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  1. Thanks to all, i ordered the vxf and i wasnt desapointed it sound very loud..only planning on biuld the box to Specs ...all my speakers are Skar Brand...i Will post pics of all my setup later
  2. Hello everyone please helpme i'm planning on buy a Skar subwoofer 15" the vxf series to be more specific, are they good subs? Or i should look for other brand? I get some comments that the voice coil burn to quick...i got the skar RP.2000.1 amp
  3. hi, i want to know if somebody can help me with a design of a box, i got a chevrolet caprice classic 1985, it has a lot of space in the back so what can you recomend? a normal big box? ported or sealed?, or a bandpass box with port up the deck, the woofer i got its 1 soundstream t4 15. and i got it with a hifonics bx1205d and thats all....what you guys think? ..can somebody make a 3d design with specs of the box..and wish one will work the best? if some one answer i will post pics of the stuff and of the car so you can see what can i do...thanks!
  4. hi i own a chevy caprice 1985 and i have been looking for some information about what rims can fit on it....but i dont find anything i only see them with the rims already on them..i just want to know if i have to modificate something or change ..what parts of wich car and all that stuff...i would like to put some 20s or 22...if can some body please tell me...thanks..i ask this because i cant fit a rim just like that the nuts are too separated..
  5. thanks....yheap..i change the motor i put it a 5.7 chevy vortec motor..but with the old carb..like i say im just starting to put some money on it..its gonna be like a gift for my dad and in the same time for me because im the one that use it now.
  6. http://s1284.photobucket.com/user/carlosmostro/media/1625595_10152124418435660_922120626_n_zps0904d9b3.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 caprice classic 1985
  7. my dad have one and i love it..im triying to fixit too so im on this.. (i forgot how to post a picture) help...so you can see a picture of it
  8. HI..i want to know if someone can please help me with my problem, i got a kicker amplifier is the zx550.2 series....it was working on two kicker cvr 12...one day a friend came and want to try some planet audio woofers and only play like 5 seconds and the fuses got blown..i replace them and then again just like 5 second and blow them again..but with a lot of smoke this time..i took it to a guy so he fixit but it get worst..the guy just take out some of the elements of the amp and he forgot were they was placed...so i need help if some one can please tellme were can i find a diagram or who can send me one so i can fix it right...please if some one can help me contact me here..or this is my email: [email protected] please...and thanks..
  9. i want to participate..it would be nice to get some new stuff in to my s10 and this time i will doit right...please help.. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/131793-my-s10-intallation/#entry1852465
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