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  1. Lithium and lead/acid are going to have different resting/usable voltages. Based on what you described I suspect the lithium rests a bit higher than the d3400 Where are you load testing/reading voltage from?
  2. Where do I pick up my participation trophy?
  3. My brother's birthday is coming up and he let it slip he wants a vape. Trying to kick smoking What all is out there <$100? I haven't kept up to date. At all. Right now I'm in a state of overload trying to find something. Uhh... Let me think... Criteria Not cloud chasing I don't know if there's anything at this price point but something regulated would be a plus so it doesn't blow up in his face. Needs to be simple. Like a tank with drop in coils or something
  4. That's great to hear! Good luck on the surgery bud 😀
  5. Wood are they thinking? Stop that. Sorry for the pad pun...
  6. It's weird to see him frozen to perfectly like that. Looks like you can just thaw him out and send him on his way
  7. Taking mobile mechanic to the next level Need a tune up? Sure I'll have it done on your way to work