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  1. You should be able to email Fi and order it.. If not the BTL recone is the same exact recone but with a different sticker on the dustcap. PSI is your next best bet since but since he isnt taking on new builds ask if you can get the parts raw and assemble yourself. David 100% knows the parts since he worked at Fi back when it was still RE Audio (before it got sold to US Amps and ruined). Essentially the RE Audio MT (though it didn't have woven tinsels, and lesser cooling), the Fi BTL 3 slug (which is a non-painted Mayhem, BTL UFO, BTL N3, and Ascendant Audio Mayhem are all the same "the BTL N2 is also the same but uses 1 less spider iirc". This is just something I've noticed rebuilding a lot of the Fi and AA subs. SSA wont be any help, they split ties and Fi basically said they are only building their products and no longer doing oem builds for companies like SSA. In all seriousness just ship the magnet to me because I need an 8th Mayhem motor to build up!
  2. Love how you can still simply add the color to them. Mass produced but still have that customizable touch!
  3. Yea, it was a costly mistake we made on our vehicles that wherent being driven, thats for damn sure! No one to blame but our selfs though!
  4. You better check that intelli charger periodicly. Had 3 different vehicle's worth of batteries go to shit because they randomly faulted out and took the battery banks out on my tahoe. my buddies yukon, and his charger. 6+ grand in batteries down the tubes.
  5. Best bet would be a local junkyard unless you can look look up schematics for the dash and get a part number and maybe then find them online. Junk yard would be easiest and cheapest though.
  6. Not going to lie watching the shop go from the backyard to a huge building you thought was too big for you to now being overflowing with nice machines is addicting to see. Just the evolution alone bro!! Congrats! Still need to make it out their sometime in this lifetime. Its been a few years since ces!
  7. Even 8 gauge is boarder line overkill for 4000 watts, unless the wires are extremely long which is usually not the case. Nothing is saying you cant use 4 gauge, but its not needed. Car amps run off DC (direct current) which means low voltage high amperage draw. Your amp turns that DC into AC (alternating current) which means high voltage low amperage. So you can switch your speaker wires (pos and neg) around and it will play just fine (as long as you do it to all the subs if you have more than one) because the signal alternates. This is just like your electrical wiring in your house which uses rather small electrical wires even for larger appliances. High current is what needs larger wire, but the current that amps put out to your speakers is still rather low. Using 4 gauge on 5000-8000 watts will give you no benefit except a lighter weight wallet.
  8. You can't really compare one battery chemistry to another by the ah rating alone.
  9. You can only strap amps that are designed to be strapped.
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