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  1. audiofanaticz

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    What are the dates anyways? been a few years since Ive been there. May also need bail money too!
  2. audiofanaticz

    What Are You Currently Listening To

    Its because your posting mobile links. See the M in the link
  3. audiofanaticz

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    So wait are you or not? lol I could possibly do that.
  4. I always wanted them on my rides but never bought them.
  5. audiofanaticz

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    I may go to check it out one of the days, even though I got no beats in my new car. Figure its a reason to go back to indy again so Ill bring my skates and visit some friends from Breaksk8
  6. I still want one of them PG cyclones to play with first hand. Had the alpine pull out cassette player and a old alpine 2 channel amp to go with it. There was a Clarion deck that I wanted that was similar to the AutoPC but just like a model below it, I remember it being a color display and having flashing stars, dont recall the model number. The JBL MS-8 is a straight turd. Lose the remote control and you cant change nothing, limited options, no delay for remote turn on or off (one of those I forget) and it always popped, 3 different units where tried on an install, and even bench tested out of the vehicle same results. Man that thing was a gimmick imo and everyone talked so highly about it, i pulled my hair out dealing with the thing. I straight up have a bald spot now... It kind of scared me of using a processor in my own vehicle, but luckily its a night and day difference between that and a RF360.2!
  7. but but but they are great for the money... 😂😂
  8. Shes a beauty n8ball, Im assuming its the next one on the list to buy, or just bought? I had to buy one of these... Sadly I dont carry cash on me much at all so I guess Ill have to start so I can use my stamp! 😂 Also did a small DJ Russticals order! Save 10% on your order using coupon code (not sure when it expires it may have already): DJRFBJAIL
  9. audiofanaticz

    Skar ZVX 8 ..Opinions???

    For starters its a chinese coil in all the skar woofers, while all the Sundown woofers from the X line up use a quality Precison Econowind coil like a lot of the other brands on their upper tier woofers (DC, FI, AA, DD). The price difference in the coil alone is about $40-70 depending on models. These coils will take more power, more abuse, more heat, etc. Perfect example is Steve free airing a SMD v1 sub with over 5000 watts at 10hz I think it was, or Lenny with a DC9.0k wired low on each of his 6 SMD v.1 subs (of coarse he will launch subs here and there but he turns his system up for long periods of time and walks away from the truck. China coils will NEVER take this kind of abuse (at least not yet). All Sundown X, Z, Nightshade, Team woofers are assembled in the USA for strict quality control and additionally all the neo motors are assembled in the USA. Not to mention FEA analyzed and optimized like Fi and DC do as well. There are countless tweaks made to the Sundown motors that gain increased efficiency, cone control, and linearity such as farady rings, shortening rings, sleeves, the ability to have custom gap sizes built to your order for specific goals you are after such as spl. Sundown upper line subs have a 35-40mm 1 way xmax at 70% BL but can go 4 inches peak to peak (2 inches each way) which is 50.8mm each way, where as Skar is at what 29mm each way with their basket. There new DNR sub is a little higher at 35mm, but now he is back to the TI basket on that woofer, which has its limits in xmax, and strength (hence why Sundown never used them). Really though 35mm of xmax is nothing special now days in subwoofers and pretty much the standard for a while in other brands are at that point using the TI basket or variations of the TI basket so Skar finally caught up to that but had to use the same basket to do so. There is only so much that can be done with a 10 inch spider, hence why the 18 inch Sundown basket can fit a 12 inch spider. So this brings me back to the Skar basket again which makes you wonder why its not used on the DNR series subs, its obviously designed or copied so poorly that it lacks the xmax ability that Ti basket is capable of, Why else wouldnt you use your own custom basket on your flagship model. But hey if its a copy it has to be just as good right?
  10. audiofanaticz

    Skar ZVX 8 ..Opinions???

    Actually he does have "exclusive rights" to his products and the designs he came up with himself that are now being copied. Like the mega roll v.1 surrounds (that everyone hated on and now companies are using something very similar), the new Sundown baskets, and even the 8 inch basket that one company got in trouble for already... These are all patented designs, and those patents alone are 10s of thousands of dollars each once you add in lawyer fees. Such as the new sundown frame that skar copied, but had to make changes due to legal reasons http://www.patentbuddy.com/Patent/D691596 The Sundown 8inch frames used on the x-8 http://www.patentbuddy.com/Patent/D691595 The Sundown neo motors http://www.patentbuddy.com/Patent/D791740 So yea he dont have exclusive rights to woofer design and everyone should be able to copy his hard work, countless r&d testing, and his ability to constantly keep finding improvements to his product line to make them better. Where the Skar patents at? Just 2 weeks ago another company got sent a Cease and Disses letter for copying Incriminator Audios SplitForce patent, but I guess other companies should be able to copy that too even though they didn't put in the countless money for R&D of their own board designs. Also CstrokerV, SoundQubed and American Bass subs are the same off the shelf product that use to have just an actual different logo on the dustcap but now Soundqubed is using the "v8" basket (that DD is also using) to differentiate themselves along with green stitching on the fake carbon cones. Im willing to bet that most the motors and softparts are the same still, since the SoundQubed HDC3 subs I just reconed to the HDC 3.1 are still using the same parts with just the different things I mentioned above. I would much rather run a Skar sub long before a SoundQubed or American bass, but when your talking 8s nothing will touch a X-8, or even the new Sundown 8 that has been in the R&D stages for a while now... There is little difference between those 2 brands of subs unlike Skar to a Sundown where there is a lot different but look different just enough to not be in legal trouble..
  11. The price was right compared to $419...
  12. www.audiofanaticz.com I dont carry everything yet, and waiting for a restocking order. Gotta start somewhere though!
  13. GPS coordinates outside Superior Arizona. I would guess its a treasure map and where the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow!
  14. No, Maxxsonics is Hifonics, Crunch, Autotek, and MB Quart. Sonicelectronix is a online car audio retailer.