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    car audio, home audio, movies, good beer, clash of clans (my other addiction besides smd Plunder&Pillage FTW), music, loud bass!!!, and my kids.

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  1. Alternator upgrading kits?

    Never heard of one and honestly wouldn't trust one. Stack up money and get a good alt from singer, Johnathan Patrick, mechman, dcpower.
  2. Voltage drop

    have u done the big 4? Our u getting any belt slip? Is it doing it under load? ( ac, heat, system turned up) What is your electrical like?
  3. ** Best Ground Locations **

    keep factory grounds. go to frame it you have one if not go to shock tower
  4. Just curious how often our u guys changing out your belts on your cars I seem to be going through one every year or less. Just did a Gates belt and new tensior

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    2. WalledSonic


      So when you gonna wire down? :wink:

    3. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      When I get some real subs and a lithium or another alt

    4. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      I already make these xfls stink on certain songs

  5. 2x more XS D3400 enough?

    I would go lithium if it was me save a ton of weight should be fine with a jy 45. Especially since you have a small car and agms start to put more strain weight wise on a little car.
  6. Wow looked up how to fix my photobuket to allow for third party hosting they want $400 a year. WTF screw that what other photo sites our there that our free to upload pics???

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    2. meade916


      can you send a message to @Antheny916 he will take care of it :)


    3. notorious97200


      Photobucket sucks. That's horrible. All forums are suffering from that PB move.

    4. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Thanks Steve for chiming in. Ya have 2 build logs 50+ pages each so will have to switch to something else 

  7. That thing is going to be crazy loud. Can't wait to see vids of this thing playing!
  8. stupid question but what is the difference between this and a jy 80ah?

    Last day on earth survival is my new favorite one highly addictive zombie game Rollercoaster tycoon touch Clash of clans Dominations
  10. Need Suggestions: Mids and Tweets

    Why don't you check out the sound qube components There $100