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  1. Thanks for the quick soldering lesson. I was more concerned about the potential fire hazard or other malfunction due to different wire sizes being connected together. Like, wouldn't there be more current or less resistance going thru the larger size wire coming from the battery then stepping the wire down to such a small size? I was thinking of the electricity like water. Going from a big pipe to a really small pipe. The pressure on the small pipe would be greater potentially causing problems because of the increased pressure from the larger pipe. Again, I don't know much about electrical thin
  2. Ok, so no answers for the fuse question. Thanks for nothing. I guess you don't know either. And next time try reading the entire thread, you'd know I did figure some things out but still have questions. But you just want to be a smart @$$ know nothing keyboard gangster smashing bull$#!t into your keyboard with your Cheeto crusted fingers. If you can't help then why chime in? All you've managed to say is "figure it out". If you actually knew anything then you'd contribute in a positive way. As far as "you shouldn't be working in your own electronics" goes, how do you expect people to learn with
  3. Just to jump in on this, how is it childish to expect a little quality control or customer service to not blow up a $115 piece of equipment? And why is it that they somehow expect you to solder an 18g wire ( fuse) directly to a 24g wire (power to battery)? It seems a little confusing to those of us that are not electrical engineers like you apparently are. Please, feel free to fill us in on the process.
  4. Ok, so I did a little more digging and saw that the operating range is 8v-22v. So I figured it might be able to turn on with a 9v battery. It did! The small wires are 24 gauge. The red is power, black is ground, yellow is trigger. Now I just have to figure out how to splice in a 24ga power wire into the 18ga inline fuse wire. That's going to be a job for another day tho. The wires are not nearly long enough to reach the battery, they're only maybe 10 inches long. I might try to use 20ga wires to make the runs and then use them as a middle ground to make the connection with the 18ga inline fuse
  5. Agreed. I can solder wires ok, but, and I might be way off on how life works, it seems that the large wire going into the smaller wire might cause some power issues since there's a lot of unused strands of copper on that big wire that's not translating into the smaller... I don't know tho. Wish I could get an answer from the company. I first messaged them in the beginning of March
  6. That's just the thing, my wires don't match up with the instructions. I have large black and white wires, not black and grey. I can assume they swapped white for grey. And the wires you list as "red, black, white" are red, black, yellow on my unit. I can also assume that the "white" is now yellow, ok I can handle that lol. The super small red wire that is supposed to have the inline fuse, the supplied inline wire is so much larger! It's the same size as the black and white wires. Is that correct? I'm supposed to connect that tiny ass red wire to the much larger inline fuse wire? I
  7. Yeah I don't know if it's an old unit or old instructions. Either way it kinda blows that when you reach out for tech support no one answers you. It's been a month! I copied my original post from the e-mail I sent D'Amore Engineering. I also (just today) sent the same e-mail to WC Car Audio ( link I got from the SMD website) asking them the same question. I don't know how tag people on here or even who to tag for help. This forum was my last resort. As far as testing it out goes, I'll let you know how it goes whenever I get around to doing it. I do have a question for you tho if y
  8. I've tried to reach out to the manufacturer 3 times and I haven't gotten a response. I'm trying everything I can to get an answer before I finally give up and return the product or just pick random wires and screw it up
  9. I just received TM-1 and need a little help with the wiring. I've included a picture of the wires and of the instruction in the background for reference. The included instructions say that the RED wire is POWER, is that correct? The only red wire is a super small (maybe 16 gauge or smaller) wire that is part of the 3 wire bundle. How is that supposed to go with the included yellow fuse and wire which is a much larger gauge. The WHITE wire is TRIGGER according to the instructions and BLACK is GROUND, is that correct? They are both 2 separate larger wires not part of the 3 wire bundle. Now here'
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