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  1. Why the FUCK does everyone I love keep dying?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. hdorre


      Damn, Im sorry Chris. 

    3. srp365


      I feel ya, Snow. Kinda went through this a couple years ago when I lost both my parents, a cousin, and my wife's mom all within 2 years. Life itself became a constant surreal feeling non stop. You pull through, hard as it is.

    4. mathewyocham


      Sorry for your loss.

  2. And for my next act, I'll turn this plain screwdriver into plasma
  4. It came to my attention that the dd-1 link in my sig wasn't working. It should be fixed now, my apologies.

    1. hdorre


      You are not forgiven.

    2. SnowDrifter


      May your remote wires short and your car fill with smoke

    3. srp365


      since the upgrade, all links in sigs are broken.

      apparently no one gives a flying fuck because this is the first time anyone mentioned it lol

  5. The political following in my state drives me absolutely bonkers Vote in a light rail system. Freak out when the taxes and fees to fund it hit. Vote in a $15/hr minimum wage, despite it not working well in neighboring cities Literally GIVE the homeless places to stay, and wonder why the homeless population explodes And the one that sparked this post: The sheep mentality. There's a bill in the works right now that from my read through, can be summarized as boys use the boy's room, girls use the girl's room. Yet there are so many vote-no pages on this thing, claiming everything from sexism to transphobia. Un-freaking believable. If you have to convince someone why you need to use this restroom... You SHOULDN'T USE THAT ONE. And my favorite is whenever someone tries to argue with it.. Queue the "your ignorant" rebuttal. Find something to do with your time other than be a victim to everything... Seriously.....
  6. Yes it works for that
  7. Now this is a satisfying watch
  8. More responsive makes sense. If you reduce the length and/or velocity(by increasing diameter) there's less inertia to overcome. Most stock air boxes have silencers of sorts so you don't hear the individual intake strokes or hiss of the throttle plate
  9. What's your output voltage? Verified both RCAs have good connections?
  10. Tires and transmission were 2 separate things. Tires were because of a vibration issue. Transmission for preventative maintenance. GM released a TSB regarding it, something about metal shavings accumulating in the 2nd accumulator