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  1. I would like to believe so, wiring issues make weird stuff happen sometimes lol I would be worried for the reason why that happened. sounds like a fire waiting to happen.
  2. cant wait to wall my outback...going for that 50+

    1. strangeduck


      do a build log.good luck

    2. Jayrod1125


      thanks! will do haha

    3. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      What equipment u going with?


  3. thanks guys, wondering if my box is the issue. time for a new box! haha
  4. so, here the rundown. 8 massive audio gtx 12s in a large (18 cubes?) ported box tuned to 31hz. I don't remember specs but can remake the box in torres to figure it out Taramps hd8k 2 ohm v2 @ 2 ohms final dc270xp with 1/0 everywhere agm up front and big industrial batt out back. all in a 99 outback wagon Should this be 150db capable? ive metered with the ssa meter at 147.89 db at 36hz but I feel like it should've hit a 150 considering cone area and power? don't get me wrong, it slams and moves lots of air just felt like it should meter better.... 150 was kinda my goal lol thanks! Also, used to be named 95legwagon on here.
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