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  1. I'm fairly new to car audio systems and even more so on current brands. I started my first system about 7-8 months ago, started small. I have Kenwwood 6.5" 2 way speakers in all 4 doors and tweeters up high on the doors (about even with the A/C vents). Those are running off the head unit I put in which puts out a meager 40 rms each channel (so it says) but I want to upgrade the mids and highs and an amp feeding them some juice. I've got an American Bass XFL 10 in a prefab unfortunately. What's odd is I can't find any information about the version of XFL I have. On the magnet it says 1500 rms
  2. In perfect world where peace and love reign and the streets are made of gumdrops this wouldn't happen. Let's be real though, it's admirable and all you want to fight for Sundown and all that is good in the world but that's not even close to the world we live in. What your so upset about is what every major brand and company has been doing the last 70 years to get where they are. I'm not agreeing with it, in fact I abhor it but you know just as well as I do this is how things are and work, as $h!tty as it is, it is what it is. If you REALLY are a warrior for social causes and business justice,
  3. So I’m trying to tune my amp using a multi meter and the numbers don’t seem right. I’ve got a 10” American bass XFL 1022. I get a reading of 2 ohms on each side but then I wire it parallel and it still shows 2 ohms instead of 1 ohm? I’m confused. Now before you all say “ Get a SMD DD1”, I would LOVE to but don’t have the cash for it. I support several people and a home on my one salary. Getting this speaker and amp was the first thing I’ve done for myself in many years. Just trying to tune the amp so I can get the most of the sub. On a side note, this XFL says 1500rms and 3000 pea
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