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  1. That was so cancerous it just cured my autism Some people... Seriously.... STOP
  2. Why in the fuck would you escalate shit that far??
  3. I'm not sure my dog is a dog...
  4. Felt that quake

  5. Use my windows based tablet as something along the lines of a second monitor as far as functionality goes. View multiple pages, copy/paste info back and forth, 1 mouse 1 keyboard to control both
  6. Throw back to when my friend heard his first 160 and hacked up an involuntary snot rocket
  7. I used to pay for PB. Was OK Then their mobile stuff got terrible. Entire site bogged down. Canceled after that lol
  8. That I can't find a mouse/keyboard share software worth a shit Synergy: Customer support is fucking terrible Multiplicity: Good c/s, but bogs down and lags bad if other processes are taking up CPU load Mouse without borders: Stability issues, periodically stops responding Share KM: Couldn't get it to work Sharemouse: Only one that's worked worth a damn. Zero lag, does what I need. But major stability issues. Will stop working, requiring a reboot Input Director: Second best as far as responsiveness, but still a wee bit laggy. But no drag/drop file transfers Any others I can try?