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  1. audiofanaticz

    Want to get some peoples opinion

    Good luck with Seismic Audio, one of the worst Pro Audio companies I ever had to deal with. The sub in question is the "San Andreas 18 inch" I get it, its your first car and money is low and you just want to be bumping so that is understandable, we were all in the same situation at one point of our life or another! Im not going to lie I rigged some shit up back in the day when I first started driving and I thought I knew whats up then, looking back at it now I was just a young dumb idiot that was lucky to not burn his car to the ground... LOL Just be careful with that woofer because that company highly inflates their wattage ratings and it wont take much for it to to blow. I wouldnt give it more than its 500 watts rms rating, and in all seriousness Id only give it 350-400 watts rms of clean undistorted power and you should do okay with it.
  2. The chances of most people exceeding the AC voltage/amperage limit of a 8 awg wire is highly unlikely so stepping down to a smaller size is fine. If you must run 8 awg wire then do multiple runs from the terminal cup or amp so you dont have to make wire fit when your trying to daisy chain from 1 speaker terminal to another. Like so then each coil has its own pair of wires:
  3. audiofanaticz

    Subs forward, port back?

    I dont think you know what a wall is... A wall is just that a wall. The front of the enclosure will be completely sealed from the rear of the vehicle. That would be like buying a trailer to tow behind you and have the system in the trailer and not the vehicle.
  4. For 2018, SMD would like to recognize the members who have made our community so great with our first ever SMD Member of the Year vote! Feel free to nominate the member or members that have helped you the most. But don’t just nominate them – tell the world how they’ve helped you. Here’s your chance to brag on them, their skills, and their contributions. Show us pictures of what you’ve been able to accomplish with their assistance. Share how they’re influenced or inspired you. Or, maybe they lent you a hand when you needed it the most. Tell us! Three of our key partners – Mechman, XS Power, and CE Auto Electric Supply have stepped up to offer the winner a complete charging system upgrade!!! The winner will receive a Mechman alternatior (up to a $399 value)! A XS Power 1000-1500 watt install kit and battery combo! A CE Auto Electric big 3 upgrade kit! Get your nominations in! Voting starts on the 20th! Who will be our first ever Member of the Year? 01 - Phillip Klocko 02 - Joe X 03 - Triticum Agricolam 04 - WalledSonic 05 - Kyblack76 06 - SnowDrifter 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 -
  5. audiofanaticz

    A question on double baffles, or tripple

    It can be a very big issue especially on smaller sub sizes like 12 inch subs and smaller. Also even a bigger issue on some baskets more than others such as the TI/TC style 12 inch baskets, or even copy cat baskets that are poorly designed. Not really an issue with the older style 12 spoke, or 4 and 6 spoke baskets. This issue can be increased even more when said woofers use spider spacers since that raises the height of the spider pack, and on some subs that could be another 1/4-1/2 inch or more. You can calculate cone displacement and then measure out the open area of the basket and figure out that area to see if its an issue with your particular woofer, some are more than others. This is one reason you do a flush mount when using a double baffle, your essentially getting all the strength of the full 2 layer thick baffle but you are not suffocating the woofer. Other things can be done to improve the air flow around the woofer as well such as rounding over the inside of the baffle. As for the gains it may or not make is going to vary, part of that vary will be when you invert a subwoofer your physically increasing that box volume a good 1/2 cube on some of your larger woofers, which results in making the enclosure more efficient with the same amount of power. Granted these gains wont be noticeable by the ear, and only a spl meter. I have a pic someplace with the TI/TC style basket. Edit, I found the pic sooner than I expected.. Here is a 12 inch TI/TC basket with what would be a 3 layer baffle, even if you go with a 2 layer baffle you can draw an imaginary line where the 2nd baffle ends and see how much is being blocked off. i also shared this with a Foxracing (iirc) on Team Asshole from Canada that is on the forums that was always having cone issues in his build with 8 12s that used this style baffle and he never thought to think about it. I know he said he was going to do some testing on it but never knew if he done anything or not. So another edit on the spaced spider thing I mentioned. Here is another 12 inch sub that is using the same TI/TC style basket with spaced spiders. You can see the plastic ring that the spiders are now attached to which is sitting up much higher than the above pics which is reducing that gap even more. At this point a single baffle will probably be enough to impact performance in some way let alone a double baffle!
  6. Just a change in wire color, the TM-1s got updated recently and got improved to work with relays if you remove a resistor (previous models didnt), so just a change in the wire color. The red would be positive, the black would be negative, and the yellow would replace the white.
  7. Bought these off ebay for $160 for the plates because it was too cheap to pass up. Stripped them down and then sold the boots and wheels, I just kept the plates and bearings that are worth almost 4 times more than I paid..
  8. 2000 watts rms on a U series sub should be fine, all of Sundown subs are conservatively rated, along with many other brands.. Ive had that kind of power on SA-12s before without issues.. These subs can take some serious power, and the Sundown Unofficial youtube channel has videos proving just that! That being said and out of the way, when using a LC2i, it can boost the RCA preouts on it up to 9.5 volts (13 volts peak), with it being able to put out such a high preout voltage you shouldn't need to put the gain on the amp very high at all. Even if you had an aftermarket headunit with 4 volt rca preouts the amps gain shouldnt have to be above 1/4th the way. Now that your using a LOC that is capable of putting out way more than than 4 volts and the fact that you have no idea what its actually putting out Im going to say that you are probably using too much gain and clipping something to death especially if your running stock electrical. Any sorts of bass boost shouldn't be needed such as the accubass on the LC2i, or the bass eq on the amp which should be set at 0db for that amp to make and will most likely just add distortion. Now if this problem is happening across multiple subs in multiple boxes as you say I think its safe to say its not the sub with the issue and most likely the amp (after all its a cheap $230 budget Chinese 2000 wrms amp), or something causing the amp to do it such as lack of power being supplied to the amp, or maybe even a loose power or ground connection on the amp/battery/fuse, or a bad crimp/solder job on a ring terminal that is only causing an issue now because your using an amp that demands more current than your previous amplifier.
  9. They are the old style level 3s. The old style level 4s have a dual stack magnet and a much smaller pole vent.
  10. Cant remember who started this, maybe it was @pa-pa-platypus ? Maybe it was someone else but it was years ago. Anyways whoever it was had started leaving notes/comments in the shipping instructions when they ordered things, I think they original did it while ordering a pizza and could never get anyone to do what they said which was "Draw me a picture of a platypus licking an ice cream cone". Occasionally if I remember when ordering stuff I do it and never had it happen until now!
  11. audiofanaticz

    Sundown SA 12d2 box help!!!

    Sundown has box specs and measurements listed on their site that are fairly decent. You will need to download Google Sketch to view them but its free: Here is the design file download: boxes/Sundown 1-12.skp As for Torres if your going to use that, click the HELP button on the bottom of the program, it will explain everything your asking.
  12. I dont know why I like this, maybe there is another song that sounds like this or something? Seems so familiar but never really heard it before.
  13. I dont see it anywhere and dont think there are any other spots to check for deleted posts. I checked the mod control panel and the admin control panel. When I goto the link it gives me a template error. Maybe @Antheny916 would know.
  14. audiofanaticz

    Smoked a planet audio 5000.1 d mono in 2 minutes... Help

    but its good for the money though...