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  1. Would you kindly clarify what wasn't answered in your previous thread about this issue so that your concerns may be appropriately addressed?
  2. Speakers or subwoofers? If subwoofers: brace your baffle more and use spax #8 multi material construction screws
  3. I personally don't see how a bad ground would cause an alt to go. Hopefully @MECHMAN could drop some knowledge. Anyways... To check your ground, put a load on your alt, with the ground on your load tester connected to the frame somewhere. You could turn up your system too and it would accomplish the same. From there you want to check the voltage differential between chassis(or whatever ground you're using) and alternator case
  4. Welcome back boss Anyhoo yes you absolutely should be able to hit 150s in that regardless of metering style
  5. Moved to the appropriate area. Please try to refrain from using gen audio as a catch all
  6. It should be enough but it might be bordering the edge of what's practical depending on your final load Here's an easy reference if you're not in the mood for math
  7. Right on. Wasn't sure which years did or did not have it Would you provide a wiring diagram as a starting point? Including locations of each fuse, ground locations, batteries, and alternator wiring
  8. Does your rig have a current clamp around the stock ground? Will be near the battery
  9. Sometimes it's visually obvious, sometimes not. Typically what'll happen is they swell to a larger size. So the original socket won't fit. Might be the next American size up, or next metric size up, or an odd in between. Really could be anything. Then if the cap falls off (ford), it'll typically be a metric size smaller
  10. Only on ones with the lug skins Matco makes special sockets for them because they'll mess up and be not 22mm, but 22.5mm for example. Intended for FCA (chrysler) stuff. Basically a loose socket. IIRC Ford got sued for it as well. That being said.. They're lug nuts. Just go look at them and see if the appropriate size socket fits
  11. heat? no. Corrosion and use? absolutely. 'Yota and several other MFRs are having issues with it. tl;dr 2 piece lug nut, swaged chrome cover on it. Cover fucks up, leaves you with the under lug nut. Not a required replacement but if you opt not to, keep a socket set and breaker bar in your car because the included lug wrench will NOT fit.
  12. Also its composition. i.e. copper based or aluminum based(cca)
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