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  1. I most likely will upgrade the amplifier, it's a good amp but it's a budget subwoofer amplifier for sure.
  2. My mid bass improved also. Crazy I thought I wired everything well the first time. I actually used my new crimper and heat shrink and helps. Never going cheap again on another build.
  3. Thanks for all your help on the issue I was having.  All the input really helped out.

  4. Well after all the input from you guys the problem has been resolved. I cleaned up all wires,connections and re-tuned the subwoofer amplifier @38v and I can now play all the way up to my clean volume level with no distortion or smells. Also the system as a whole feels alot more powerful and very clean. Btw the voltage drop is only @ .5v now after re doing all power wires and connections. I would like to thank all who helped me on this issue . I really appreciate it.
  5. I was also thinking that aswell it has about 4-6 hrs of play time.
  6. All EQ settings are flat 100% I use focal component 6.5s in the front and rear on crossovers
  7. The HU is a stock unit Harmon kardon And I did adjust the line out converters. I did use a 40hz tone I was just making sure this is the way to do it.
  8. Another question is should I use a 40hz tone to set the gain?
  9. My volume goes up to 40 I only go to 34-35 which is clean for my head unit. And yes it was completely flat. Do you think I should recalculate the voltage setting for around 1500 watts? For the zvx 15 which is RMS for this sub?
  10. Some connections were so so. Definitely wont hurt it only can help
  11. I just re wired all connections and upgraded wires voltage drop was about 13.4v from 14.5
  12. As far as clipping yes I was clipping pretty good but I set the gains after and it was alot better. But I know I'm still getting a little clipping still. I was not sure if the clipping could be anything else other then the amplifier.
  13. So I will reset my gain on the amplifier and try again Thank you for the input.
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