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  1. I like what you did there. "Oh, coming up next audiopipe full bridge... Like I live this stuff, I have not even heard of those. Looking forward to it
  2. After rise, that thing is maybe seeing 150 watts
  3. It's 4ohm. It's hardly getting any power, that's the problem. You need something that's 600 watts capable at 4 ohm. Basically a 2400 watt monoblock.
  4. When Steve tested decks, he found that most manufacturers even the shittiest of the shittiest can put out a clean signal at max volume for a few points from max volume if the deck is set flat I bought a dd1 plus last week my pioneer Double-Din clips at the same exact point my one that was 3 years old volume 38 out of 40 I've since set gains for about four people since then and one that was Alpine when was a pioneer 2 power acoustics The pioneer in Alpine single DIN let you go all the way to the last number Power acoustik Klimt about three points below max volume
  5. Alec Sajewski on Facebook. Guy is a wizard, he can have a box ready to mount subs in an hour, double baffled, kerfed, and braced. Boxes by Alec.
  6. You're not loosing pressure through the odd holes through out the car. I mean you are, but not to the degree you're thinking
  7. Exactly this I want to see those speakers ohm out. The w3 is notorious for not getting much overrated wattage or any kind of abuse at all
  8. Yes that is literally the sole intended purpose of the bass knob. This is exactly how they are designed to be used.
  9. Those subs want a decent amount of space ported. But a car isn't going to change sound that badly The subs read fine on meters?
  10. Could it be maybe your expecting more from the subs than they could do? What subs are they?
  11. The 400 includes the "oh shit I forgot I needed that" items
  12. SLA is source leval adjustment. All these things will get signal dirty sooner in volume leval. I think you might have pushed that amp too far with not knowing exactly what your settings were and something inside of it has given up or is on its way out. in the past when I was younger I had and that I fucking just literally raped with bass boost and input level adjustments from locs.and when those amps finally gave up they still played but they didn't play right they fucking were like just moving the speakers and making a hollow sound I mean it was Bass the average human being would say hey that's a base system but it wasn't nothing what it was before the amp fucked up
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