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  1. Just my $0.02, but with that budget and that 1500BDCP, I would go with the P3D4 12's. https://www.amazon.com/Rockford-Fosgate-P3D4-12-1200-Watt-Subwoofer/dp/B004UFHXNI/ref=sr_1_1?crid=S3X4TL5TVO7Y&keywords=p3d4-12&qid=1584046810&sprefix=p3d4%2Caps%2C205&sr=8-1 Again, just my $0.02.
  2. I am only running 1400 watts with an XS Power battery under the hood and the big 3. With that cap, I have almost no voltage drop at all. I have never tested it without running the cap though. My alternator is the stock 100 amp also.
  3. I have that exact cap and have been using it for many years. I bought it new back in the late 90's I want to say. Mine still works great. I say use it. That being said, I think most on here will recommend a secondary battery instead of a cap.
  4. I think its normal. I have the T1000 BDCP running at 4 ohm and it gets very hot, but never overheats.
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