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  1. Not perfect but I think pretty good for first attempt at trim panels And thats where I'm at all them sanded down smooth with 220 and wood filled in any imperfections just have to Kreg jig top piece and start assembling them Then plug holes with wood plugs and then fill and sand everything smooth down to 220 then stain and poly everything
  2. Trans is all good and u joints replaced Truck running good just have to get a couple things done before Slammolgy Windshield, muffler making rattling noise, hood release cable, sunroof sealed up again Trim panels almost done got some more done yesterday
  3. trans went on my mountaineer yeah. $1700-1500 dollars for a new one. sucks

  4. Now to just trim sides a little more for foam/ weather stripping so I don't have wood on glass then have to Kreg jig them to box and work on top piece and do the same
  5. Bought 9 cans of foam. big gap and window and door cause didn't want it to break windows. First did it in garbage bags then went back and refoamed everything cause there was still gaps and holes. Now it's all sealed up and box sounds better. More brutal and plays 32+ hz with more authority. Making trim panels out of Baltic birch going to stain and poly them to match the box. Will post pictures tommrow tired from cutting foam back 3/4-1 in back and making templates after working all day.