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  1. Fuck all of this elf on a shelf bullshit
  2. What happened to ascendant audio?

    Try posting in the enclosure design sections. There's a fellow there - JoeX who pretty much lives there and gives out a ton of advice
  3. I'm so done with these elf on the shelf parody things

    1. s5300


      What if they put the shelf on top of the elf?

      Who would ever know?

    2. Kyblack76
    3. WalledSonic
  4. ...Is this the stuff you were posting when nothing showed up? I'm a little disappointed I didn't say anything earlier
  5. Uhhhhhhh https://www.amazon.com/Airsoft-Pistol-Accessory-Switch-Glock/dp/B0722XDP2X/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  6. I just can't get over the fact they used your Chevy to film a Toyota commercial. Always gives me a giggle. Out of curiosity, what were you playing? Sine wave? Music?
  7. Looks like the cost/benefit isn't there for this one. Though for anyone interested, the major bits in the conversion require the following: L59 fuel injectors, flex fuel comp sensor ACDelco 12570260, and an ECU for an L59. Will likely need some fuel lines to connect to the fuel comp sensor too
  8. I'm trying to evaluate if it would be practical or even feasible to convert my rig to flex fuel (2005 Tahoe w/ 5.3). I've tried searching and got answers ranging from different injectors (32lb vs 26lb) and the associated reflash to different fuel pumps, soft lines, gas caps, and fuel composition sensors. I'm at a dead end with my research and have yet to find any reliable info. Anyone here know anything about it?
  9. FUCK YOU UPS I'm shipping a package, right? Kind of implied given that it's a shipping company. It goes to the same state as where the delivery address is. Then what do they do? Redirect it to go back to me. Get in contact with support, they're no help. Can't tell me what the issue is, just that I have to wait another week for it to be returned so I can go pick it up from the place I shipped it out from. So now I have to go drive to the damn service center to pick up the fucking package. So I ask about a refund. And they tell me I can't even get my goddamn money back. I literally just paid them to boomerang something across the country. Customer service didn't give a fuck. You know what they tell me to do? Try shipping it again. Still can't tell me why they sent the thing back. I'm not doing fucking anything again. I don't even get any compassion with the customer service. No asking if I needed anything else, didn't apologize, didn't tell me to have a nice day. The lady went "OK Bye." and left. These guys can go jump off a cliff
  10. Damn that did pretty well! Cool giveaway, thanks. Don't need it myself but good luck to the winner!