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  1. So you were including your port volume in? Like say in winisd you were entering 2.0cuft and when you went to build included your port volume into the 2.0cuft? So in a scenario would of only had like 1.25cuft net after port displacement instead of the 2.0 you needed?
  2. Yeah. Think im gonna go anywhere from 27 to 29. Ive got it looking good in winisd. Just gonna have to sit on it for a bit lol. I do a crap load of fishing. Weve burnt the crappie up since this time last year.
  3. Im thinking about doing some hunting this year. Never been before. I picked up an M1A and I figure it's gonna have to get used lol. I re-spec'd my box bout an hour ago. I cant make up my damn mind.
  4. On a scale of 1 to I aint doing this. I give that wiring a solid "i give up". Glad to see you had a buddy to help ya out. Nothing better than friends helping friends.
  5. I was blown away with how well it worked. Its weird seeing how far off I had my crossovers set. Well worth the money. The DD1 is nice too. Ive had it for a while.
  6. Seen you have a Smd CC. That is a game changer. I retuned a Polaris Ranger install I did last night. Night and day difference. I had my T2 on a 1500w amp before. I have it on 900 now while im waiting on my new subs. Tuned the amp with the CC. And I swear on my momma that it hits harder. Just from having my crossovers set correctly. Could be that I'm getting full voltage to and not dipping down.
  7. Names Randall. Been a long time lurker. Finally decided to sign up. Working on a new build soon. Cant wait to post it up.
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