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  1. Sweet got two 20ft sets for 20 bucks he was needing cash and had them new never been used ..
  2. So I got a killer deal from a friend on some skyhigh premium rca cables that is 20ft though I only need 12ft to reach my amp will having that much wrapped up tucked away hurt anything?
  3. Hope this doesn't sound like a VS thread but I currently have the rockford T2652-S and basically want the sundown equivalent I just like to match up brands.
  4. Hows the sd components? Would they keep up with to sundown sa15's ok? The amp the components would be on would give them 100 watts each side .
  5. The sa v2 components sold out online everywhere was told v3 coming asap.
  6. So with a new version of the sa components coming some time soon would it be worth waiting for or go with sd components? Amp is a RF 300x2 that's what I'm working with power wise
  7. I have a xs power d3400 under the hood and a kinetik hc1400r that I'm wanting to do in the trunk would I need to install a battery isolator? Not planning on playing system with car off ever never have .
  8. The box specs sundown list say 1.75 for a sa 12 is that already calculating sub displacement?
  9. I just went out to try it out.. started at 50hz where I have had it went to 63hz not bad could maybe pick up a little more punch but when I did 80 hz no good. It was like it was working my amp harder. My voltage was dropping big time.
  10. Everything in and playing. Been going eazy on the subs for a while.. what's most set lpf to? Right now I have lpf at 50hz.
  11. I'll give it a try.. my other system is a sealed box takes a lil overlap to get that shit moving.. old habits die hard.
  12. Just gave both a try . The pf cable at 37hz 18db did its job very well . The pf mod set at 35hz 12db slope I really was enjoying much more until I ran a few lower bass drop songs and felt like it was getting below tuning.. strange thing played some DJ rusty over phones bluetooth off YouTube bass sounds great with the 35hz but then played CD of jeezy put on and sounded like subs was flapping lol...gains set on two kicker zx1000.1 with dd1 at -10db...
  13. Subs kicker compR 12 the large recommended kicker box at 2.25 cubic per sub tuned to 42hz high I know ugh.. amp doesn't have an adjustable ssf but I have a Harrison lab PF cable that is 37hz @ 18db and I also have a PF mod that can do 20hz,25hz,30hz and 35hz at 12db slope ... I know I've seen with a 12db slope most say set ssf right below tuning but 35 is the most the PF mod has and that's with 12db and the pf cable is fix with 37db @ 18db feels maybe to high but subs will be ran at rms power in the largest recommended box what would be the best one to use?
  14. I was just thinking out loud maybe a v3 possibly. I dont see the sa components available now. Discontinued?
  15. Any one know when a new sa component set will be available? And any info on them?
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