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  1. Sorry for the delay works been Killing me. About 30” deep and 48” wide is what I have to play with.
  2. That makes a lot of sense, and thank you for all the information, I’m lacking in this department. and 3/4 is a lot cheaper here.
  3. Once i get off work I’ll measure to see. Tons of room since I took out 3ird row seats. No mdf? So we talking like 7 or 11 ply birch? Havent built a box since high school some odd 15 years ago lol.
  4. A cut sheet with sizes etc, assuming 1” mdf will be used. Need port back sub up. Will be going in back of an 05 Tahoe.
  5. Oh nice bro, that 370 will be killer, in the other hand that sucks dick about ur box.
  6. Orderd my NSV4 18” dvc 2ohm, final load will be 1ohm, ssf will be at 25hz so a box tunes to 28 would be nice. Ill be using an Orion hcca 5k v2, dyno sheet shows 5500 @ 12.6v. Any other info needed let me know.
  7. It should work with any signal, but I’m no expert on the device.
  8. I went with the Mechman 370 elite on sale for I think 550. Just orderd an NSV4 18 yesterday, can’t freaking wait to get it all installed, been I think over a year of saving and buying parts. I have everything now except an rca bass knob and dd1.
  9. Nice that’s good to hear, gives me time to build my box.
  10. Well I ordered one from doen4sound at 1119, picked free shipping as the rest of the options were in the hundreds lol.
  11. Ya that’s what I was thinking. Plus there 100 cheaper lol.
  12. Nice, ya was thinking why not from them and not have to wait a month. Specially if there the same standard build with red spider and foam surround.
  13. Ya it figures the day i get enough cash to order it, there website is down. Caraudiobargin has them, anyone used that site before? Says build to order so im guessing then put my order in to sundown and forward my adress?
  14. Are Sundown Subs like the Nsv4 18" from Down4sound already made and if so would it be any different then ordering one to get made with the standard red spider and foam surround?
  15. http://skyhighcaraudio.com/sky-high-car-audio-4-1-0-or-2-0-copper-battery-terminals/ Come in all copper and aluminum which is way cheaper. Or this kind, both come in copper and aluminum, also can get 6 post and 8 post. http://skyhighcaraudio.com/copy-of-sky-high-car-audio-sae-flat-4-spot-battery-terminals-1/
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