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  1. No, it is a simulation and has no concept of the actual enclosure you physically are designing for a cut list. You need to provide those details as best as possible to the software to test your design and you can figure out the volumes of your enclosure you are thinking of putting together. I believe Term-Pro and possibly other paid software gives you cut sheets. I'd found this site a few months ago. I haven't actually used the results from this site but the recommendations match up pretty close to what WinISD recommends and you can easily use the two to get a design going. These are all simple rectangle shapes, though there are a good variety of type for whatever you are thinking. http://dbdynamixaudio.com/category/calculators/
  2. Grounding that Pac will likely help with the whine if it is pulling the ground through the factory harness. That gives you 6 RCAs right out of the headunit, right? What 4 channel are you running?
  3. Few pictures from my test fit before the panels were glued in and my drawing of the joints used when planning. First box I've ever designed and built myself. Uses 1/2" birch plywood from a local wood supply (gave him the cutlist) with the sides being doubled and the baffle being tripled. Put a line on the picture to show the port shape.
  4. Just noticed I had an email on Friday from Fi that the motor was assembled.
  5. I ordered a 15" X D1 in early August. I got an update at the end of August that the voice coil and spider was complete, then a few weeks ago a message that the steel was done. This is my first Fi sub, so not entirely sure how many stages this goes through. I figured it would be 2 months or so based on orders people had mentioned online around that time. I'm putting this in a 2013 Nissan Leaf with a 4cu ft low 30s tuned box. I've got some FaitalPRO 3FE22 on the dash in temp mdf pods and Dayton 7" reference woofers in the 4 doors. Rockford T400-4 on those and a Rockford R2 500 for my subwoofers, currently a pair of '98 low-end Eclipse 15s.
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