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  1. Soundqubed might have options in that price range. I'm running AB subs ( 2 12s ) and I'm happy with them. Dafaseles seems like a great source and I would be looking at the list he suggested.
  2. How did you set your gains? Are the set correctly? What size alternator so you have and what is your voltage like when playing it loud?
  3. Have you watched BigD's video where he tests at 0.5ohm? I think on Sin wave it can draw 400 something amps.
  4. Nice score! I was rooting for those Pierce Audio subs. Where did you hear about them?
  5. I just looked uo the Pierce Audiosubs. They look sweet. USA company, lesser known brand. I say go for them for sure
  6. Obviously, that is an amazing box. It looks spectacular! I might have missed some content so apologies if this has been covered already. You mentioned you hoped it will sound good. Did you make a test box out of wood to try the dimensions? Will you have a way to tune it if it doesn't sound like you expected? Is this your vehicle or s customer's? Thanks for sharing.
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