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  1. What our the measurements of space that you have to work with for box?
  2. Little scratched up and unfortunately needs all new set screws and missing 2 RCA nuts but as long as it works who cares. Will hopefully be able to fit it behind my other sq4100 so u will barely see it any way skip I can add more mids.
  3. Weihenstephaner is my favorite beer fest beer is the absolute best. I've had every beer they ever made except for the winterfest beer. Love going to schnitzel platz by me and killing a 2 liter boot. Good stuff. Amp is all good have test videos etc guy repairs amp and amp is all good just has stuff on outside of amp was worried about that myself. Oh well will have it next week
  4. Found another mmats sq4100 in pretty good shape for $200 had to grab it.

    1. WalledSonic


      Gonna add some speakers with dat amp??

    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Eventually probably 2sets of  rear speakers  maybe  a 1 set in rear and one set in trunk.

  5. Rich Schenk

    Gain Matching

    First find max clean output for head unit with dd-1. Then check each amp individually for max clean output with dd-1 and multimeter. Write down each one. Set all amps your trying to gain match to lowest amp clean output voltage. Double check to make sure all amps have clean output voltage and your good to go. Just redid my 2 dc5ks mine is 67.2. Gl