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  1. Just curious how important the results from testing the resistance like this truly is. Looking for a good set . The two I’m looking at is in this test but should I base on this test?
  2. So I have already set the sub amp gain with the DD1+ (awesome tool) with a overlap of -6.7db . Now have installed the OM-1 and a little confusing on how to sync it with the DD1 + . The instructions tell how with a regular DD1 I am sure there has to be a way with the + . I’m sure this is simple. Help please.
  3. I have been toying with getting one of the hand held bass knobs for a while for a daily driver the bass end of the system is a sundown SCV 4K half ohm on two Xv2 12’s . I have always just used the stock sundown knob. Any pros or cons to the rca style? Or is this more something that leans more towards larger builds .
  4. Awesome, that definitely adds some great flexibility.
  5. My 1/0 ring terminals have a 3/8 hole I have seen some people saying to use 5/16 hole terminals. Would this be and issue for the smd fuse holder? I’m curious if I would need to change my ring terminals.
  6. The salt 4 does right at 6k on the dyno , I set my gain with -7.5 db overlap .
  7. After displacement I’m calculating 1.44 per sub with the gately enclosure.
  8. Doing a salt 4K going to set with a dd1 -5db or -7.5bd not sure yet
  9. I have two sundown U12’s I contacted Bobby gately on the 2 12’s 3.25 shorty enclosure, he said would work great . My only question I forgot to ask is power handling. I know sealed box bigger less power handling smaller more handling. Does same apply to ported?
  10. Will definitely try setting at 0db and see how it does. So your saying at 0db set crossover by the book correct? SSF at 26hz lpf 80 to 100hz ?
  11. Currently set at 25 ssf and 80hz lpf. Ran them yesterday hard about 15 minutes no clipping from the OM-1 or the amps Remote bass control. I could not smell the subs from the front (SUV) but when I popped the hatch I could smell them some from the port.
  12. Have two sundown U12’s running on a salt 4K . Box tuning is at 35hz so with the smd cc1 manual calculation I would set at 26hz . Being that the amp will put well over the subs rated power set with a -5db gain over lap would I be better setting the ssf closer to tuning?
  13. I have two U12 D4’s . I charge at 14.2 with a pcm controlled mechman. Between the sfb 8k and the SALT 4K what would be the better choice? Personally leaning towards the salt but not 100% yet.
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