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  1. Adding batteries ain't gonna do nothing if your alternator aint cutting it.
  2. Is the fact those only have a charge discharge rate of 25amps gonna be a problem?
  3. If your hitting 10.1v with a 350 amp alt in only 2500 watts I would say that alt is no we’re near 350. As for the bat, sounds like a bad battery, when the car is running the alt is feeding the power so of course the battery will show higher voltage, what’s the resting voltage of the bat when the car is off?
  4. If both engines have the same bolt pattern for the alt you will be fine, if there different then your fucked.
  5. Your alt ain’t putting enough out at idle, don’t think another bat will help, could be wrong, 12.8 is fine.
  6. Zv5 is what 2500 rms? Should be ok if you sending clean power to it. I personally love it, only had it 2 days but I love it already, the b knob is pretty baller too, hooks to the amp with a cat5 ethernet cable, has temp read outs, voltage, yellow/red clip light for soft and hard clip, along with some other lights. Your right that the Orion outs out more power, mine had dyno sheet of 5500 watts at 12.6v. It just got really hot.
  7. Naw bro I love Orion, I have had lots of Orion stuff, it’s just that last amp was pure shit. Not sure if it was factory defect or I got a refurbished one or what. The main reason it pissed me off was Orion wouldent answer any emails phone calls fb posts to start an rma.
  8. Haven’t lied about anything, and if you think the website is lying too well then the problem is with you.
  9. Naw bro it was edited before anyone even posted. You can see my past threads of the Orion amp, pics and everything. I don’t see why you are calling me so many names. That Orion was shit from the day I got it, I paid 800 off amazon and I’m pretty sure they sent me a refurbished model. From day one it randomly clicked over and over tell you cycled it’s power, towards the end it was sending a dirty signal to the sub causing rattling noises. It blew shortly after from just idling.
  10. Bro it says I edited it 52 mins ago well before you ever posted, check my previous threads, I had the Orion 5000v2 and I didn’t like it at all. I don’t see why you are calling me names. I know the exact temp because the b knob has temp read outs from the amp.
  11. Oh for sure bro, I love the clip light, I put the full 5500 watts into the NSV4 and it loves it, I just turn the knob down a bit if I get soft clip. Ya I have two runs of 1/0 skyhigh front to back, everything else is 2/0.
  12. The alts only put out as much amps is needed right? So theoretically you can’t put to much amps into them? Just spit ballin here.
  13. 250 for 75x4?? Seems a bit pricy, some ok amps like the skar 150.4 thats 150x4 at 4ohm for 169 dollars. I Got one a few months ago and it seems to do pretty well. Does get a bit hot though.
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