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  1. Found an app in the store specific to Samsung phones that does it You could potentially do the same thing with terminal commands. Barring that, root your device so you have the permissions needed to disable/uninstall the stuff
  2. Weird. I went away from the pixel 2 simply because a buddy of mine literally bitches about his various bugs on a daily basis
  3. My complaint with the pixel is it's so damn buggy. Not sure why being that it's just stock android 🤔
  4. Figured I'd put this one out there as I had to DIG to find these Product: Wsken type C cable (X-cable Mini 2) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0782DMPH1/ Distinguishing features: It's a magnetic quick connect cable Thoughts: I got these as a hindsight 20/20 type situation. My old phone abruptly shat the bed when the USB port wore out. I figure if I don't have anything mating with it, there's nothing to wear out on the device. Out of the box in the cable itself, the type C dingus end, a branded yellow/green (tennis ball) colored velcro cable tie, and a plastic pry tool to aid in removal of the device side connector. Physically, it's a cable with a braided sleeve. Very flexible, but does not like to twist. The USB Type A end seems lower profile than other cables I used. And the magnetic end has an LED that lights up. The magnetic connector has a polarity to it and is rotationally sensitive. The cable and device-side connector are magnetized in a manner that prevents backwards hookup. There is also a 5 pin array in a top/bottom 2/3 configuration which prevents any connection if you were to somehow manage to force them together backwards. The tip has gold plated contact pads, while the cable body has spring loaded gold pins In use, it supports a >1000ma charge current without any observable heat between connectors (1000ma charge and phone display/stress test running). The cable has a box rating of 2.4a. The power LED on it only signifies that the cable is getting power and while useful for aligning the up/down orientation in the dark, doesn't serve much of a purpose. It stays illuminated as long as the cable sees power and is NOT a charge indicator. The magnetic ends of the cable will snap together when brought within 1cm of each-other, though you do need to align the cable in the proper rotation according to how the end connector is plugged into the device. Pull strength of the connector is in excess of 8oz - the combined weight of my device and case. I can hold it by the cable and jounce it without it disconnecting. It also lift my device up if I were to rotate the cable axially (torsion stress). However, bending stress is weak. While I've not had it disconnect during normal use (you can bump the cable and it won't come off), you won't be able to pull it or stress it in any way. Other info: The cable supports data transfer, and is compatible with other Wsken micro USB, USB C, and Lightning tips. The box indicates it supports fast charging up to 2.4a, but I'm unable to verify this as I have fast charge disabled on my device. Overall rating: 8/10. It's a high quality cable that supports fast charging, data transfer and a secure enough hookup while providing the benefits of magnetic breakaway connectors. What I'd like to see: Omnidirectional hookup. Right now, the cable is top/bottom sensitive. I'd also like to see improvements in the breakaway force under bending
  5. Hey, Samsung. If at any point you want to stop with the bloatware, you're more than welcome to! List of stuff I had to force disable because it wouldn't let me normally. And this is on top of the stuff I could. Overall, I trimmed 600mb off ram usage and extended battery life by... A fair ways. Didn't get any objective measurements. Most of the usage was GearVR, the things a friggin' battery hog! Let me put it this way: Down to 50% battery. Gear VR: 29% usage. All others: Less. LOL
  6. pleaseberealpleaseberealpleasebereal
  7. Looking for some type A to type C usb cables with the little magnetic connectors. Need to take data. There's enough of them that they give me a headache. Anyone care to share their thoughts?
  8. I mean... It likely won't hurt it I need to see pics of this setup. Not going to lie based off what I read it sounds ghetto as hell lol
  9. Android auto - long time to connect

    Long story short, the port on my phone was fucked. Couldn't get any data out of it from any device on any cable. Ended up replacing the phone
  10. When I could clip them to hell and not stink