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  1. After many years of searching finally found a dual alternator bracket for my truck. Now just have to save up and get another white singer to fit it so I can run dual alts. and maybe drop these amps to .4 each but we will see on that
  2. Also put a new belt on. Cleaned up more of the wiring in the back. Also seen this on Instagram the other day my build before I switched to limitless and switched to ascendant audio mayhems.
  3. Sorry about stagulation on posting. Changed belt got amps tuned and cleaned up wiring still need to re caulk sunroof though. But she's playing
  4. That's as far as I got power and ground completely done for dc5ks Now to just run power and grounds for my 3 4 channel amps then set amps with dd-1 Hook up speaker wires and I'll be playing. Then I'm going to add fans and lights and maybe that shca metal logo we will see.
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