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  1. Hell yeah glad they showed up! Im really wishing I'd find something out on mine. Im officially moved out from my house and have a 12 day stint at work coming. And cant get them to reply to any emails. So Im gonna have to try intercept them some how. Or have them for pickup at the fedex facility. Not sure if I can. I know Fi is strict about their shipping.
  2. I'm hoping I get one tomorrow. We're in the process of moving and I'd like to have them before being at the house when they show up becomes an issue.
  3. That there is one of the most painful firearms I've shot. It just hurts, if you're not holding it prefect it's a bear. On a side note it's also a blast and well worth the punishment.
  4. I picked up my #1 bucket list gun a few months ago. FN Scar 17s, before that was my Romanian Psl and M1A Loaded Precision
  5. Hell yeah! Be here before you know it! I got me 2 little puppers. A ShihTzu and a Morkie. Theyre little but damn they make ya feel great.
  6. Store in my town has had 3 or 4 Barret M82s come through the last few weeks. One on the counter in there right now. Well as of Thursday when I went to pick up a lower.
  7. Its 6 rcas yeah, im running an ampere 150.4 I was just up late. Had a nice bout of insomnia lol. Im gonna ground that pac audio ap. Should help its pulling ground through the factory harness.
  8. Like the title says. Whats the one firearm that you could legally obtain right now that you would love to have? Like a firearm bucket list. I've been working on whittling down my firearm bucket list lately and am curious to what others bucket lists are. What makes me sick is the 2 stores that Im loyal to. Have had every single one left on my list come through in the last month. They move a lot of off the wall firearms. Left on my list 1. Ptr 91 2. FN PS90 3. Cz Scorpion Evo3 S2 Micro 4. HK Mr556 5. Nemo Omen Recon 3.0 (300wm)
  9. So you were including your port volume in? Like say in winisd you were entering 2.0cuft and when you went to build included your port volume into the 2.0cuft? So in a scenario would of only had like 1.25cuft net after port displacement instead of the 2.0 you needed?
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