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  1. Do you still make custom sub boxes?  If you do, this is what I'm after.

    My Drawing.sketchpad.jpeg

    1. audiofanaticz


      Yes I do, send me a private message.

  2. So i recently got a couple new subs listed in title. For a couple weeks now I thought they were dual 4ohm. Thats what it says in the description on many sites. Also, the naming convention of D4, you would think dual 4. However when I measure impedance with dmm i get 3ohm per coil. That confused me to start. I then went to sundown website and checked the specs there. X-8 v2 d4's are spec'd at 6ohm, i assume dual 3ohm in series... The real problem is I've gone through two amps already. First a cab 2000.1, now a crescendo s1 plus. Both have cut out, gone into protect with speakers wired in parallel, which I thought was 1ohm. Now I'm finding out they're wired to .75ohm which is making amps unstable. I will say the crescendo handles it much better though. I guess what my question is, wtf. Are they dual 3ohm or dual 4? Why do they have a d4 in name scheme if they're not? Why do sites list them as dual 4's? It's costing me a small fortune to get my setup right AND not cutting out when cranking the volume. I have a sundown salt-4 on the way now and I'll be adding a 3rd x8 to the mix, maybe a 4th. One other question would be how should i wire 3 or 4 of these odd ball ohm subs? .5, .67, 1.5, right now im leaning toward 4 subs wired to a safe 1.5 but as you know thats leaving a lot of power left untapped. Also, 4 of them on around 4k watts, 1k a piece, good and safe but i know they can handle around 1500 assuming my crescendo is putting out the power it's supposed to. My current 2 x8's on my crescendo amp do pretty well but i gotta fix the protect cut out. Feed me some expertise pls.
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