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  1. Hey guys, hope all is well, kind of long but take a read. Attempting a small project for a single 12" and am hoping if joeX, 21gigawatts or tritcom or any other guys great with boxes can chip in an elaborate a bit. Some background info which we need to adhere to. The car is a nissan tidda sedan, the truck is sealed from the back seat with the exception of a fold down center piece on the back rest approximately 8"x6" (pic attached for reference). The sub is a resilient sounds gold 12" rated 1000rms and a CT sounds 900.1 for power and the box NEEDS to fire towards the back seat. 21gigawatts assisted me in the pass with a box for this sub which was 2.5 cubes net,tuned to 33hz with 15" per cube for port, i still use this box, love it but this is a separate project. My goal is to try and have a daily "loud" but also good sounding bass. Also, its for a more park and pound project, meaning, sounding good inside the car but also good outside the car, trying to throw loud heavy bass around 5ft to 10ft outside the car. Now, i know i cant expect wonders with 900rms but the aim is to be very impressive. Was told to shoot for a 38hz-40hz tune but i know yall have good experience to advise me better for a slot port box. I listen music in the 36hz to 60hz and upwards range. So any advice on tuning, optimal port area & box size to try an hit this goals is much https://www.resilientsounds.com/product-page/gold-12 Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hey guys. Any recommendations for a tweeter with sensitivity over 96db, will fit in a 2" cutout hole and play 4khz-20khz? my budget is $60-$70 for a pair Any recommendations is appreciated
  3. Hey guys, hope all is well. Am trying a small project for the headrests in my car. Its a compact ported headrest box (pic attached for reference). In there goes a faital pro 6fe300 midbass 6" and a silk dome. Now after speaker displacement the box is 0.1 net with a port tuned to 155hz. The mounting depth of the speaker is 3" and the box is 3.5" which only leaves 0.5" for the pole vent of the speaker. Am thinking to line ONLY the back of the box with dacron. Which is about 0.5" thick. What can happen here seeing that the pole vent may be partially up against the dacron? Also, will the tuning of the box drop a bit? Because thats the goal. Do it or nahh lol thankss a mill
  4. Hey guys, hope all is well. Am in need of an assist again. Now i know with car audio, its normal for the response to most questions to be "it depends" That being said, am trying my hands on a pair of the below speaker (link below), they are 8ohms rated 175rms each. The will be bridged together for a 4ohm load on a cresendo symphony s4 (440rms 4ohm bridged) and ill eq the hell out of them. The speaker has and fs of 100hz and freq resp of 90hz-4khz. My question is, can i cross them at 100hz 36db slope and 4khz 36db slope safely? They will be blending into a pair of arc audio x2 silk dome which will play 4khz upwards. The speakers would not be in the doors so stereo and beaming with not be an issue. They will be in a compact ported box in the head rest of my sedan (i attached a pic for reference) Thanks in advance https://faitalpro.com/en/products/LF_Loudspeakers/product_details/index.php?id=401020115
  5. 2 speakers per door is not an option. Trying to maintain that stock look. But thanks anyway
  6. I've had a considerable time playing around with the both speakers with the resilient sounds is stereo at 75rms each and sky high bridged at 150rms each. The sky high really isn't that louder to the ear in real time, given double the power, but there is definitely a noticeable reduction in sound quality with the sky high being bridged. Am wondering if its even worth going to the sky high set up?
  7. I thought of that. But those speakers will only get like 40rms if wired that way lol
  8. I guess ill hold it down with the sky highs 6.5s then. I have them playing up to 3khz with a 24db slope with a pair of arc audio silk dome x2 playing 3khz up 24 slope. I friend of mind told me to cut them at 4khz instead, but from what i saw online beaming starts a around 3khz so i set them there, but i could be wrong. Am also using a free rta app named "sound spectrum analyzer" for android for my tuning, not sure if you know any better free apps for rta? Also, i tried a flat-ish target curve for tuning but wasnt to pleased with the sound. Any target curves to shoot for to tame the sky highs and have a more pleasing tonal but on the loud side sound?
  9. The es65c on the rta had such a flatter response and sounded pleasing to the ear,but it lacked that loudness, midbass was nice but you bearly heard it when the sub came into play. I installed both in the car, the skyhigh is loud an scratchy,hurts the ear and hard to tame, no dsp, doing my processing from my 80prs and a free rta app lol . But your right,i dont know which will give sound qual but a bit louder. I dont know if its worth it eqing the hell out of the sky high with the hope that they sound better
  10. so guys, seeking your advise or even maybe whoever else is out there wanting to know this experience. A question on mids and highs here. Whats being used...rockford fosgate prime r2 500.4. 75x 4 @4ohm 150x 2 bridged (set for no clip) Pair of Resilient sounds ec65c rated 75rms 4ohm Pair of Sky high el68 rated 250rms 8ohm. So i've been using these mids separately (specs attached) with the es65c wired an stereo and giving rated 75rms and sometimes the el68 bridged giving 150rms each on the rockford. What i've noticed is the es65c (midbass/midrange cut at 100hz 24db slope) has a very flat response and sounds pleasing to the ear but lacks that loudness and subwoofer bass easily covers them, whereas the el68(mid range, cut at 160hz 24db slope) loudness increase only a little given double power, but sound quality dropped alot because of bridging, some tones hurt your ear but it lacks midbass. I tried eqing these an there so hard to tame but they are crisp and sometimes clean. Your thoughts? Which will you choose? Tips to get loud,clean tonal sound from either or. The goal is a daily system, clean yet impressive for a small amount. Am planning to sell the pair that i will not use. Thanks
  11. So is it safe to use 0db for headunit, then -5 for mids and highs for the gain part?
  12. Hello all, A question about headunit signal and setting gain. The headunit is an 80prs and a rockford r2 500.4 with the clean in clean out feature. So when finding the max volume on the headunit, you use a 0db tone at 40hz and 1000hz respectively. However, if you want to use a -5db tone when setting gains for your mids and highs, wouldn't that change the distortion level you just found on the headunit at 0db? Or are you to use -5db to check both headunit signal and gains
  13. Hey guys, hear me out with this one. I got some 6.5s midbass speakers in my front doors and silks in the sail. Considering making it a 3way to add some midrange speakers however,the only place i can put it is in the rear dash. This is not a SQ system, just trying to sound clean, accomplish full sound,be able to be a tad louder outside the car and yes, i will eq to fix any peaks with an rta. Can this be done and sound good for in and around vehicle?
  14. Hey guys, sorry to drag up an old post. Am considering getting a single 612e for my car. Its a daily, i would say SQL set up. I plan on tuning around 33hz n i got 900rms to power it. I like that deep clean loud type of bass. Any one can give me some feedback or any experience with the sub or if it would shine with what am looking for?? I also have the ia lethal injection 12" in mind, if that may work better Thanks a mill
  15. I dont have power for the sundown x. I guess ill have to do some research. Hopefully someone can chip in with some experience. If you come across any, hit me up
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