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  1. PC Principal

    Sealed or ported?

    It depends on your taste I suppose. I listen to nothing but metal, so sealed is what does it for me. I dont care for the way ported boxes sound with metal. Just my $0.02
  2. A friend of mine were installing a new amp in my car back in the late 90's. I had opened the hood to pull the fuse while we worked. After getting everything installed, I hooked the fuse back up for testing. All seemed well, so I went for a drive. At about 40 mph, the hood flew up into the windshield because my dumbass never closed it all the way.
  3. PC Principal

    $115 Gem? Rockville RXM-T2 Reviewed and Tested

    Thanks Big D! Not bad for $115.
  4. PC Principal


    You would think that any intelligent person would do a better job protecting an investment like that. Unbelievable the shit some people do.
  5. I say the complete opposite. Its always nice to go to Alaska. You have the Moose's Tooth Pizza there. So good. Have fun on your trip, and I really hope you get to meet Steve.