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  1. Currently running a CES 370 amp alternator. Has worked great for a year now. System is getting bigger and I'm gonna run 2 370s on the same battery bank. Well, I can't get a CES 370 anymore it seems, and I was curious of running a different brand alternator would matter at all. Looking at the JS 370 amp unit to run with my CES unit. Never ran multiple alternators before, just looking for some insight. Thanks in advance!
  2. As fall is around the corner, system upgrades are coming. Well for the people with crew cab silverados with no back seats and a no wall setup, what's the best box configuration? Subs up port up? Subs forward port forward? subs up port back? subs forward port back? You get the idea. Box hasn't been built yet, shooting for 17ish cubes @ 28ish Hz with 340ish sq in of port area. But that's subject to change. Mainly been looking at doing subs forward and port up, as the port could load off the roof. Anyone have a port loading off one the driver side rear door? Just curious how others no wall silverados are doing with their config. Thanks for any opinions and advice!
  3. Thanks for all the help! I'm learning lithium myself. I think I'm headed in the right direction when it comes to it. Just planning in advanced, still gonna research and learn as much as possible.
  4. Yeah, the lithium would be completely separate from the AGMs. So in your opinion, would Lifepo4 be better for this use case? Underground Power makes an 80ah bank of Lifepo4 very comparable to the CES 80ah LTO bank price wise.
  5. So my buddy is into bass and I help with his system, he basically knows what's in it and how to play it safely, not really big into doing the work. That's where I come in. Currently his setup is SFB 200.4 Running Punch speakers in each door @ 4 0hms 88w x 4 SFB 5000 Running 4 American Bass XD 15s @ 1 Ohm CES 370 Large Case 2 Turbostart 80ah AGMs WIth this setup, it holds mid-low 12s all day easily. Well, he's got the bug and wants more. I'm thinking Running triple alternators, the current CES 370 and a matching one for the bass side and then putting his stock alternator back on to run his doors. So basically, Stock alternator with the 2 80ah of AGMs running the SFB 200.4 and the truck. While the 2 370s are on a separate system running to a lithium bank in the back. We plan on running 2 SFB 13ks right now on 4 15s. I saw the CES 80ah banks are rated for 10kw clamped with 200 amps of available charging. Would 2 of these be sufficient to feed the 2 SFB 13ks? I feel like 1 13k may clamp around 9kw-10kw after impedance rise. So I think it would be good. Don't mind going overkill though. This is a daily driver by the way, it doesn't compete, it's for his own enjoyment and when we go to truck meets people may ask for a demo.
  6. I'm overhauling my sound system right now in my firebird. Already got my new amps, (Sundown SFB 200.4 and 1k) and right now the plan is two SD-4 10s for my substage. I'm running 2 sets of 6.5s up front, a set in the doors and a set in some Q-Logic kick panels. Currently running on the 200.4 at 4 Ohms bridged. Current speakers are 2 Ohm, looking to change to traditional 4 ohm speakers and run the 200.4 at 2 Ohms bridged 400w x 2. I wanna stay roughly under $500 for both sets, was really looking into the Rockford T1s as I think with a 100hz 24dB crossover that I run, they'll be okay getting some power. But I'm open to any other options, so what would you guys choose?
  7. Sub's wasn't the issue, swapped out boxes and subs and it always did it. Swapped amps and it fixed it. Amp was a RP 1200.1. Gains were set with a scope on both amps, so I guess that specific amp was defective.
  8. So one of my long time friends hit me up wanting a system in a 2016 Mustang. And before I get to building the box I was curious about any opinions on on the position of the port and subs. I was thinking either subs forward port sideways so it can load off the trunk wall, or sub forward and port forward directly to the cab. Any opinions on this or experience with a mustang?
  9. Well, any info helps! Will definitely check and see if that's the source, thanks!
  10. I'm fairly certain it's the roof, but it could be anything I guess. Where does the back window rattle?
  11. So I finished building a box for a friend for 4 American Bass XD 15s. Well the roof seems like it's not very happy about the addition of the subs. On low notes it rattles something awful. I've tried some closed Cell foam on the headliner and behind the dome light thinking it's just bouncing off the roof, but that didn't fix it. So what causes that rattle? And how do I go about fixing it?
  12. So I've got the box built for my friends 2008 Silverado. 13 cubes tuned to 29Hz for 4 American Bass 15s if anyone was curious. Currently running a Sundown SFB 1k, well we've decided to skip 3k and go to 5k. We're doing two batteries under the hood, and this is the first system either of us have had that is running multiple batteries. Silverados have a 2nd spot for a battery and we're gonna use it. How do I go about wiring the 2nd battery up? Just run our 2/0 from the starting battery to the 2nd one or have 2 runs of 2/0 coming off the alternator, one for each battery?
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