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  1. Here are some pictures of my 2012 Toyota Tacoma build. Running 3K per coil, 4 Fi Neo 18"s fully loaded. I have 2 DC power alternators 1 370a for the system and the other 270a for the truck. II posted some info in the electrical section a while ago with details for a second alt on the tacoma/4runner 4.0l engine. My wife painted the inside of the box using acrylic paint. Total wattage about 28k. 8 mmats 3k for bass 2 mmats Hifi 4250 for Mids 2 mmats Hifi 6150 for Mid bass/tweeters Plays 15hz on up. The lithium cells are Panasonic G3, built by CJ lithium. I am adding another 90ah this weekend for a total of 270Ah. wire is 4/0 and 1/0 Flexaprene welding cable. I made custom RCA's for everything. The blue box on the top right in the amp rack pic is a 1k watt pure sine wave inverter. I have 10amps of 120vac in the back if i want to plug anything in. I still have a few more things to do to finish the build like make the wiring more presentable. Feel free to AMA. I designed, built and installed everything.
  2. The BLAM speakers sound better to me in sided by side comparisions than focal, Brax, Audiofrog. I am not shilling for BLAM. Buy what you like. Just pointing out a new quality SQ speaker manufacturer that has not been brought into the mainstream yet. If you get an opportunity to hear them you will not be disappointed.
  3. Here is a link with pictures https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/dual-alternators-for-4-0l.728102/
  4. Take a look at BLAM speakers. The head engineer from Focal left and started his own company. The name BLAM sounds gay but it stands for Bonneville Labs and more. They are really nice.
  5. I have seen to many B2 amps blown up. I have 5 in my garage that I can not get repaired. I have a teammate that blew up both of his M16 Great white amps. He has been waiting 6+ months for them to be fixed under warranty. I would stay away until they get their shit together. 6+ months is way to long to go without your system. My teammate can not even get an answer on when he will get them back. he payed big money for those amps. Maybe somebody from Skyhigh and B2 will read this and help get things moving.
  6. When you put in more power let me know. I made a kit to add a second alternator to the Toyota 4.0L engine. I am running a DC270 in the factory location for just the truck and a DC370 for my system. Nice setup.
  7. Brax MX4pro Helix C4, C1 (I am running these in my mustang) Tru technologies billet series Mosconi pro All of these amps would be at the top of the pile for SQ. There are more amps out there but these are all easy to get in the U.S. , are reliable and the companies have great customer service if it is ever needed. I know you did not ask this question but there are Some class D amps out there that sound better than most class A/B amps now. Do not limit your choices to class A/B for SQ.
  8. I have developed a dual alternator bracket for the Toyota Tacoma/ 4runner 4.0L engine. My truck has a DC power 270in the factory location and a DC power 370 for the second alternator. I have a thread more info at tacomaworld.com https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/dual-alternators-for-4-0l.728102/ If anybody would like more info email me. I am not on the forums often so email is the best way to contact me. [email protected]
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