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  1. Is there any way to upgrade the cable that has the battery sensor on it? Perhaps change it out with some 1/0? Just throwing out ideas...
  2. https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/pregnant-goat-dies-after-being-gangraped-by-8-men-in-haryana/story-JlFvxZgoPAePsZ4SVz7RbJ.html
  3. I really love Fosgate products. That is primarily all I run in my vehicles. I am currently running 2 P2 12's in a sealed box on a T1000 BDCP. I have to run it at 4ohm as the P2 series RMS is only around 400 watt each. I would love to either upgrade to the P3s at 1 ohm, or 2 more P2's at 2 ohm. If I could afford the $750 for the sub the OP got, I would for sure go for it.
  4. $750 is an awful lot of cheddar for a sub, but I have no doubt that it was worth it.
  5. PC Principal

    hot sauce

    That sounds awesome but you would have some serious "ring of fire" going on the next day. Have to keep your toilet paper in the freezer.
  6. I picked up a new toy from Midway the other day. Uberti Walker Colt. .44 cal black powder revolver. This handgun is massive. Its almost 5lbs empty and just under 16in long. It dwarfs my 1860 Army and my Ruger 9mm. I just need to start saving for the .45 Long Colt conversion cylinder now.
  7. PC Principal

    Favorite song to tune system with?

    I guess it just depends on what type of music you like. I primarily listen to metal, so I will use a savage metal track to tune my system. Suicide Silence's Disengage usually does it for me.