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  1. Upgraded my sundown scv 3k that I had my om-1 in use with. Now to a sundown sfb 5k my om-1 does not seem to work! Is there something with the sfb tech that will not work with the om-1 ? I have set me gain and crossover with my dd1 and cc1 no problem. Sucks my om-1 is not working the same.
  2. Replacing old tweeters with new that is a little smaller. Have no way to secure them . Any mod I could do?
  3. With two sundown U10’s how would the gately box be? https://www.gatelyaudio.com/collections/pre-fab-boxes/products/2-x-10-2-25cf
  4. so looking at Amazon music HD and wondering if it would even be worth it for streaming music in the car. i have used apple music and spotify both sound about the same over bluetooth. i dont want to use usb to iphone, bluetooth is just way quicker in and out the car .. the headunit is few year old pionner that does support flac but i have heard once it goes bluetooth you will be just as good using 320kps say spotify because the quality will go down.any one know?
  5. Getting an enclosure built for my Scion TC the shop is telling me the enclosure needs to be subs back port back.. I know that should still give me the option to flip the box up to subs up port up but I’m having a custom design on the enclosure top. Any one have experience with this small hatchback to know what would be the best way to do? The shop said they would design how ever I want but have sub back port back as there recommend way idk...
  6. So we have 3 outside cats the female showed up about 6 years ago just lays around on the porch and a male showed up about 3 years back had the first kitten last year .: now just a few months ago the kitten and the male keep getting on my car any way to stop them .. I do not want to hurt them period and I don’t want them in a bad situation.
  7. So would I be better off then with the d4s box? No one near me builds I don’t have the tools or equipment just trying to get the best one to the front door. The car has a 240 mechman xs power up front big 3 and doing two 3100’s in the rear should handle 5k
  8. Here’s what’s strange to me the same box same seller on eBay listing same Dimensions but net volume is lower I’m confused which net volume is correct
  9. Well I’m kinda looking that even with 5k after box rise I thought it wouldn’t push to hard . The celica is a hatchback I thought subs up port up with d4s box would do good .
  10. Car is a 2000 Toyota celica . Amp I’m looking at doing a sundown salt 4 at half ohm or a sundown sfb 5000. Subs D4. If I do the salt amp I’ll need to get D2. So really looking at the sfb 5000
  11. Subs to be use is sundown U10’s looking at these two boxes . https://www.down4soundshop.com/down4sound-budget-banger-pro-fab-sub-box-dual-10/ the one from down for sound is small spec wise after sub displacement maybe to small not sure . http://www.conceptenclosures.com/Custom-10-Ported-Subwoofer-Box-p/210inxfl.htm then this one.
  12. When I watch the video sundown post they set the sub sonic for 20hz and that put the dial on the pot at a quarter turn when I do 20 hz with my cc1 20hz is half way.
  13. Wish I new what I was doing wrong. I have set many amps using the cc1. Do it by the book every time. Even the smd om1 when used with the won’t work at.
  14. Use the smd cc1 to set the sub sonic on the sfb at 31 hz box is tuned at 32hz. Being the amp has a 12db slope I set close to tuning and it’s cutting so much bass it’s got the bass sounding so weak. Went as low as to set at 20hz with the cc1 and still no good. So I set with a damn the way sundown shows on a YouTube video they posted https://youtu.be/cXb4yh6Gdx4 and the subs sound amazing. Anyone have experience with this combo?
  15. So looking to do an upgraded ground from the alternator to the battery. Don’t really want to struggle to get to a bolt that’s holding the alternator would the location in the photo work?
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