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  1. We normally don't allow comparisons between brands here. I'll let this one stand as it's fairly data driven as opposed to emotional attachments and general brand support. Keep it sane. Any fanboyism or brand bashing will get this insta-nuked.
  2. Contact the manufacturer. Whether it's a shipping error or manufacturing error, you're liable for neither, and in both cases, would require the involvement of the shipper / seller
  3. I'm too young for it, but TBH I'm of the opinion the tech has a ways to go before I'd feel comfortable with it. The process of getting it FDA approved was kind of a shit show and underrepresented the complication rates, which are now known to be between 10 and 30%. There's some push back on it now. DYOR
  4. Neat. But ouch printing that in PLA. It uhh... doesn't take nicely to UV or temperature. Lot of work for something that'll break apart like a cracker in 6mo time
  5. separately charge each battery, then check resting voltage after several hours. If they're within .1v, just wire as normal.
  6. At risk of possibly splitting hairs: An alternator isn't meant for charging batteries. That being said, you have essentially 3 options for powering your system, depending on needs. All have pros/cons 1. Lots of alts / few batteries - lightest weight, most sensitive to 'overloading' as you're depending on your alts to supply power. Exceed alternator output and your voltage tanks. 2. Single alt / lots of batteries - sometimes a necessity depending on your vehicle. Won't have 'good' voltage but it's adequate for short demos / burps / etc. Play time will be limited and you'll need to be cognizant of your alternator temperature. Avoid idle time here. Spin the alt up and get those fans working 3. Many alts / many batteries - high power stuff. Most expensive, also the most robust.
  7. What's a free / easy to use 3d modeling software suitable for use w/ basic 3d printing tasks?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bsneon98


      fusion 360 all day. 

    3. SnowDrifter


      Been messing with it. The thing is a bit fussy to use and the cloud aspect of it can be extremely frustrating - seems to have a lot of down time. But it works well enough

    4. bsneon98


      yes it took me some time but after a few models and trial and error its a nice program

  8. What's ambient temp? Amps in the sun? What does your cooling solution for them look like? As in - sitting underneath something, secured to box, etc etc. Also bear in mind you're strapped at a 1 ohm load, presenting 0.5ohm to each amp. I'm also a bit confused on your comment on gain matching. They're strapped, no?
  9. I need to be honest with you boss, you're going to be adding a fair bit of complexity, weight, and money just for the privilege of not starting your car for some lunch time jams. I'm not sure that's worth it. Several hundred pounds and a few thousand dollars, plus the associated upkeep with this usage scenario.
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