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  1. Anyone here have experience running a battery delete and cmax with a newer car? I gotta 90ah cmax bank coming tomorrow and it’s going in a 2013 4runner. I’m curious how high I can charge without destroying my car’s electronics. I’ve seen guys charge at 16v plus in older cars without an issue. Let me know!
  2. I run deaf bounce arnold 6.5s in my car and I’m happy with them. Satisfyingly loud and clear. Prva is a great option too. Didn’t totally answer your question but for mids there ya go
  3. Hey guys I’ll be running a wolfram 9k at a half ohm, jp34ab, and my entire car on a yinlong bank. Will 120ah along with a 320a alt be sufficient? (I actually have a 270a alt now but let me know if it’s worth it to get a bigger alternator or just keep my 270a alt)
  4. Thanks! Appreciate all the replies you give me on my posts.
  5. It’s a Taramps smart bass 5 but I’m gonna have a multichannel that’s probably 1000w not sure what brand yet tho
  6. Hey guys, makin good progress on my build but how do I go about wiring up two agms in my trunk? I have one 90ah agm hooked up with a single run of 1/0 going from the under hood battery positive to trunk battery positive and then the trunk battery is grounded to the chassis in the back as well. Planning on putting a second 90ah in the trunk with my 1 I have now. How? You guys think 180ah of agm in the trunk along with yellow top under the hood AND 270 ho alt would hold voltage ok for 6000watts? I was planning on doing lithium originally but it worried me about fires especially since I’m not very experienced in car audio yet.
  7. that is pretty neat. Have never seen anything like that. Looks kinda complicated tho, I love the traditional look of a bunch of 0 guage and fuse blocks in the back lol
  8. It’ll be interesting for sure! Never heard of graphene I’ll have to check that out
  9. Lol I agree! TeslAs are wickedly fast and have a very comfortable interior but I’ll take a gas car with everything inside flexing from subs as I’m driving over an electric car any day lol
  10. What do you guys think will happen if we all drive electric cars one day?
  11. Emailed sundown and that is exactly what they said. Said they were just made at different times
  12. Here I have two sundown xv2 dual 2 15s… what’s up with the different tinsel leads??
  13. Never really heard anyone talk about what cars are better for subs. I know subs generally are better but what cars get the loudest?
  14. You’re picking up some quality stuff!! Those subs gotta sweet motor on em and the cone looks cool too. You’ll nail the build!!
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