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  1. And there up and playing damn these things our beasts all ready seem louder and not even turned up past 1/2 -3/4 bass knob can't wait the week so I can see what these beasts really do and then install cockbox reset gains and get a little bit more out these things.
  2. Started planning out where I'm putting my sbc cockbox for my sub amps to get rid of my spliters and give me a little more rca voltage. But thinking I'll play subs how they our for a week and then put cockbox in and reset gains on dc5ks.
  3. Awesome stuff as always love your smd fuse blocks Do they come with the aluminum links? How much our these?
  4. What's is cost for someone to do a recone on a ascendant audio mayhem 12?

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    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Ya just waiting on that recone now then have to get that thing reconed then install it and I'll be playing again can't wait to hear these beasts. These our the biggest subs I've ever owned.

    3. ChevyBoy95


      It is worth it to spend the extra money on the guy who knows what he is doing. A buddy of mine does them for people around here and think he charges 50-60. 

      And I know how nerve racking it can be reconing a sub and not wanting to mess it up. My first recone was a level 5 18 I did.

    4. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Ya just going with the more expensive guy worth my piece of mind has like 6 references so going that route. Getting my recone and basket tommrow so hopefully will be able to get it done soon and finnaly hear what these 6 mayhems 12s will do.

  5. No not going to start drilling basket. guy is sending me another basket and recone so will just have to pay someone to recone it for trying to experiment jus want to get this thing fixed and plaing again. How much is it to get something reconed?
  6. So now pissed cause can't play new subs cause one is not good to go. Guy that sold me them is going to ship me a basket and a recone because of the issue. So now my question is should I epoxy the motor to the basket and play it till it goes because guy is sending me a basket and recone anyway. Or just recone it because u can't get to screws with the way the basket is even though I can see them.
  7. For sale $100 each for working ones 3 old silver ones 3 newer style direct leads all xfl 1222s not including shipping. $50 for blown ones 1 old silver 3 newer direct leads all slinky coils Will ship on your dime have original boxes