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  1. I have reached my limit with pre-made enclosures. I have my 2 Subs powered by a Rockville RDX M5 at 1 ohm. My system is currently limited by 2 things 1. I have just the stock battery and alternator ( I did the big 3 and it made a huge difference) 2. Pre-made enclosure. I want to do a single, duel or series reflex bandpass enclosure. Has anyone built a custom enclosure for the 12w6v3? I would be interested in what you have built?
  2. OHas anyone ever returned any kicker products without a purchase recipe? I have a Kicker L7S


    I got the speaker for a Christmas present but it stopped working. I heard they are good at swapping out subs but I was wondering if there was anyone with a personal story?


    Stewart Kolsch 

  3. Hello BigDWiz,

    Thank you for all the amp dyno tests and videos. It has been very educational and helpful to me while doing research. They are also entertaining, "Ya big dummy" that cracks me up every time. I am running 2 JL audio 12w6v3 that I've had for 2 years now on several different amps, from Pioneer GM-D9601 to 2 JL Audio HD 750's. I am waiting on a delivery of a Rockville Rxd-m5. I am curious to see how that sounds.  I also want to ask, "Sounds digital processors and digital active crossovers, do they create more bass without distortion? I know a little bit about them and how to use them. Other than using the sweep and width knobs, I see that they have volume knob. I am not sure if this is similar to bass boost/ distortion or not. The other benefit I see with using them is the output voltage is higher than my head units output voltage but I don't know if that would create more bass or sound " any information would be greatly appreciated. 

    Y'all have a great week,

    Stewart Kolsch 

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