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  1. PC Principal

    2 questions regarding sealed enclosures

    1) I have heard that if the box is built to spec for the specific sub, then polyfil is not needed. That being said, I have always used polyfil in my sealed enclosures, which I build as close to spec as I can. In my opinion, the polyfil will make the bass tighter and sound better. It usually takes me weeks to get the amount just right as I will start with none, and add little by little until it sounds right to me. I listen to nothing but metal so I want that bass drum sounding perfect. This has been my experience with polyfil. I am sure others will have other advice. 2) I have always used a divider in my sealed enclosures. Each sub should be in its own chamber. Again, this is how I have always done it. What you say about one sub blowing causing the other to blow does make sense to me. I have just always divided them.
  2. How the hell is this Samsung's fault? Some people are not too bright.
  3. That looks like your typical day out here in SoCal.
  4. PC Principal

    Left coast Amp repair?

    You can try these guys: http://www.desertaudiospecialists.com/about They are in Phoenix so you would have to ship. I got a quote from them to repair my punch 240 for $90. I havent done it yet but I have heard good things about them. Wouldnt hurt to send them an email.
  5. PC Principal

    Ditching iphone

    Congratulations on considering ditching the iPhone. Ill never understand why anyone would pay $1000+ for a phone that is locked down by the manufacturer. I dont know why anyone would pay $1000+ for any phone. That being said, I dont have any of those issues you described with my $200 Pioneer and an Android phone(Nexus 6P). My phone syncs right up to the Pioneer, and within seconds, music is playing. I havent owned an Alpine in many years so I am not familiar with your HU. This is the Pioneer I have: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-8NhVEBXr1jN/p_130201EX/Pioneer-AVH-201EX.html Not fancy by any means but it does all I need and at a reasonable price. The 80prs looks like a good option as well.