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  1. I seen their post on Facebook about it. Yeah it sucks. But I understand. I ordered on the 26th of August. And their site is showing a 45day lead time now. So if going by that I still have 2 weeks. I got plenty of time. Still have some boom in there to hold me over.
  2. Im thinking about doing some hunting this year. Never been before. I picked up an M1A and I figure it's gonna have to get used lol. I re-spec'd my box bout an hour ago. I cant make up my damn mind.
  3. On a scale of 1 to I aint doing this. I give that wiring a solid "i give up". Glad to see you had a buddy to help ya out. Nothing better than friends helping friends.
  4. I was blown away with how well it worked. Its weird seeing how far off I had my crossovers set. Well worth the money. The DD1 is nice too. Ive had it for a while.
  5. Seen you have a Smd CC. That is a game changer. I retuned a Polaris Ranger install I did last night. Night and day difference. I had my T2 on a 1500w amp before. I have it on 900 now while im waiting on my new subs. Tuned the amp with the CC. And I swear on my momma that it hits harder. Just from having my crossovers set correctly. Could be that I'm getting full voltage to and not dipping down.
  6. Same here. Ive sent email's and havent gotten single reply. I dont mind waiting, as these subs have a reputation for playing stupid low. Which is what I'm after. And things happen. I'd like an update of some sort on how long I'm going to wait. Ive got everything installed now. I guess one good thing is that I wasnt in a rush to get everything in. Also I've changed my mind about 9000x on what I want to do with my box. So theres that too lol. Ive settled on about 29hz tuning. The curve on these in Winisd is so damn flat.
  7. Lol its velcro for now. I didnt think that fuse placement through I have my old Rockford T2 12 in there now. Till the Fi subs show up.
  8. Yeah I went with just one. Should be good. And yeah I don't wanna burn it down lol. I wanted to put a big system in a Raptor. It's something you don't see often. But wanted to stay small enough that my electrical will be decent without running a big bank of batteries. I should be good on my runs. I'm fused front and back. Good solid grounds. Hydraulic crimps on all my lugs. I've grounded the shit out of everything lol.
  9. Im putting in 2 on an AA-3800.1. Mechman 370 under the hood and 1 XS XP3000 in behind the seat. Im probably going to have to end up with more batteries I would say. Im definitely going to upgrade the front. Ive got 1 run of SHCA 2/0 goin to the back battery from the front. Figured no more than 3800w and 2/0 should do fine. It will handle the amperage load. If not ill have an extra crispy truck lol.
  10. How ever long they need. I liked what I seen out of the subs in Winisd. Im putting them in a 2014 F150 Raptor Supercab. I wasn't able to give the Btls enough box or power, so I opted for the Qs. I haven't found a dual alt bracket for my truck. And wasn't really looking to fab anything. So I went with a single Mechman 370.
  11. I ordered 2 Q Ferrite 18s back in August. Still waiting on them. I know the Btl's are on their list they're still building. I hate hearing they're having issues. This year has sucked for everyone it seems.
  12. Hey just curious if anyone has ordered from Fi recently? They're website is showing 45 days lead time. Didn't know if anyone has any updates. I know they've ran into some setbacks with some issues. Wasn't sure of their current status. Hope all is well for them!
  13. Names Randall. Been a long time lurker. Finally decided to sign up. Working on a new build soon. Cant wait to post it up.
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