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  1. Transformer to change apparent load? *shrug*
  2. Cool. Another water leak thread! Factory gap sealant failed at the top of the A pillar. Have some silicone on there for the short term but I need to scrape the old stuff out and fix it properly. What's the preferred sealant to use for this stuff? Curing? Non curing? Butyl/silicone/urethane/etc?
  3. Having that much frequency differentiation between drivers, would I be correct in assuming you're going for an SQ build? Too many drivers can actually make things way WAY harder for tuning. Some of the best setups I've heard were 4 ways. Sub, midbass in the door, then a ~3" midrange and tweeter on the A pillar. I'm not sure how much you'd have to gain by adding more as you'd spend all your time fighting phase shift / cancellation due to crossover behavior. To answer your question, 80-250 is generally well covered by a 6.5" or 8" shallow mount sub
  4. Good shit man TBH, right now, I think it would be worth your time to get the box built and in the vehicle then run a sweep and plot your impedance rise. If you don't have one, an SMD IM-SG is incredibly useful for this scenario. I really don't have experience with taramps and how they're built internally, or how forgiving they are running below rated.
  5. LR is what you'd commonly find. If you don't get any info from the manufacturer, we can take some measurements and determine which one you have
  6. I assume you have some sort of external signal processor if you plan on using the 8ks? I have to ask... Are you serious? Or are you just mentally putting together a dream system? Any previous building experience? I ask because this sort of question really isn't typical of someone about to drop $25,000 plus on gear that takes more power than a typical neighborhood. Box built yet? Have you plotted your impedance rise? Contacted the manufacturer for more detailed specs/measurements/efficiency across impedance loads?
  7. Verified RCAs are tight? Verified remote turn on is appropriate voltage when on? When off and issue occurring? Verified connections are tight? Where are you measuring voltage from? Does voltage jump at the alt? Rear? Both? Stock alt?
  8. 'Preciate the info but I hit the abort button on this one Want to wait for RTX to mature a generation or two, get some more support and let prices down. Then CPU wise, new ryzen soon. Plus DDR5 is on the horizion. Just doesn't make sense to build right now IMO
  9. Yeah none of us are qualified for the type of help he needs
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