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  1. 320 amp JS alternator,  2/0 run to front battery,(Stock) 1/0 run to rear battery. (Stinger 1300)6× Terminals, 15" NVX d2...1000 rms on a [email protected] ..all grounds are 1/0 ofc,big 3 etc...Beginner here. 
  2. Q Bomb makes a few different boxes that would be decent for sure. Prefab, $60 -150....lil bit of rhino lining type shit on em. Look good and sound good if you aren't going to be building it yourself. .... either way that little fucker can can beat tho. Good Luck
  3. Anyone ever put a 370amp Alternator in a 2016 Jeep Patriot? Got [email protected] js-alternator

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