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  1. Only thing I can think is to check all the wires, rca’s and remote wires to see if everything is turning on. Think I read it wrong, the speakers that aren’t working now are powered by the decks wire harness?
  2. Ok cool, thanks again everyone. I’ll def save up to get the better stuff. And some alumni tape, and one of this rollers. Anyone have any input on where the best spot is to start putting this stuff? Head liner above sub? Back door, floor below box?
  3. Dragonsyph

    Need help choosing a beefy 8" sub

    Hahaha , I also love nightshades, can’t wait tell mine gets here .
  4. Mechman has 240 amp for ur car, I picked 3.1l engine , not sure what u have. Ya alternator casing to frame is a good idea. Never heard or seen an acid battery exploding by upgrading wire size. If anything it might make it run cooler. If you do it all right and get the electrical set up needed for ur system it almost always cost more then the sub and amp. But you need to make power to use powe aye.
  5. Dragonsyph

    Need help choosing a beefy 8" sub

    Get the new NSV4 8” Sundown is coming out with, uses same neo mag as all the NSV4s so it might be a 3000 rms 8”. Probly 900 dollars though.
  6. That does make sense, do it right once instead of doing it twice. Guess I could save up more for good stuff. guess I could start with a 32sq skin box for 95. If I have the sub firing up and port back, what is the best spot to start matting? The back door, the head lining above the sub? I also read you need to tape all the seams or the butyl can ooze out?? Any tape work or so I need special stuff?
  7. Thanks for all the input everyone, much appreciated. Im only looking to spend like MAX 100 bucks for now. Been searching around and found a billion dif ones lol. B stock for 32sq feet is about 95 dollars, ouch. Looked at a bunch of reviews etc of best materials, alot are saying Noico 80 mil, looks like its on amazon for 64 bucks for 36 sq feet. Might try that stuff out. Also i see kilmat on alot of the sites for 50-55 bucks for 36sq feet. Dynamat was always #1 but it cost way to much for me lol.
  8. Need advice on some as iv never used any before. Would like suggestion on some that’s cheap but will do the job, so I guess best price to Performance. Will be for the back area of a Chevy Tahoe. Not sure how thick I need or if one brand is better then the other or if there are different kinds.
  9. Dragonsyph


    Been downloading stuff for 10 plus years, have about 5tb of movies lol. Iv got 20-30 letters and emails saying to stop or else. I say bring it on, they have never done shit. Side note a lot of the newer steaming sites that are free use torrents to stream content, so anything you can think off. I usly use kickass or Pirate Bay, they all get shut down a lot so they change there url all the time. Just need to find the up to date url.
  10. Dragonsyph

    Are these worth $70 and $90 dollars?

    Thanks for all the input guys, think I’ll just get a cheap one for now for the rca.
  11. Dragonsyph

    Are these worth $70 and $90 dollars?

    Aww, that makes sense, was trying to find info on it in the manual but didn't. Thanks for the information. I think i screwed up then lol, i bought a 3 foot and 12 foot RCA to do the knob.
  12. Dragonsyph

    Are these worth $70 and $90 dollars?

    Thats what im confused on. Amp one says its a gain knob so wouldent that adjust the gain? My 18 is rated for 3000 watts but ill have it wired to 2ohm on the amp, amp is rated 5900 watts at 2ohm, so i def need to set the gain to get around 3500 watts from amp. So im hesatant on using a knob that messes with the gain. Thats why i was asking about it, and just thought if i set the gain with and RCA knob to max, then i could just use the RCA knob and never go over the 3500 watts. Or am i wrong?
  13. Sundown NSV4 18" in about a 7.2cub box tuned to about 28-29 herz. Ya this time around im making sure electrical is all done first. I never realized how much i needed a HO alt and high AH bats. Live and learn haha. I got an Orion 8k v2. Was planning on doing two NSV4, but for now im just doing 1 and wiring it to 2ohm load on the amp. Ill still have to be very careful because 2ohm is still like 6000 watts from amp. Def will have to set the gain much lower, try to keep it at around 3500-4000 watts. Then down the road when i get more cash, do 2 subs wired down to 1ohm on the 8k amp.
  14. Dragonsyph

    Are these worth $70 and $90 dollars?

    I figured just wanted to make sure. You seem to know alot about this so im gonna throw another question at ya lol. My amp has a Remote Gain Control knob, and i planned on not using it and using an RCA bass knob. To my understanding, the amp one will adjust the amps gain? And the RCA one messes with the preamp voltage? If my statement is correct then i wouldn't wanna use the one that comes with the amp, i would wanna set the gain with a DD1 with the RCA knob to max then use that? Manual says Remote Gain input _ Connects remote gain control to control the bass level. Bit confusing to me.