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  1. The Scion tC is a hatchback that’s why I was thinking sub/port up at the glass vs toward the rear of car but most people say will not sound as good idk.
  2. one other thing with that box it is subs and port on same side. the car is a hatch back scion TC would you fire back or fire up?
  3. Ok so we pulled the trigger did two U 10’s D4’s on a sae 3k in one of the D4S pro fab pre fab boxes ... box is said tuned to 32hz , ok that’s befor any said sub displacement is calculated. With the two U 10’s that’s 0.42 of displacement that’s moving the box tuning up to about 35.5hz ! I see sundown website says 32hz l is what’s recommended. Should we do poly fil in the box? If so how much to take away the displacement of the subs? Do not want to invert the subs at all.
  4. My slope is 24db . The subs are two sa10 rev 2 on a sundown saz 1200 set with the dd1 for -10db . The only way it sounds good to me and my Cousin that I’m tuning for is below 56hz. SSF set to 28hz .
  5. I am using a dd1 and cc1 and going by the manuals.
  6. So the question is with a box say tuned at 32hz is that bringing the over frequency range down to have top end lpf set at 50 to 60hz ? Box I have now has an sa10 right under 1.0 cubic foot tuned at 32 hz displacement probably has it about 34hz imo but when I set my lpf with my smd cc1 at 100hz to 125hz it sounds absolutely terrible. Once I try dropping down to 60 to 80 it gets a little better. Is this normal for 10’s ported?
  7. I have a box that has a single terminal it’s a down4sound pro pre fab I have two sundown U10’s in it on a sundown sae 3k subs all wired in Parallel to each other then to the single terminal using 10 ga knu wire. Is that terminal safe for the wattage? Looking at the smd terminal the hole needs to be a .75 larger and I have no way to make the hole larger so best option?
  8. With the sae 3k I’m torn right now between the sa 10 and the U10 . I know sundown subs are underrated but also the amps. I’m sort of leaning towards the new sa.v2 most people I see running the sfb 3k on a pair. Would I gain much going with the u10’s I see most doing 4K on a pair. I’m thinking I could run at half ohm but not sure how the sae line like half Ohm. I have no plans on a larger amp . Not sure what my best option is.
  9. So Two sundown sa 15’s in sealed box or two U10’s ported tuned to 32hz amp would be a sundown sae 3k . What would be over all louder? Don’t know anything much on the U’s never heard them in person. Can’t really fit two 12’s and give the much room to breath in proper box. So my picks is 15’s sealed in the hatch or two 10’s nice big ported box.
  10. So been using the dd1 love it. I have one system two sundown sa15’s on a sundown sae 3k @1ohm. 240 alt, xs d3400 up front d5100 in rear . Subwoofers in a sealed box due to space .2.5 cubes per. Currently amp is set with the dd1 at -7.5db and begging for more . Any truth to a sealed box set up actually needing more power ? Heck at -10db Would I not be throwing 3k plus on them ? Double rated.. I only play retail music and music from iTunes.
  11. Well went sealed because couldn’t fit them ported. Went with the amp for headroom so could maximize the subs. Still want to get loud as possible not looking for as much as a SQ setup. I’ve been told by a local shop with the amount of headroom I shouldn’t set with any overlap because at 0db the amp is doing 3k plus watts.
  12. I am thinking the same from what I have seen with -5db, but it’s double the power so I may start it there and listen. I have the -7.5 also if it needs more.
  13. Going to set the gain for a sundown sae 3000 that’s on two sundown sa15’s in sealed box. Strong electrical 240 amp alt, xs d3400 up front and a d5100 in the rear. I’m looking at the -10db track doing way to much. What would be best setting?i know the SA’s can take some abuse but don’t want to over do it.
  14. I had the same issue but only with music from his last CD.
  15. Can’t find any spec other than 1ohm what would 2ohm be? Half?
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