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    car audio, home audio, movies, good beer, clash of clans (my other addiction besides smd Plunder&Pillage FTW), music, loud bass!!!, and my kids.

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  1. Thanks man Love my beer most of the ones I have our hazy ipas which our my favorite right now That neon green relish by hop butcher is the bomb if u see it try it so good
  2. Sorry for no updates this week truck is in the shop being worked on. But I did order another limitless 70ah so now I'll have 140ah of limitless goodness
  3. Thinking bought getting one of those new cyber 12ks to go with my limitless 70ah What our ur guys thoughts on them?
  4. Ty sir slowly but surely comming along. Now onto wiring trying to make it nice and clean but starting to have withdrawals from having no system in my ride for the past couple months
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