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  1. Just that 2 sets of 2 strapped amps are powering one sub each in the same enclosure. I dont really think it's a problem but I just wanted to bounce it here.
  2. Hey everyone. I have 4 audiopipe apdli2000.1d Strapped on 2 wolfram pt-15dvc1ohm 4ks. Both subs share an enclosure with an 8 inch aeroport. Each sub is run by 2 apdli2000.1ds strapped. Gain matched. Should I be concerned here?
  3. Hey man that sucks! But don't worry it may be something that can be easily explained and quickly remedied. If you have unexplained strain on the alt/ voltage drop of any type. One thing to do is to check your batteries. If you have a corrupted cell then you may be dumping current into a battery that will never hold that charge. This in turn can cause you alt to overwork to try to maintain its voltage under a constant load. One way to check if this is the issue is to isolate the components of the system. Start by testing the battery under a load tester or "battery health tester" at your local auto parts store. (This should be a free service)
  4. Hello everyone! I am currently on the lookout for software that could help me construct and tune a 6th order wall in my Subaru outback. I am willing to pay for the software, but free would be better. I need it to be in US standard for measurements (cut sheets, dimensions, all that good stuff.) Please give me a shout out if you guys have any suggestions. Thanx in advance!
  5. Hey everyone. I have 2x audiopipe txx-bdc4 15s rated at 1400 watts rms on 2 strapped audiopipe apdli2000.1d amps 2000watt rms each 8 guage wires going from subs (series parallel 2ohm dvc = 2ohm total / as split final 1 ohm each) and a 6 guage from negative to negative on strapped amps. ( I had it laying around.) I notice master amp stays a bit cooler than the slave. The amp manual also states you should just the same gauge wire from negative to negative when strapping. Why? And could the bigger size be causing this effect? Thanks a ton!
  6. Hey guys I am going to be installing a second HO alternator in my engine bay. I already have a DC POWER 270amp 14.9 volt. The second is a BOSCH HO 280 amp that is rated at 14.7 volts. My question is this. If I wire both alts in parallel will the two unmatched outputs cause issues? If so what would they be with only .2 volts difference? And finally. How can I best avoid issues while still utilizing these alts as efficiently as possible. Thanks in advance!
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