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  1. it wouldn't be proper. Only one person here can rock a plate like that
  2. Haaaaaaah timing chains aren't worth a damn any more Be like VW. If the engine rotates backwards it skips teeth. i.e. don't leave it in gear on a hill Also wasn't that OHV? Lot of the new ones are OHC. Need tensioners and guides and whatnot. Little different gig now
  3. Something something ghetto crimps?
  4. in b4 SRP bitches about a repost
  5. Any less acidic options than energy drinks for someone who doesn't drink coffee?

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    2. WalledSonic


      I drink tea daily.  Highly recommended.  Not bs Lipton, either.

      PM me if you want a bunch of recommendations based on style, character, etc.

    3. 06RTCharger


      Try 5hour energy? Ive never tried it but seems it works well. I used to just pop a couple caffine pills in the morning. You can get them at walmart or anywhere with a medince area. Not sure how safe it is to do that tho. 

    4. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      This eight o clock coffee and dunkin donuts extra extra is the shit though bruh, get it tune

  6. I miss these games... 1 - Peak is defined by BCAE as double RMS power for a short period of time, and RMS as the continuous AC thermal power handling of the driver. Assuming the RMS rating is accurate, this one is true. It's worth noting that these are thermal ratings, not mechanical ones. 2 - I guess I explained this one in 1 when I defined RMS and peak ratings. This one is false, it's a separate power measurement altogether.
  7. I'd rock a $280 car. Be nice to have a no fucks given whip