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  1. Xfl is a bigger sub way under rated. They just updated specs on TNT with no real difference. Just be careful
  2. UCareful with them on 8k. I feel they are only 800 rms.ab is local to me. Ab headquarters is a 2 90 minute drive. So naturally tons of local dealers Push ab gear. More people run ab in my area than anything else. The TNT is one that gets iffy when people think it's going to take air more than rated power for sustained periods They will never in a month of Sundays take 8k
  3. Ofc is ofc. "Designed for high draw" is just thick guage ofc wire. Nothing special in design between 2/0 welding cable vs 1/0 audio ofc, or whatever guage size is identical vto the 2/0 welding cable, they will handle same current draw.
  4. I think that's completely backwards 800 amps on a steady continuous sine wave is harder than dynamic amps in music That should be the other way around music is quick bursts on in-rush current. Quicker little burst of current that last a few milliseconds a wire can take more amps than steady sine waves that pull current that's lasts over a few seconds
  5. AaronT

    JBL BPx2200.1

    Is that a typo of ratings? I can't believe it does less at 1 ohm , yetbits 1 ohm stable?
  6. Isn't the 2/0 welding cable about the same size as sky High & knukonceptz 1/0¿
  7. I don't think the team series were the ones with the lack of board screws. But I am a member of the CT sounds Facebook group since buying my meso 8s last month. I read lots of issues about the big power amps from them Ymmv
  8. Brand x Alternators. That's a 300 amp doing 340. 250 amp large case is 305 shipped. Prices are great, quality is second ti none. Awesome billet case and powder coat options. Has about 20+ colors to choose from
  9. Like I said . I thought it was 522 shipping alone $170 odd bucks isn't crazy, I mean I've been in situation where I couldn't wait a day for a seller response and bought an amp that was 200 more, only to see 12 hours later the seller agreed to my offer . It is what it is, don't worry about defending or justification to others we do what we want. Bar none. Not the same topic, but I blast cycles of big dose anabolics once a year, people call me crazy, blah blah blah, I know what I'm doing, I know the risks, I do what makes me feel good in the now, not 20 years from now.
  10. The full bridge amps (the taramps, sound digital, Banda, Stetsom, sundown SFB etc) are evil. Pack a ton of power in a ridiculously small footprint. Only drawbacks are they are extremely fussy in regards to vehicle voltage. Don't feed them too much or not enough or they kick the bucket. All amps are susceptible to damage from over or under voltage but the full bridge designs the damage can happen much easier than half bridge Korean designs
  11. This should help you decide *Last pic is of a 300 amp load test, doing 339. Always over rated like rockfords.
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