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  1. I have the same vehicle as you and I'm also running dual alt's. I chose to leave the factory electrical alone due to the computer controlled factory alternator. I also recommend leaving the factory ground wiring in place because many guys have experienced issues after upgrading. Combining alt output can cause issues with the CPU in these vehicles due to constant voltage provided from the 2nd alt. From the second alt I run 2/O fused to 2nd battery then 2 1/0 & 1-4ga to rear. Make sure you ground your second battery to the frame, engine block, and body panel(firewall). Give me a shout
  2. You might want to checkout diymobileaudio.com. That forum is pretty active and consistently has the amps you listed for sale.
  3. Great topic! I’m headed to my local gun shop shortly to pickup a second hand Honey Badger(long story). I was able to train with a gentleman that owned one last month. .300 blackout is an amazing round for 99% of self defense situations. The honey badger with a can and good red dot gives me full wood. I’m getting my Arsenal down to 9mm, 5.56 and .300BO(.22LR for training)It’s so much more cost and space effective to deal with fewer calibers then what I have going on in my ammo closet. Honey Badger is my 1st dedicated truck gun.
  4. I’m a bit of a cable snob mostly because I work in the industry and would never pay close to retail for cables. However I recently purchased a couple pairs of the Knu Koncepts Krux RCA’s at retail. I’m running them across my low amperage fuse panel. Just about the worst case for cross talk or interference. They sound great and I hear no difference from the Stinger 9000’s.
  5. I’ve had success placing the 45 bend closest to the exit side of the port. This is the best way to get max length overall for port. I completely agree if the thought was 15” then 45 then 15”. Compression and resonance come into play. The most important aspect of using an aero port with any bend is air speed. For the home audio I make sure the port velocity is within range above the tuning but below resonance I don’t care if it doubles. 60-70 above upto 100 below tuning without worry of chuffing. Since the enclosure is built it might be worth buying a 45. You should be able to get a 23”-25” str
  6. Have you thought about using a long turn 90 or 2 45 degree bends. You should also look for smooth interior design that are created for optimal water flow. Sometimes these fittings can get expensive due to the higher schedule pipe(Schedule 80 vs 40) larger # equals thicker pipe. https://www.grainger.com/mobile/product/GENOVA-90-Degree-Sanitary-Elbows-WP7115317/_/N-qukZ1z0lhi9?breadcrumbCatId=4861&fromPidp=true&picUrl=//static.grainger.com/rp/s/is/image/Grainger/20LU68_AS02?$smthumb$webparentimage$
  7. Have you ever thought about running 1/8 off road either electric or nitro? I’ve raced for Mugen Seiki over the last 10 years while there kits are not cheap They are bullet proof. I can confidently run long 60min mains and not have a single concern for breakage. On my practice kit I have 8 gallons of fuel on it w/o changing diff or shock fluid. Every gallon or so I will change the TKO clutch bearings. Buku clutches are amazing. Since corona stopped racing one weekend we set up a kicker ramp in front of my house and jumped onto the back side pitch of my single story roof then 9’ drop to the
  8. In the past I tend to build my enclosures 25-30% larger as a starting point. I then start adding bracing with the intent to stiffen and tweak the output to my liking. This process usually needs to be documented and measured because the gains/losses can be difficult to hear. To be clear I overly brace my enclosures with birch and use 2” x 4’s/6’s to take up air space. Cheers
  9. Quick and easy answer is yes you can hook up a second amp to the new sub. Are the subs dual voice coil 2ohm or single 2ohm. If they are single you may not need a second amplifier or you may want to step up to a single larger model. I.E. RP2000 and run at 1ohm. Once you get to the 3000 watt RMS mark you need to seriously think about upgrading your charging system. Especially with Skar RP-series amplifier. Great amps but have a tendency to give up the ghost w/o the amperage needed.
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