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  1. Ok awesome. Thanks for your help man. Ya, I've been lusting over a digital voltmeter mounted somewhere in my vehicle and was looking at the SMD one just yesterday but it's a little too expensive for me right now. I don't appear to have a voltage problem, but as my system changes I'm sure that one day I will need to invest in one.
  2. Ok thank you guys. So looking for voltage drop is just simply putting my multimeter on the pos and neg of the battery then huh? Ok, I'll do this again now that my system has changed quite a bit(and is always changing haha). Is there any need to ever get readings directly from your alternator?
  3. What are you setting the amp gains for? Subwoofer or mids/highs? If subwoofer the go in and turn your "subwoofer level" to max. That determines the voltage that your sub preout will output and makes a huge difference. If for mids/highs theres probably a preout level on the HU for that too. Since your using a 1khz tone id guess its for a mids/highs amp. Maybe try a 40 hz test tone also.
  4. Interesting. I haven't seen that before. Pretty cool piece of equipment. Kind of outdated with Taramps and the like around and so much cheap power available, but defitetely still a cool piece. It'd be cool if you wanted to do an all old school setup like say a bunch of Fosgate Punch 45's or something like that!
  5. Thank you for the video. So where do I go about measuring voltage to test how much stress my system is putting on my electrical in the car? Thank you for your input man.
  6. Hey guys. I should really know this by now but I somehow have never done this. I want to measure the voltage of my battery/alternator. I've measured the voltage of my battery while slapping full blown when I first started and it was in the 14v range. However I think I'm supposed to measure the voltage at my alternator instead of the battery right? I want to get a better idea of what power my amp truly is putting out and also look for voltage drop when my bass is at maximum output. Thanks.
  7. Yo fellas. I'm new around here. Not new to car audio but semi newish to SPL. Whats this Maxx-link? Can somebody please post a link? I'm havin trouble finding it on google.
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