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  1. Not in the random picture section. But in the build log section, I don't see it being a problem
  2. What is the final load of the speaker? That amp can't handle less than 2 ohm in 2 channel mode, and only down to 4 ohm single channel mode, which I assume is bridged. So if you have the speaker wired to 1 ohm, it can send the amplifier into protect
  3. It's my understanding that there really is only the American Wire Gauge size as far as an industry standard, but it is sort of the wild west when it comes to strand count. As far as car audio cable goes, it actually way exceeds AWG as far as size goes as well. The only way to move more amperage more efficiently, and beat out your competitors wire, is more copper which equals bigger cable.... but they still call it 1/0.
  4. If you're going to use the stock head unit, don't cheap it on the LOC! I can't stress that enough. I've read too many stories about people going cheap on their line out converters and then not being happy because of.... well, many different reasons. And like my man @Arthur79was saying, you'll need a big alternator and probably 3 AGM batteries for 4k. That's a lot, so you'll need a lot of power. Our you can go lithium. With the right alternator, you can just throw 1 lithium battery in the trunk and be good.
  5. Pics or it didn't happen lol. No, but seriously, how does it sound? Pics would be dope too
  6. I really want to understand this completely, excuse me if these are dumb questions. What is circular mill? Is that another term for a buss bar? My cable I'm using is something like 5400+ strands of OFC copper. Considered 1/0 in, for lack of a better term, "car audio terms". It always kind of seems to me that welding cable, where it is pure copper, to carry the same amperage as my 1/0, if need 2/0 awg welding cable. And voltage drop is defined by the wires resistance and the current in the system. I get that, so the current of the system=battery+alternator right? And the resistance would be coming from the wire used. If you answer, I probably will have follow up questions because I enjoy talking car electrical distribution for some odd reason
  7. Well, my port area is going to be 45.5 in2 and 330 in2 Just messing around, you accidentally quoted me on that one lol
  8. Did you end up getting that line driver?
  9. Thank you bro. My door is a bit different with the handle being underneath my arm rest, but those do look nice! I think I want to attach the wood straight to the metal of the door, then glass onto the plastic. I feel like with the weight of the 8's, it'll help with rigidity and any rattling that might occur. Though there are some good wood working tips in there. At the end, he said he ran into some issues....I wish he mentioned what they where and how they fixed them oh well. But it's huge that that video showed how they secured it to the metal. I haven't been able to find that yet. Thank you again!
  10. Unfortunately, at $130, you're going to be a bit limited. That's not a lot. But I did find these for you https://www.down4soundshop.com/i65c-6-5-component-set/ https://www.down4soundshop.com/TX65C/ https://caraudiobargain.com/crossfire-audio-c5-x6/ https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item-72201-NVX-VSP65KIT.html You don't have to buy them from these websites, it's just where I know they are. I wouldn't put another component set in the rear, I would just put a decent set of coaxils back there. It's just rear fill, and coaxils work perfectly for that. Putting a component set back there is sort of a waste in my opinion
  11. https://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/hd14-sbsub/ Designed and engineered for easy integration and superior flexibility, the 800 watt, dual 10-inch subwoofer kit is built for true motorcycle, on-road performance. The plug-and-play design paired with freeway speed output create the best in class on-bike, bass experience. Who knows how it actually sounds, but I feel like if Rockford fosgate is doing it, they have enough motorcycle audio experience to make it work. And for that price... sheesh! It better work lol
  12. My cousin and I grew up together and that's what we did, we took things apart and, sometimes, we where able to put it back together lol. I always took apart mine (and my mom's that one time ) stereo and my cousin.... well.... everything else hopefully he can find some time. I'll take a look around at the depot and see if they have anything. My last post, I mentioned it needs to be a sheet at least 15"×30" for me to get away with 1 sheet.... or maybe I can make it s little smaller and just cover some of the speaker with wood like an accent or something. Got the wheels turning lol. Looks like I'm not sleeping tonight
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