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  1. Got a bunch done almost ready to delete battery and turn it on want to get a new fuse block for mids and highs one I have has lights that look like there staying on dont want it to drain battery. Anyone have recommendation on a 2 spot fuse holder that's economical priced preferably mini anl since I have them already.
  2. Who's going this year what our u bringing? I'm bringing my 00 mercury mountaineer Pioneer 80prs 6 ascendant audio mayhem 12s on 2 DC 5ks each at. 9 ohms Mmats sq4100 on 4 silver flute 8s Skar sk85.4 on 2 sb acoustics SB29RDCN-C000-4 in a pillars Singer 340 and limitless 70ah lithium and tons of skyhighcaraudio ofc. That's what it looks like currently will be done before slammolgy
  3. Ty man. Was blown away about how bad rust was. Only thing I can think why it got so bad was couple holes I must of missed when I removed panels and didnt plug them up. And batts on driverside have been there for years now and must not of seen how bad it was. Oh well it is what it is patched it best I could do without welding. All the batts our good bo leaks etc. still going to rust reformer the bottom and undercoat the crap out of it to prevent it from getting any worse. Going to work on this truck all day Friday to get it hopefully playing again but we will see.
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