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  1. Ya that’s what I figured, just didn’t know if there was special ones that can be heard that far away haha. Thanks anyway.
  2. What above said but also it does over rated at only 12.6v for only 599 dollars. Also iv never seen them in stock.
  3. Think there 3” mids, why delete them may I ask?
  4. Have a Chevy Tahoe and was gonna replace the very back mid bass speakers. My question is, will any be ok or do I need certain ones that can be heard from farther away as they are like 15 feet in the back from driver seat?
  5. Thanks, ill check them out.
  6. Edit- didn’t realize this thread was old as fuck. My bad lol.
  7. @Mr Deebeez Do you guys have some with voltage meters in them?
  8. Not bad, about 6500 at 14.9V, doubt ill ever see 6000+ but its nice haha. Does anyone know what exactly that graph is depicting? Just got off work so don't mind the grossness lol.
  9. Ya I’m hoping a 370 alt with a single 3100 and an 3000 in back is gonna be good enough. Only time will tell.
  10. If you do get the 5k hcca make sure to get the v2 model.
  11. Can’t tell you that yet sadly lol, amp will be here Monday, been saving and buying part by part for 8 months. I can’t wait tell it’s all done. Figured I’d do it right the first time and take and use all the advice I could.
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