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  1. Well yeah your not wrong but I’ve noticed my general listening is around half lol. Just a stock battery with no extras. Have 2 amps running currently and 1 sub but I’m looking at adding the extra 1000 amp and another sub. Big 3 are done as far as my grounding wires. They are “Dual Class D” amps..... I know there are better brands but started out just wanting something better than factory and added to it instead of “wasting money” I had already spent on amps. The front speakers will be on 600 watt amp @ 80 rms each. The rear are on a 1000 watt amp @ 250 rms each. Then 2 subs on 1000 watt amp @ 250 rms each. All the speakers and amps are 4 ohms. Checked the alternator while running my current system and even above half it’s not causing any dips or having to overwork and meter is steady on the power coming into the distribution block.
  2. The setup I'm referring to


    1. 1ohmPatriot


      Voltage on multimeter was low in pic...battery was just installed and not fully charged

  3. Think your right about the larger wire because it’s right at the edge of what the 4 can handle, just needed more experienced eyes on it. Yeah I’ll have the 125 fuse at the battery and each amp has an onboard 50/50/25 amp fuses. What’s your thoughts on the draw from the alternator/battery? I highly doubt that I’ll ever run it to above halfway on volume.
  4. Kindof still new to all of this but catching on quickly..... I hope.... but would feel better if someone could double check my setup for me. 3 Parallel Class D amps.... 1000/1000/600 max watts @ 1,120 RMS total (4 speakers and 2 subs).... I figure it draws 108 Amps and have a 110 Amp Alternator. Power Cable is 4 AWG distributed to 8 AWG wire for each amp (that’s the manufacture recommendation) with a 125 Amp fuse at the battery. So just wanted to double check my math on everything before I hook it up..... anything wrong or need to be changed?
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