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  1. hints for buying a 2nd matching amp that I have collecting dust. LOL but yea even 2 of them would be too little power for them things
  2. Hell yea man!!! now you need a matching CT sounds amp to the one you got already Hint hint lol Them look like some sexy lil badass 8s though!
  3. Upload the photos to a file hosting site like Imageshack or Imgur, (dont use photobucket because it will not work), then copy the direct link for each photo into your build log.
  4. well this person beat their box rise issue....
  5. Cant help but to laugh at that persons stupidity. Sad part is they probably got more money than brains.
  6. The Boy scouts and girl scouts new members are falling, the girl scouts much worse than the boyscouts. The boy socuts said fuck it, lets allow girls to join, many girl scouts are in favor of this including moms that run girl scouts groups currently. The leader behind the girls scouts are pissed because they are going to take more of the girls away lowering the rates more so she goes on a twitter rant. Just watch Philip Defranco for non biased daily news. lol First story on this episode yesterday
  7. landing gears are still being made wow! I seen a hawk 24inch cruiser on ebay and I wanted to buy it so bad. Id love to ride again but a 20inch or even an xl wont cut it for me. Its still there I just cant stomach the buy it now price even though I know its more than worth it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hawk-Bmx-24-Race-Cruiser-Technique-Cranks-Chris-King-Headset-CarbonFiber-Forks-/182800896127?hash=item2a8fc8507f:g:ywMAAOSwc-tY75xV
  8. Ha, forgot that my Dollar Shave Club package arrived today, and also picked up 2 Note 8s to upgrade 2 of my 3 lines, 2 Otterboxes and 2 new type c car chargers so I didnt have to fiddle with the rinky dink adapters that came with the phones .
  9. Fishbowl... No more fishbowl... 5% Madico XSR tint on the doors and rear window, and same on the tint strip across the top of the front windshield which is a little low, but Im use to it already. Not like Im looking at the sky when Im driving anyways. I would like to do a layer of 50% on my moon roofs, but Im not going to buy a $274 roll just to do that so maybe I will use 20% or 35% for that because 5% would be too dark. Id still like to see out it when closed but just darken it up a tad. Also picked up a new microwave that is black to match my stove. And ordered the Premeditated album
  10. The link must not of liked that I merged your 2 build logs into 1 log so it gave an error. I updated the link. Thanks for the heads up
  11. It looks like Incriminator Audio has revised their I series subwoofers to a better version, and the pics I originally posted from their site are the old model. I updated the photos in my original post and will post them down below as well!! ***List Updated*** You need to have a system to enter (the no system to enter contest was 2 months ago). You need to have a build log in the "members rides & builds" section so that people can click on your name and check out what you have all done to your vehicle/system. This way if they like it, then they may vote for you when the voting process starts. The rules are SIMPLE and many regulars are willing to help as long as you ask and dont wait to the last second! The full list of RULES for SOTM can be seen here!!! Not following these rules simply means you will not be entered. I say this multiple times every month so be sure to read the rules!!!
  12. I see no amp, no radio, no wires, no components actually installed in a vehicle. Update this build log with more pics so I can enter you in SOTM! Thanks