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  1. Both are wayyy off of the realm of expectation (It must be a defect) I do plan on calling tomorrow (Monday) morning...
  2. I am having a similar problem where I am only seeing maybe 1-5 watts max when I know it should be more like 2000-2500 in any respective mode. And my other problem is that the meter always shows either 200.0 ohm or sometimes >200ohm when I have a 2ohm setup... Also the button response is sometimes non existent but this is the least of the issues. I have tried test tones and music, three different new batteries and two systems, all to no avail Unfortunately I see VERY few answers or solutions to AMM-1 issues on this forum. This was the first use ever on this unit and I am extremely disappointed as I was over the moon when it arrived last week from Sky High and overall just stoked to own a tool like this. I am really hoping it is something I am doing wrong even though I have done it all exactly by the manual with many attempts.
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