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  1. Hello everyone, I recently purchased incriminator 6.4 135x 4 at 4 ohms it cuts out when I crank it up will a cap help or is it something else cause so far I am highly disappointed with the product. Running a Mechum 240 high output alt second battery kenitic 1200, the incimanator and two xd1000 jl

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    2. BradL


      1 off of each to separate bolts but same area

    3. Dafaseles


      Well, you can go watch a YouTube video on how to check with a multimeter if the ground is a legit spot. Not all sheet metal on a chassis is created equal. 

      You can also wait until you get the DC, and just swap it out. See if it does the same thing. Unfortunately, with any brand, there are duds that get sent out. Some brands it happens more than others. Incriminator is a good brand though. 

    4. BradL


      Thank you Sir. 👍

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