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  1. Man i need to pony up and buy a dashcam one of these years..
  2. But its good for the money! Another shit Pro Audio brand with insane wattage claims is Seismic Audio.
  3. No Guts no glory.. You always get that gut feeling no matter how knew it is or isnt. Just got to look towards the future and say its worth it your making it better.
  4. audiofanaticz

    XS Power or Kinetic

    Northstar, XS Power, Full Throttle all good batteries. Didnt know Kinetik is still around to be honest. lmao Also no VS threads allowed.
  5. audiofanaticz

    Help. Read please, suggestions.

    Also do it in a WELL VENTILATED AREA! The old glue and parts of the surround or spiders stuck in the old glue will start to smoke when grinding it off with a flap disc.. I wouldnt say its toxic well maybe it is who knows, but that shit will make your eyes water and burn as well as your throat.. I usually do it outside and put a fan blowing forward on the side of me and wear a respirator.
  6. audiofanaticz

    Help. Read please, suggestions.

    I got a 50 grit flap disc in a right angle grinder that I use for cleaning baskets... ever cleaned a basket without one.. I seen some peoples method in prepping a basket and having shit left all over it... yea nope not unless you want your recone to fail from a shit bond or rubbing due to installing it on a uneven basket. Take that wire wheel and throw it in the trash... Its just going to be a headache for cleaning a basket especially when the wires break off and get stuck over the magnet and possibly in a gap through a vent (assuming you got the gap taped off on top of coarse).
  7. audiofanaticz

    KyLar96 Feedback

    Bought his Audison BitTen from him, great communication, and everything was put in bags, and bubble wrapped to insure a safe ride to its new home!! Thanks Kyle!
  8. Same transmission in my 99 that has ate 3 rear ends now.. No transmission issues though with it being a 8600lbs *knocks on wood* However I scored a GM Goodwrench from the junk yard around 2010 or so with about 12k on it because mine had a TCC lockup issue.
  9. Me personally I dont care for corsair anything really any more, maybe their memory but that be about it. Im running a evga 1300watt psu which has been solid for as long as Ive had it, granted Im not mining.
  10. Not always the best way to go about it, especially in a daily driven vehicle. The alt power is usually made at or about 2000 engine rpm, the issue is at idle speeds the larger amperage alternators make very little power. Typically a 370 amp alternator will make less amperage output at idle than a 270 amp alternator at idle, but its not always the case and depends on said alternators. However either way both a 270 amp or a 370 amp alt will make more power at idle than the stock oem will make max, so unless your bumping full tilt at idle its something you shouldnt be too worried about though it should be known.
  11. I mean they are going to be similar since they are all for the same thing. There are small differences in them such as wire awg, the evga looks a bit bigger, and the heatshreink on the corsair is shinny... ph and the lines on the connector are different sizes too.. LOL
  12. audiofanaticz


    Are the other 5 there for the other side with the speaker inputs?' Should be 7 plugs total, 2 on one side for power connections, 5 on the other side for inputs.
  13. Are they still having the meetup? I swear last year it didnt happen or I was just out of the loop... Ive only been to one of the meets years ago, 2011 or 2013 I forget, but Ive donated cash many years to help the show happen in return for my name on a banner. but I havent heard anything about it and usually Mike always messaged me about doing it.
  14. I always wanted to try winter tires out, but never felt like going through that whole hassle. Maybe if I had 2 sets of rims it be a bit more tempting.