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  1. So we have 3 outside cats the female showed up about 6 years ago just lays around on the porch and a male showed up about 3 years back had the first kitten last year .: now just a few months ago the kitten and the male keep getting on my car any way to stop them .. I do not want to hurt them period and I don’t want them in a bad situation.
  2. So looking at box specs I plugged in to ultimate car audio app it shows my bandwidth from 24hz to 63hz. The app says set ssf to 24hz I have tuning of 32hz and says set lpf at 63hz. Well my smd cc1 Manual agrees with the ssf setting but says for a 10 inch sub with a 24db slope set the lpf at 125hz. So how many people have had luck with that not sure what to go by .
  3. So with Verizon can you just swap sims to swap phones? I ask because I have a Samsung note 9 and I currently owe about 500 on it still and a friend has a iPhone xmax for Verizon that's paid for and we want to swap. Me still owing 500 on mine I dont want it to cause any issues for him. Would this work?
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