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  1. The DC's sounded great, but they are a more musical lower power sub The dc has 2" coil, 15lb motor assembly, and double stack magnet, and a realistic 600w rms with 18mm Xmax The Sundown has 2.5" coil, 25lb motor assembly, tripple stack magnet, very under rated 800 rms and 19mm Xmax. Just a totally different class of sub If I do anything more with this build (working on a 6 12 Fi Q ferrite build) it'll be Hutchinson or ddz 8s
  2. They are absolutely nastay powerful little bass buttons
  3. Well my journey through big 8s led me here. So far these are the most impressive Getting metered this weekend HOPEFULLY I'm saying easy 147+ Wipers bounce off front windshield
  4. You put 2" coil moderate wattage SQ subs in a box built for loud.
  5. Knukoncepts has adhesive lined 4 to 1 ratio shrink for 8g to 4/0
  6. You put them into speaker terminals. Red to positive, black to negative ON SPEAKER TERMINALS!
  7. You grounded a probe of dd1 to amp 12v ground?
  8. Make sure crossover isn't in bi amp mode and your using correct input
  9. No isolator. You don't want those batteries charging together as one while the car is running they won't charge correctly you don't want to run anything but Lithium
  10. No supprise, JS couldn't get an alt right even if someone else built them for him... Oh wait, someone else does. Lol
  11. If you fixed it yourself, you can get it done for around 100 But to send it off with shipping, and such it's better to buy something new that's better
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