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  1. https://youtu.be/nB9nHTE2wXs
  2. With the oscope I would take the multi meter out the picture. You'll still like an need a little gain overlap and depending on content played more or less .
  3. Also what's the sub a d4? Also what's the amp?
  4. You have a DD1 is why your asking correct?
  5. Amp is a sae 3000d, two d4 sa15 sealed box ... got a smd dd1 . Would -10db be good? I read sealed needs more power . Right now I'm at -8.8 db and sounds like they could definitely take more idk.
  6. So after testing and setting with the dd1 how many people actually play music up to your head unit max distortion level? I'm set and have set several systems and rarely get that high say 27 to 29 out of 34 tested clean with dd1. Maybe with some music you can get to the max volume but with hip hop most cant. What's your results?
  7. Tuning is done my head unit max volume is 39 out of 40. How many people actually turn the volume up to the max volume on the regular? Would most be content with say 27 to 35 ? Sub amp is a sundown 3k on 2 sa15 d4 . Tuned at -8.1db for 2k with load . The highs is rockford T2652-S components with one extra set of RF tweeters bridged on a sundown 50.4 -2.5db tune.. subs seem to be taking anything i give them up to volume 39 but the tweeters sound like they breaking up a little at 39 on a few tracks.
  8. Sweet got two 20ft sets for 20 bucks he was needing cash and had them new never been used ..
  9. So I got a killer deal from a friend on some skyhigh premium rca cables that is 20ft though I only need 12ft to reach my amp will having that much wrapped up tucked away hurt anything?
  10. Hope this doesn't sound like a VS thread but I currently have the rockford T2652-S and basically want the sundown equivalent I just like to match up brands.
  11. Hows the sd components? Would they keep up with to sundown sa15's ok? The amp the components would be on would give them 100 watts each side .
  12. The sa v2 components sold out online everywhere was told v3 coming asap.
  13. So with a new version of the sa components coming some time soon would it be worth waiting for or go with sd components? Amp is a RF 300x2 that's what I'm working with power wise
  14. I have a xs power d3400 under the hood and a kinetik hc1400r that I'm wanting to do in the trunk would I need to install a battery isolator? Not planning on playing system with car off ever never have .
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