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  1. Well basically I think s....... Nevermind that, I feel the hcca is the better sub pound for pound. . run it on whatever amp will give it it's full potential
  2. AaronT


    Exactly what do you mean "bridged" when speaking of 2 seperate mono blocks? Did you hook one coil to each amp? Or like mentioned above, did you strapp them together ? Also what do you mean you bridged the power wire? Also, you can never, ever never have too much power going to amp.
  3. I'd do the hcca on the Rubicon.
  4. G2 seems way overpriced for what they are. I've been following g2 since around July. They have one that looks sick, but at 3x the price if comparable American bass, skar, etc Edit: dead game , I thought was a g2 line, nuts it's it's own brand seems reasonable priced. The g2 Dynamics, is what I was thinking originally.
  5. But from your list I'd say Wolfram or skar. They others with the exception of piwerbass (i know nothing about other than they sunk to low tier as of late) are just hoping price with no additional performance over skar or Wolfram
  6. Rockford prime 1200 Of course the power series works awesome as well.
  7. Get a set of p3s for it. Get em online so you don't pay out the ass
  8. The brx1244 is still entry level. The subs I'd recomend are the mojo m6. But at that price Soo Soo much more can be had for less
  9. Redo the 4g. Really no benefit is had going straight back to battery. You'll have less resistance in ground going right to chassis like the monoblock. Also that's a lot of current for no big 3. Your 0 guage isn't doing 0 guage work, because vour charging system is bottle necked with 6g wire and probably even smaller 8g grounds
  10. So at 37.4 your at max rated I'd do this. Set your deck to 37 out of 40 and set your 37volts at that volume. I never understood the half to ¾ settings with today's modern decks that usually out out clean signal at max volume
  11. Lol ain't that the greatest? Mofo tries to come at you with damn near 50% off. I don't get people. They wave cash around at sellers like we forgot what the fuck it looks like
  12. Loving the civility so far. Hopefully if we can keep "vs" threads like so we can change policy
  13. I'd be cool if we could just give our preffered brand from that list with no flaming n such. Like "I'd pick brand X" and that's it. Nothing more
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