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  1. Yep, everyone was right, i should have listened, i went and got that Orion HCCA 5k v2 and it didn't even last 3 months. Now it needs fixed. Got into my car last week started it up headed to work and i started hearing this massive sparking like sound and seen tons of smoke coming out of the amp. No fuses blew or nothing, the amp has a GREEN light still but no out put. Inside looks like the mosfet melted the output wire that was ziped tied too and caused a massive short. Going to be buying the NEW Sundown audio SALT 4 amp when it comes out for 1200 but i wanted to fix this Orion also and resell it.
  2. Doing a recone on a sundown subwoofer and the spider landing has a giant plastic ring its glued too. Is this normal? So i grind down tell the plastic is flat and glue the new one to it?
  3. What’s your voltage now after fixing those?
  4. Just make sure if you change any setting in ur deck and I mean any setting to recheck rca out distortion. I had all mine set and unhooked the battery’s to work on wiring upgrades and for some reason it reset all my setting in my deck which has never happened before. I ended up blowing a coil because time alignment got turned in by default and caused me to clip at volume 32 and I had it set to 40 going full blast. So 8 past clipping lol. 250 dollar mistake I will never do again, I almost cried when it happened. Now at any high volume it makes a loud ping sound, and if you push down on the dust cap you can hear it rubbing on something. Glade a drop in kit for an NSV4 is only 250 when the sub cost 1150 dollars.
  5. Shredder has been helping me out a ton through emails, was just easier that way then to come on here. He’s also the one who designed my bad ass box.
  6. For sure, and a nice 4 channel and set of speakers don’t cost to much. Def my next thing to buy, maybe some more dyno matting.
  7. Can you use the dd1 in music and get a good reading of distortion? Or is music not valid for the dd1 , like if it says track 1 on cd don’t distort tell 40 but playing a music cd I’ll get distortion readings low as 30 from dd1. Are those readings valid??
  8. All the info I got was through Facebook, hit him up on fb and he should respond pretty quick.
  9. If you wber find what happens to ur amp let us know, I was planning on buying one of those, so just wanna know what happens.
  10. Try hosting them on imgur this using imbedded link in here for pics.
  11. Holy molly down to 8v ??? Nice lol, straight sucking ur battery dry hahaha. Def need more amp hours worth of Agms. Running 8v can’t be good for your amp or subs, I would rectify this before something bad happens.
  12. Using the dd1 through rca and through amp speaker out puts with gain at 0 using track 1 it shows no distortion light all the way up to max volume which is 40. If i play music at anything above 35 though you hear extreme distortion in all the door speakers. Is there something I’m doing wrong or are speaker outnputs and rca out puts different?!
  13. The condition the battery is in might affect how its charged, i'm no expert just tossing out ideas. I know a lot of chargers can detect things then charge accordingly.
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