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  1. I'd look into a new amp too. I have some doubts if it would even do 800w. Could you clarify more on how your system is set up? 2 comp 12s and a type r 10?
  2. This forum is for discussing MUSIC - ya know those nice little files you can toss on your thumb drive, music player, radio station, or streaming service and listen to. It is NOT for equipment or build discussion. For those inquiries, you can go here and find the appropriate subforum that best fits your topic https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/forum/63-equipment/ If you're new here, welcome to the forums. I'll probably just quietly move your thread to the right area while you learn your way around. If you've been around for a while, look with your eyes lest ye witness the magic of a disappearing thread. Cleaning up / moving 45 random topic that were dumped in here is just unreasonable.
  3. You do not - can load the tones onto any medium you wish. If you play via bluetooth, set things while playing through bluetooth, etc. There's a link to the original tones in my sig along with some 2.5db increments
  4. Max isn't a rating, though from what I can dig up it appears to be RMS. Can't comment on if it does rated power as I can't find anything on that
  5. Getting loud is a rather scientific venture. Test box design, placement, port tuning and area (good place to start), wiring loads, seat positions, etc. Take a variable, any variable, and start playing with it. Even turning the ac or heat on/off to mess with air density can have an effect
  6. Question unclear. Camshaft stuck in cone after it put a hole through the shower floor from a bad paint job
  7. Without sounding like a smartass, if you need to ask, you shouldn't. With enough time and experience, you begin to pick up on the subtle queues when a driver is being pushed too hard. The RMS rating becomes just a number at that point and it becomes a game of how much power you can feed your specific build safely. Can get louder, sure, but that also comes with the caveat that you need to be mindful and observant of how your equipment is behaving. Goof, and you'll blow stuff up pretty quickly.
  8. If you want to do so scientifically, set amp to full pass, play a tone you want to set to, measure the voltage coming out of the amp, divide that number by the square root of 2, then adjust crossovers until the voltage matches your calculated number
  9. For the voltage: Music isn't a sine wave. it has peaks in intensity. That's what makes it sound like music and not a tone. Measuring voltage in this manner would only really confirm that you have output For the resistance, or impedance, depending on what you're measuring: You can't measure the resistance of something while power is applied. As to your issue: Clarify what you mean by cutting in and out. You mentioned amp protection in your title, but I didn't see anything in your post that elaborated on it. Under what conditions does it happen? And besides checking for output on the amp, what else have you taken a peek at? If it were me, a precursory check for this sort of issue would include: - Pushing the subs in and out by hand to listen for any mechanical noise - A visual inspection of the tinsel leads - Verification that all speaker wires and connections are tight and have no frays or loose ends - Ohming out each individual coil on each individual speaker - Verification that RCAs are in - And measuring the DC voltage at the amp's power input terminals with the volume raised
  10. No such thing as overkill in electrical With that said, for over 800 bucks, I think you might see more benefit dollar per dollar from getting a larger alt
  11. Burn the prefab as a sacrifice to the SPL gods then build or contract someone to get a proper one
  12. 1. If it's a bass knob, throw it in the trash. If it's an attenuator such as an lc-1, it should be set to max 2. Set with all levels at zero. Further adjustments can be made by turning items down as opposed to up 3.0db for head unit, then appropriate choice for amp. If you're relying on the head units internal amp for your mods and highs, check with 0db through RCAs, then chosen overlap for the speaker out. Choose whichever is the lower volume setting to continue 4. See 1 5. Pulses as in turns on and off? Preout might be weak. Measure head unit through the amp - I think the manual touches on this. If not let me know and I'll walk you through.
  13. That's not an amp. It's a box of black magic fuckery to pull 3k out of it o.O
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