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    car audio, home audio, movies, good beer, clash of clans (my other addiction besides smd Plunder&Pillage FTW), music, loud bass!!!, and my kids.

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  1. Going to be getting another dc5k yeah yeah so psyched. Not to figure out how to fit another one in there

  2. Bit the bullet and decided to ditch my agms.

    Ordered a limitless 70ah can't wait to get this thing installed. 

  3. Found another mmats sq4100 in pretty good shape for $200 had to grab it.

    1. WalledSonic


      Gonna add some speakers with dat amp??

    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Eventually probably 2sets of  rear speakers  maybe  a 1 set in rear and one set in trunk.

  4. Had a blast at slamology finally got my truck metered did a 151.2 @ 27 hz on music pretty happy with setup. Was demoing like a boss all day no problems

    1. Kyblack76


      Metered how? Legal? Sealed on the dash or? Nice score anyway. Love that peak ;) have fun? Kills me, I missed it yet again:(

    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Believe it was outlaw driver side window open. Was like 6-7 ? in so...

      Have to find my peak. Hopefully next year u come so we can meet up and drink some beers together.

  5. trans went on my mountaineer yeah. $1700-1500 dollars for a new one. sucks

  6. Really not looking forward to this weekend and my grandmas funeral. Lost my second mother?

  7. Just got some new tires 

    Michelin defender ltx with nitrogen rides way better
    1. deathcards


      tires deflate one pound a month please don't buy into that scam unless you are on the coast then it will help with corrosion

      btw i almost bought the same tires a couple years ago great tire imo

  8. yeah all new brakes front and back on my 00 mountaineer now in need of some good all weather tires that can handle the extra weight. Thinking Michelin DEFENDER LTX M/S - SIZE: 235/75R15 what u guys think? Think I have 1000-1000+ pounds in trunk with wall batts amps etc.

    1. Skullz


      My next set of tires will be michelins.

    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Just curious other guys with explorers What tires our u using with your heavy systems?

      Definitely liking the reviews of the Michelin's

  9. What's the best trk to set gains on dd-1 listen to mainly rebassed music djsnt, Dj rusticals, djdb, decaf, etc. Have to gain match 2 dc5ks one older one and one a3

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    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Walled sonic that's what I did last time checked both with dd-1 and dmm and gain matched to the lower of the two amps.  Adding a cockbox and getting rid of y spliters. going to redo amp gains at -5db instead of 0 db like last time. 

    3. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Well all done and reset with cockbox looks better

    4. Rich Schenk
  10. Loving these ascendant audio mayhems make my xfls feel like baby subs compared to these

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    2. Kyblack76


      Bmwking? You talking about 2500 on the Ab driver's ? Or mayhems? I'

    3. bmwking


      the mayhems, the xfls would jump outta their baskets on that lol

    4. Kyblack76


      Ive seen the og mayhems take a ton. Here is one of 15 rigs i knew of in the day running mayhems (all the og mayhems) Tims blazer. 4 18" mayhems on 2 9k tfhes at .35 (yes, .35)  Tim played that thing all fucking weekend. Never had a issue, and these where Rays old subs he beat on for years. 


  11. Awesome stuff as always love your smd fuse blocks Do they come with the aluminum links? How much our these?
  12. What's is cost for someone to do a recone on a ascendant audio mayhem 12?

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    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Ya just waiting on that recone now then have to get that thing reconed then install it and I'll be playing again can't wait to hear these beasts. These our the biggest subs I've ever owned.

    3. ChevyBoy95


      It is worth it to spend the extra money on the guy who knows what he is doing. A buddy of mine does them for people around here and think he charges 50-60. 

      And I know how nerve racking it can be reconing a sub and not wanting to mess it up. My first recone was a level 5 18 I did.

    4. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Ya just going with the more expensive guy worth my piece of mind has like 6 references so going that route. Getting my recone and basket tommrow so hopefully will be able to get it done soon and finnaly hear what these 6 mayhems 12s will do.

  13. What's the selling price on a used ab xfl 1222, and a blown one?

    Have 10 to get rid of

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    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Have at least 4 blown ones. Slinky coils

      Ya not letting the blown ones go for less than $50 each not including shipping. Or pick them up in IL

    3. bmwking


      balls.  whats your best shipped price for 1 blown one then?

    4. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Pm me will see what I can do.

  14. anyone know cutout size for ascendant audio mayhem 12s???

    Debating on making crates for me or buddy to transport them

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    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      I don't have the subs there in Florida

    3. SE wisconsin

      SE wisconsin

      11.15" based off the site i posted is cutout diameter

    4. Rich Schenk
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