats your opinion on the kicker css. 6.5 components? Am seeing 100rms and am getting them for a very good price where am from. Would that give me what i want in terms of sq and blending in good with that bass?
  13. For the mids an highs,i got an eleketra 100.4. For the bass i got a rs 12" wired to 2ohm on a eleketra 1200.1 seeing 600rms at 2ohm. The alpine deck crossover only goes up to 200hz for the HPF, therefore ill need a crossover on my tweets. Ok, with that in mind,what is the better bet to keep up with the sub? A component set or the pro audio with tweeter? Bear in mind,on a budget
  14. Hey guys, hope all is well. Let me give the background information first. Upgrading my door speakers, i got a single 12" 500rms sub in the back,its tuned to 33hz and my head unit is an alpine 172bt and i want to do my midrange/highs in stereo,the amp i got outputs [email protected] ohm x 4. Am between 2 choices,brace yourselves, this might get lengthy. Option 1- a set of components, i would like to cover the balance of the spectrum through something somewhat easy to install, however i heard the components don't really get that loud. Option 2- a pro audio 6.5 and a tweeter. Am thinking but i can be wrong, could this be ran like a component if i ran it in parallel? If the tweeter for example,the kicker cs tweeter,it comes with a crossover on the wire, if i ran it in parallel with the 6.5, what would be the final ohm load? Also, the build is not sq nor spl and its on a budget. Am thinking if i go with option 2, the timpano slim 6.5(100rms @4ohm, sen 94db,range 95-6500hz)may be my choise of speaker but what do i look for in a tweeter to make it blend in well with the 6.5 in that way of wiring? I also want to consider beaming for the 6.5 and getting loud, clean sound with realistic highs that are not harsh also safe for my equipment. Option 3- same pro audio 6.5, a tweeter. Use 2 channels on the amp for mid range and the other 2 channel for the tweeters Am not sure if any of this makes sense,but any advice is appreciated also any recommendations of 6.5s and tweeters that suits my application
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