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  1. Got this bad mammajamma today. Getting ever so close! If anyone has any tips, tricks, or any info/ do's & don'ts about going lithium that I might not know, any info is always appreciated!
  2. I've got an S4 for my upgrade. You like it huh? It is small, that's why I got it. Sounds pretty decent?
  3. Yeah, on some of those Sundown subs, you're going to need a stew pot to get over those surrounds!
  4. Welp, that's the thing about up and coming companies... they could be utter garbage, they could be the next big thing. Someone has to be the first to give them a chance. I went to the website, they don't have a hell of a lot of info on they're equipment. Checked YouTube, saw a video of one of their 1100.1 amps hooked up to what looked like an AMM-1 on music. It stayed solid at 1 ohm.... so I have my doubts about that video. I don't know enough about impedance rise on music to make a judgment. Like I said, I guess someone has to be the first to say this is great or this is garbage
  5. If I'm not mistaken, which I could be, I think the mechman alternators have an internal regulator. I don't THINK my truck has/ needed an external regulator. I could absolutely be wrong though. Maybe someone with more knowledge in this can chime in and help with that question?
  6. I don't know if mine did. I had it installed. I would assume I did though. What I have read is to measure the difference in the diameters if the old alternator pulley and the new alternator pulley. Usually it's about 1/2" to a full inch.
  7. I love my mechman 370. And yeah, using 1/0 gauge, to be able to move 370+ amps around, yep, at least dual runs
  8. So, the nice thing about those Taramps smart 3 amps is it does rated at 1 ohm and 2 ohm. 3235 @1 ohm, 3179 @2 ohm, and [email protected] 4 ohm. So honestly, if you use 1 amp until you can upgrade the electrical, those subs won't be starving too much.
  9. And if the rms of the sub is 100, 1000, or 5000 watts, you hook it up to a 3000 watt amp, that sub it's going to see the rms of that amp at whatever ohm load it's playing at at the time
  10. The lithium I bought, depending on the alternator size, it's good from 10,000 to 14,000 watts. Cost me $1,057
  11. How are you only using 1500 watts? That's why lithium is nice. 1 battery will power the truck and the system. That's why I'm switching over to lithium
  12. I can't help you, I've never heard either of those subs, both solid companies with solid products though. I'm just going to say if you post the inside cubic feet of the subwoofer enclosure and the port cubic inches and length, that would help the experts help you out
  13. how old is it? every experience is different, but my experience has been your average AGM lasts about 5 years before it starts losing charging and holding capabilities. That being said, that is a damn good battery Lithium by itself and never under the hood. People mix agm and lithium, but it's not recommended by the lithium companies unless it has Lifepo4 technology, even then they recommend using an isolator. You can't necessarily adjust the wattage output of an amp. I'm assuming you're talking about the gain. The gain is used to match the output voltage of the head unit, not set wattage output. It maybe not a bad idea to just run 1 Smart 3.
  14. Sorry, I sometimes assume people know this already, but @Fennygolfis 100% right
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