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  1. Put factory alt charge cable back on. Make it work, every car I dug big 3/4 in I was ae to keep factory alt cable
  2. Those Amazon meters aren't SPL meters,
  3. Whatever your measuring with is broken. Ambient noise in a busy city is 95+
  4. That's a max, not an idq?!?!?
  5. Idmax does not use a 2" coil
  6. Well you've listed great subs as an alternative, but not many are "SQ" oriented. Of the few you listed the x series is not an SQ sub. The JL is, as well as the other companies will fit the bill depending on the line you choose Not all DD, not all Fi, SSA is Fi. A real good true alternative to those subs while being a bit cheaper would be image dynamics idq line or IDMAX, depending on the power you have to throw at it. Matt borgardt has recently returned to image dynamics, and he is a top notch builder. Image dynamics is USA have built subs made to be very musical and accurate. Arc audio black series, as well as many Fi are great.
  7. AaronT

    5kw rms

    Go for Orion's big hcca amp
  8. Correction. That was all Tony D. And what, like 4 of them made or so, and like $20 grand? Completely unobtainable to 95% of the demographic. The t1000-4ab I was able to afford with a tax return from a minimum wage job
  9. I believe diamond audio made a differential drive sub similar to the gti. Also there the crossfire super gausse (not quite the same, but sports a dual wound coil and dual motor) Of course the AA SMD line, similar to the crossfire, and the fi super gausse neo. Also the tf t19, although not differential, it should be on par with the sq of the gti.
  10. Was thinking just using a switch and discretion. Honestly I am trying to figure out where is it I'd actually fit it Might go to 2 97cfm 4" axial (computer) fans Yeah I'm aware of the noise they create, I've felt with bigger ones 6"-10" in indoor grows, was hoping these things would be much quieter than the large ac counterpart
  11. You listed t line, then ported and 4ths. The T-Line dies not peak, it plays flat (if done right) IMHO the x8 is not a T-Line candidate. I'd say 4th, you have a good bandwidth with that and you can tune ported side low.
  12. Well had the t1500 that's stacked on top of the t400-4 go thermal yesterday after a 90 minute drive (as I expected it to get hotter as heat rises from t400-4 to it) I'm gonna be installing a seaflo 3" inline mixed flow blower on it.
  13. Oh nasty, you know what he means.lol I'm curious as well. Difference between one length of port vs many folds of port.
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