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  1. Out of all the videos I have seen I think that was the frist t**** trick I have seen.
  2. what up .. still around.

  3. Watching my brother eat 32 Paqui one chip challenge Carolina  Reaper chips. Youtube link

  4. How is everyone doing

    1. SnowDrifter


      Sup big guy 😁


      Long time no see!

    2. Quiet


      Whats up brother

  5. How are all my SMD brothers and sisters doing?

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    2. Hotdog


      got some money tied up in one right now that has very good potential. Something you need to hold onto for about 6 month to 1 year. Look into FLiK but make your own decision. I have about 500 in it but could potentially be worth 33k in a year. Artist TI is involved as co-owner with actor Ryan Felton, Shaq is involved, founder of Bitpay is involved. 

    3. audiofanaticz


      Long time no speaky man! 
      Will trade 27 doge coins for 1 bitcoin????

    4. Hotdog


      Bitcoin has gone nuts. in March of 2012  you could by Bitcoin for $4.50 now it is worth $7,076. 100 bucks worth back then would be worth $157,244. I just trying to get a piece of the crypto pie right now. Everyone is dumping money into bitcoin because there is a fork coming up with will give you exact amount of coins from the other branch.

  6. Mayweather vs McGregor was a decent fight but the outcome was what was expected.

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    2. 06RTCharger


      Yup 8ten8. I wonder what the outcome wouldve been if mcgregors conditioning and stamina wouldve been upto to par with mayweather. 

    3. 8ten8


      I unfortunately couldn't see the fight...but I saw rope-a-dope a mile away. Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% MMA but...

    4. DLHgn


      I'm in the same boat. I didn't really care who won but I figured mayweather would win. 

  7. Quake Champions closed beta is out. Love it so far.

  8. Soul II Soul - Back To Life

    1. DTS909


      How ever do you want me

  9. Black Box - Strike it up

  10. Would you buy used ear buds if they were high end?

  11. So my Son got engaged this week and on his return flight he is on the plane with Vanilla Ice and Tone Loc. He got his picture with them. Pretty cool :)

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    2. Karkov


      thanks for sharing the pictures thats awesome, thats a sign it was meant to be right?

    3. Hotdog


      I guess :) he is always in the right place at the right time it seems.

  12. "Saigon Kick - Love is on the way" .. I am telling you right now someone needs to bass boost it. Who ever thinks of a love song as a bass song but I'm telling you 'trust me'

  13. America - You can do Magic

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