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  1. Good day all, I used my DD-1 to tune my amps in my 2003 Monte Carlo SS, car got totaled, so I bought another one, same exact car. I took my beat out of the first one, and re-installed it in the new one, no problems. Fast forward a year later, another young driver hit me, DAMN IT, second Monte totaled. This time I bought a 2007 SS. I have installed all my gear, except my Odyssey battery, as it won't fit. I recently burned up my factory alt. and had to buy a HO alt. My question is, do I have to re-tune my amps? I know the amps were tuned to the voltage of the head unit, but is the voltage the same in the new car? An '03 has a different OBDII protocol than an '07, the '07 is CAN BUS, the '03 is not, and now no factory alt, does a cars voltage affect the voltage of the head unit? Thanks.
  2. I would have to assume so, distortion in an audio signal is distortion......at least I think? FYI, best money one can spend, if you want your amps tuned correctly. It worked wonders for my nephew and I's systems.
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