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  1. Minwax early American on Baltic birch with dethane satin polyurethane 3 coats Color match dark taupe to match my interior for the port in ace satin porch and floor latex paint. Ty for the compliments now to get these amps in etc and get this Mofo playing
  2. Started to do 2 more frame grounds got one done. Will finish the other one and get those batteries in so I can figure out amp configuration
  3. spent 18 hrs into my build yesterday should be loading that box in today.

    1. Wishuponasub


      Nice. In for pics man.

    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      2000 mountaineer from ramming to slamming

  4. Will reinforce that support with some metal and reinstall the rear panels and the headliner and call some people to help me 💪 this box in
  5. Roof deadened as much as I'm going to do without giving up headliner 5 tubes of pl premium. 4 big cans of great stuff, 1 tube of printable silicone.