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  1. Hey there, welcome to the forum! You can make your own thread so we can direct aid to you specifically
  2. Isn't the water based stuff - the white tire shine supposed to be better than the clear / watery looking shine?
  3. Spam filters have always been a game of cat and mouse Just report it. It gives me an email ping
  4. Welcome to the forums! You can upload a picture by going to the top right, clicking the drop down by your name, selecting "profile," and pressing the image icon https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/profile/155486-livingloud215/
  5. Sometimes you're around flammable materials where it's unwise to solder
  6. What do you suppose happens if you have an amp powering a driver with a short that has a 0 ohm resistance?
  7. If it will help is dependent on if that's the problem. Give the drivers it's powering an inspection too. Make sure a tinsel didn't pop off or cross somewhere
  8. Speaker wire shorting out anywhere? What about power wire? Frayed ends coming out?
  9. What truck? How's the belt tensioned? Spring loaded or is it the manual variety where you turn a bolt? Verified you're sitting on the right grooves i.e. not offset? FWIW I've had great luck with the gates green stripe belts. Can crank them pretty damn tight and they don't stretch. I hear the gatorback ones work well too. Never tried them out though
  10. Sorry to hear about your phone That talk here is illegal. Good luck
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