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  1. Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear or thinking clearly when I wrote this. I don't mean the DUST CAP, I mean't the DC LOGO ontop of the Dust Cap. the letters D & C.
  2. I think this would be awesome! Rusty, doesn't think he can do it, but I know it can be done. What do you guys think?
  3. Damn, i come back 5 years later and a thread like this is all ready made. I'm drinking Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. My Dc's are the original & the first product line rusty came out with and introduced to SMD so yes they are the first version he created. As far as reconing, I'm upgrading to the XL's, me and rusty are talking. I was just wondering if I could sell them how they are, and how much would they be worth?
  5. Subs need recone, what is the price range? Dc Audio lvl 4's with lvl 5 coils. Was also wondering, what some one would offer to buy subs, that need small fix but in otherwise mint condition?
  6. Well, long time no see guys... Don't think I've been on this forum since my last build of 2 Dc Audio Lvl 4's with LvL 5 coils. I was looking to get ahold of good ol Rusty!, If any1 can give me his number i'd greatly appreciate it. Have a nice day.
  7. Well, I went to the doctor, ill be out from work until this wednesday, I have Acute Tonsillitus, I have no health insurance, and the next step would be to have my tonsils removed, At this point I don't even wanna smoke he all so gave me 2 shots in the ass, and the bill was $200 dollars. I get to lay in bed for a week and do nothin. if anyone is curious bout the symptoms, u get a high fever, u get the chills, body ache, fatigue, head pain, it's like guys pms. And the 2nd shot he gives u hurts like a bitch. I have to take a pill every 12 hours starting tommorrow. Back in 2006 I had the same thing, 3 years later it came back and it's a lot more serious this time. If I have waited this out I could of end up in the hospital. # he rapid onset of severe sore throat that worsens over time # moderate to high fever # difficulty swallowing # red, enlarged tonsils that may or may not have pus on the surface or in the pits # swollen or tender lymph nodes below the jaw if u wanna see a picture of my throat here u go. http://www.entusa.com/oral_photographs/acu...tis_labeled.jpg it's not that bad normally only my right tounsil, but if I stuck my finger in there a lot would come out.
  8. haha thanks now whos gonna chop n screw it?
  9. If any1 would chop & screw this song I think it would be dope. The bass is all ready loud but if sum1 could mess round wif it a bit i'm sure it could pull off :hairtrick: :hairtrick: :hairtrick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK70JCC4CjQ i can't embed for shit. so that's the link.
  10. it's 12:30 midnight and I got home bout 20 mins ago? I did a 143.3 my last run and got 2nd place. Dustin aka hazardous did 150.9 tahoe did 146? other people was 138/140 somtin. The drive was nice, Been stressed out from work it was nice to just drive and listen to music without a care in the world. Sucks tommorrow I gotta work. Joe, the guy who hosted it was a cool guy, and I even saw sum juggalos showing me love, it was nice. Next time I should have my new head unit, and mayb i'll gain 1 more db.
  11. Well, ill be there, it's a 2 hour 47 min drive, so prob 3 hours cuz im bound to get lost heh. is there gonna be food and drinks? i know theres a carnival but i aint blowing my money on that shit. :01nocomment8so:
  12. on to the pictures i'm not an ass hole. I believe that's all i got. didn't get a sticker, or a bass knob but I know rusty will come thru in the end. I don't know if any1 else is an owner of one of these, but I'm buying a $250 head unit Alpine jus so I can see what this baby can do. That'll be happening some time end of this month. for now it's just gonna stay sexy in it's box.
  13. Bills I fixed the quote, i fixed it soon as I saw it my bad. good lookin out. it comes with a booklet.
  14. Well, if u wanna see more pictures LET ME KNOW. or else that's all u picture whores get.
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