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  1. Look up cone area chart. There is a sticky cone area post at the top of this sub-forum. I'm pretty sure the more cone area, the louder it is. I guess also consider box dimensions and how both would fit in your vehicle.
  2. Cool. Thanks for the reply. My first crossover. Don't want to break anything. Thanks again. Crazy there no included instructions, or anything online!
  3. Anyone? If it's super obvious and I got it right it would be reassuring to hear so. I double checked and no instructions with the speakers. Searching google and Skar's website yielded no results. I am trying to get confirmation but it is eluding me.
  4. My first component speaker set, Skar TX525C. It has a crossover box that needs to be wired up. I don't think the speakers came with instructions.. So from left to right we have 8 connections. IN+ IN- WF+ WF- 0dB -3dB -6dB TW- So IN+ and IN- are positive and negative speaker wire from amplifier? WF connections go to the woofer? And Tweeter - goes TW- with the positive going to the dB I want for tweeter loudness? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Obviously, that is an amazing box. It looks spectacular! I might have missed some content so apologies if this has been covered already. You mentioned you hoped it will sound good. Did you make a test box out of wood to try the dimensions? Will you have a way to tune it if it doesn't sound like you expected? Is this your vehicle or s customer's? Thanks for sharing.
  6. I e owned 1 Sony, 2 Kenwood, and 1 JVC head unit. Both Kenwood decks had something break on them. The Sony and JVC gave me years of trouble free service. I wouldn't buy Kenwood anymore. I like JVC which is ironically related to Kenwood.
  7. Seems to me the only amp I've seen that might be a better value is the 2000w skar. JP23 puts out similar or better power than wolfram, DC, and Sundown amps for less money. BigDWiz's test and a few others show pretty strong power as the ohms go to 1 and .5 Also, I bought one so I'm probably biased. But it definitely is not a bad deal. You can make way worse mistakes than buying this amp. However, the price went up to $350.
  8. Staying on cost per watt, why has the $/watt come down sooo much compared to the 90s?
  9. Wifebtr


    Do amps need to be identical to be strapped? What happens if you try to different types? 2 diff that make similar power, and 2 that make substantially different power?
  10. What about Orion HCCA 3k? From memory I think it put out around 5k certified 1ohm? Dynamic put out a fair bit more. 600ish bucks.
  11. I bought a JP23. I replaced a Kenwood 9106D amp that is rated 500w @ 4ohm, 1000w @ 2ohm. Before the Kenwood I had an Alpine MRP-500. 300w @4ohm, 500w @ 2ohm. My sub has always been a single 4ohm Boston Acoustics g5 10". It is rated 450w RMS. The JP23 woke my sub up noticeably. Now, the sub overpowers my deck powered interior speakers (Alpine). I haven't fine tuned it yet. I tried to set the gain using my DVM but had problems doing it so I just set gain roughly, by ear, on a 40hz test tone. It's true that the bass knob is extremely bright. At nigh
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