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  1. After displacement I’m calculating 1.44 per sub with the gately enclosure.
  2. Doing a salt 4K going to set with a dd1 -5db or -7.5bd not sure yet
  3. I have two sundown U12’s I contacted Bobby gately on the 2 12’s 3.25 shorty enclosure, he said would work great . My only question I forgot to ask is power handling. I know sealed box bigger less power handling smaller more handling. Does same apply to ported?
  4. Looking at a box size for sundown sa12 smallest is 1.5 ported up to 2.25 I believe. So with that a smaller box will have less rise to would want to stay with amp power closer to rms? Going with the box to the larger side more rise would want an amp with more power correct? So from what I am taking in a smaller size ported less power because lack or rise . Am I looking at this correct?
  5. Will definitely try setting at 0db and see how it does. So your saying at 0db set crossover by the book correct? SSF at 26hz lpf 80 to 100hz ?
  6. Currently set at 25 ssf and 80hz lpf. Ran them yesterday hard about 15 minutes no clipping from the OM-1 or the amps Remote bass control. I could not smell the subs from the front (SUV) but when I popped the hatch I could smell them some from the port.
  7. Have two sundown U12’s running on a salt 4K . Box tuning is at 35hz so with the smd cc1 manual calculation I would set at 26hz . Being that the amp will put well over the subs rated power set with a -5db gain over lap would I be better setting the ssf closer to tuning?
  8. I am currently using a xs power D34. for no good reason thinking about going with a full throttle 34 . Anyone have any experience with them . My xs is about six years old just wanting something new. And looking at the new price the full throttle is a little better deal.
  9. The amp is in a daily drive no comp vehicle. Would I even notice a difference adding the dual input? I have two 1/0 from front to back battery bank that is right at the amp, so maybe 2ft of wire length.
  10. I have a amp that has a requirement for a 400 amp inline fuse. The amp itself only has single 1/0 power and ground so planing to use dual input adapter. My question is using dual power do I split the fusing of the 400 = to 200 per line or fuse 400 amp per?
  11. I have two U12 D4’s . I charge at 14.2 with a pcm controlled mechman. Between the sfb 8k and the SALT 4K what would be the better choice? Personally leaning towards the salt but not 100% yet.
  12. Amp would be fine. With rise you would probably be fine with the sfb 1350k . But I question your electrical. You definitely need two runs of 1/0 front to back .and what size yellow tops ? How stable is your voltage? Do you have a gauge? That alternator with proper reserve battery you should never have an issue but the subs can definitely take more clean power .
  13. Upgraded my sundown scv 3k that I had my om-1 in use with. Now to a sundown sfb 5k my om-1 does not seem to work! Is there something with the sfb tech that will not work with the om-1 ? I have set me gain and crossover with my dd1 and cc1 no problem. Sucks my om-1 is not working the same.
  14. Replacing old tweeters with new that is a little smaller. Have no way to secure them . Any mod I could do?
  15. With two sundown U10’s how would the gately box be? https://www.gatelyaudio.com/collections/pre-fab-boxes/products/2-x-10-2-25cf
  16. so looking at Amazon music HD and wondering if it would even be worth it for streaming music in the car. i have used apple music and spotify both sound about the same over bluetooth. i dont want to use usb to iphone, bluetooth is just way quicker in and out the car .. the headunit is few year old pionner that does support flac but i have heard once it goes bluetooth you will be just as good using 320kps say spotify because the quality will go down.any one know?
  17. Getting an enclosure built for my Scion TC the shop is telling me the enclosure needs to be subs back port back.. I know that should still give me the option to flip the box up to subs up port up but I’m having a custom design on the enclosure top. Any one have experience with this small hatchback to know what would be the best way to do? The shop said they would design how ever I want but have sub back port back as there recommend way idk...
  18. When I watch the video sundown post they set the sub sonic for 20hz and that put the dial on the pot at a quarter turn when I do 20 hz with my cc1 20hz is half way.
  19. Wish I new what I was doing wrong. I have set many amps using the cc1. Do it by the book every time. Even the smd om1 when used with the won’t work at.
  20. Use the smd cc1 to set the sub sonic on the sfb at 31 hz box is tuned at 32hz. Being the amp has a 12db slope I set close to tuning and it’s cutting so much bass it’s got the bass sounding so weak. Went as low as to set at 20hz with the cc1 and still no good. So I set with a damn the way sundown shows on a YouTube video they posted https://youtu.be/cXb4yh6Gdx4 and the subs sound amazing. Anyone have experience with this combo?
  21. With the U10 what probably the smallest box size you would use them in. Recommended is 1 cube. Looking to over power them cleanly as well .
  22. So looking at box specs I plugged in to ultimate car audio app it shows my bandwidth from 24hz to 63hz. The app says set ssf to 24hz I have tuning of 32hz and says set lpf at 63hz. Well my smd cc1 Manual agrees with the ssf setting but says for a 10 inch sub with a 24db slope set the lpf at 125hz. So how many people have had luck with that not sure what to go by .
  23. Looks like the recommended tuning on sundowns website for the U series has changed from 32hz to 35hz picking up my new box tomorrow was designed for 32hz will I be ok with that vs 35hz that is recommended now?
  24. I am a iPhone user so really looking at Apple Music but not sure how it is. Tidal looks good as well the 9.99 plan between the two Anyone got any experience with them really just want the best sounds and ease of use.
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