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  1. That's impressive. I am interested in lithium for sure but don't know enough about it. I plan on having this as my daily driver so I am looking to have overkill for idle power. Luckily I found a company that potentially makes the bracket, but I found one of hose companies mentioned makes an alt for the van! I can't wait. Thanks for the replies.
  2. https://subbox.pro/en/design/?bt=2&bw=1625.6&bh=609.6&bv=424.8&mt=19&fp=1&sq=3&ss=15&cd=355.9&md=231.9&sv=6.2&so=-139.7&sd=25.4&sb=36&sn=&pt=4&pq=1&rf=32&pd=444.14&pw=2&pa=1548.48&pp=100 Looking to do 6 15's no wall. Wanted to do subs up port back but with my back doors I do not think that it will sound as good as port/subs up. I made this box and pklan to build the box as one wall being the center wall and building the other half with 3 subs in it as well. Is this the correct thinking in how this would work? I have LOADS of room to work with but this will be my first box build by myself so I am trying to plan it out as best as I can. Wanting 28-32hz tuning.
  3. So far 6 15's, 1000 rms each. and about 2k for mids and highs. so about 8k total. Wouldn't mind going for higher battery power over alternator but they seem to go hand in hand. Trying to learn to do most of this myself but matching parts has been proving to be difficult.
  4. Does anyone know where I could get alternators and a bracket for a 1978 Chevy G30 van? 5.7L v8 I am trying to solidify my electrical before planning out the system. I have a general Idea of what I want but there is no sense in trying to have a 10k watt system if all I can support is 2k. What I am trying to get to is, how do I find a alternator/alternators that will fit. If I have to get something machined who would I contact?
  5. New poster, followed the forum for about 10 years now. Looking to post some pics of my project vehicle. Hoping to get some good pointers and maybe save a little money by doing most of my own tricks. Yesterday I did some bondo for the first time, trying to get prepped for painting the top half of my vehicle. Today was working on more sound deadening. Feel free to message me! I don't bite but I am looking for people to game with if anyone plays WoW!!
  6. Big things coming, stay tuned and get ready for some fun!

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