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  1. If memory serves..... With speaker outputs on the deck, the 'negative' wire isn't a ground. It's a reference signal. DC voltage applied at half-voltage between 0v and rail power. If reference>signal, then speaker is driven in negative direction. If reference<signal, speaker driven in positive direction sort of thing. Whereas on RCAs, the sheath is actual ground and doesn't carry any reference voltage. Hence the presence of a turn on pop if the amplifier turns on before your head unit - needs a few milliseconds to correct for the DC offset. So if you were to say, solder speaker outputs on the deck to a snipped RCA cable for input, you'd be applying DC power to a ground circuit. Depending on how the amplifier is designed, it may or may not cause bad things to happen. Blow a ground fuse, melt a cable, cause physical damage to amplifier or head unit. Theoretically, the head unit should be providing the ground to RCA cables, not the amplifier. So it might work without issue, but the circuit itself was never designed to have an electrical potential applied to it in that manner. So YMMV if any blue smoke escapes.
  2. Been looking since April. Newegg shuffle blessed me with a TI Yeah that's the hope. Between DDR5, PCIe5, ATX12vo, socket changes from AMD, and silicon shortages.... Oh and I guess HDD shortages.... This rig's gotta last me for a bit. Everything needs to sort itself before I consider doing anything new.
  3. Some changes to the computer... Re-cased to something smaller Got GPU 240mm AIO 3d printed some raised feet for the thing so it's happy on carpet. Ran out of filament at the end so it's got some 2 tone to it Also built a little 8 bay nas. Don't judge the cables on this one, there's no place to put 'em
  4. Hey booboo Still around. Lurk more than post though. Trying to maintain sanity in the midst of everyone's shitty behavior during covid. Built a PC, can't find a graphics card for the fucker hah
  5. Happy thanksgiving all!!

    1. Kyblack76


      Go fuck yourself.... :)

  6. I unlinked the article but will leave this thread up on the chance OP is serious. Though I will be watching it closely. @JasonBrenner I'm assuming you have an idea, but have limited knowledge of software engineering, correct? Given the context of this post, I'll also assume you're working on a one-off of some variety Put out job offers on sites such as linkedin, craigslist, google, indeed, career builder, facebook groups, etc. You'll need to be more specific than specialist. Coding is a pretty broad field. Do you need a web programmer? Cloud? AI? Data management? Quantum? Mobile app development? Games? etc etc. Do they need to come into an office? Can this be done remotely? Are you working on a project that requires an NDA? You'll need to be really specific here. Someone who's good with mobile app development would be unproductive in an environment where your work load revolves around web programming. Regarding salary: This one will depend on what skill level you need, and your(or their) area. The want for someone freelance tells me it's likely a one time project. Salary is an entirely inappropriate pay scale here. You'd be looking at either hourly, per-diem, one-time sum, or a portion of revenue from your project (assuming it's revenue generating). What I would suggest is this: You need to get in contact with a consultation firm who deals with whatever field matches your needs. They will help you in working out finite details and should have appropriate connections for you regarding things like lawyers and employee hiring.
  7. It's fine. Shoot it with some compressed air or ignore it. Don't use any liquid
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