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  1. I listen to Dj russticals and he records a -6.5db. Should I set my sub gains with a -5, -7.5, or -10db track?
  2. The x15 will probably get louder. Make sure your electrical is on point and build a good enclosure. You’re set for success after that. Just tune everything correctly
  3. Couldn’t believe it! Might’ve been able to go higher but I didn’t wanna torture my subs like that
  4. Just did 150.1 at 32hz sealed on the windshield!! Very very happy. Doing high 30s to mid 40s on music
  5. Also gonna add that the subs are new and I’ve never really pushed them hard. They were on a 3k before and I played them very conservatively and never had that sweet smell until I threw my 5k on em. To be honest the smell is actually really pleasant. I’m thinking I may not be burning the coil up but glue maybe I hope it’s the glue
  6. Noobie strikes again ok so guys I have my bass stage all set but I ran out of terminals on my bussbars for my multichannel amp. Y’all think I could just attach the 4 gauge lugs I’ll be using for my multichannel to the small bolts? (Picture below for reference) dying to get my doors done! I can’t hear a thing really besides bass because the subs are so loud! I set my gains with a 40hz -5dB test tone and headunit clips at 62 out of 61 so I never go above 61. Used a DD1 to do this. I also purely play Dj russticals rebassed songs which are record at -6.5dbs (correct me if I’m wrong). When I go full tilt for a few songs I get this really sweet smell from the port of my box. Is this excess glue burning because the subs are new or coil? I play them at a low volume to cool them off and they cool off relatively quickly. Dust cap does get quite warm but not painful to touch by any means. Hope I don’t blow em but if I do it’ll be a good learning experience that will come at a price tho lol. I’ll also add my voltage is solid. I stay at 14 and drop to 13.2 if I’m really pushing the subs hard
  7. They are very difficult to get in and out. My box is tall so little space for subs to come out and bolted down to my car frame as well so yep. Ok I’ll try a click down or so next time!
  8. I am listening to music with my phone through Bluetooth but I will be using a usb cable to play my music to get a cleaner signal. I could take the subs out and see what impedance I get. They seem to be ok tho! Definitely have taken some abuse tho
  9. Hey guys I have stunk up my x15s twice now. It was that sweet smell you get when a voice coil gets too hot. Scared the sh*t out of me when it happened. Going to reset my gains tomorrow and NO MORE MUSI APP. I will be downloading the Dj rusticals app and running all my music through usb connection. My question for you guys is tho have I caused permanent damage to my voice coils? After both times I stunk them up I felt the dustcaps and they were warm. Not hot enough to burn my hand but I could lay my hand on them and definitely feel the heat. I’ve tested the cones of both my subs and did not hear any crackling of the voice coil or stiffness. Subs are not blown but did take some clipping for sure. Makes me nervous because recones are not cheap for these subs and I don’t want to see them go up in smoke
  10. Tbh I’d save up a little more and get the v3s because the have the famous zv5 motor. I have v2s but wish I had the v3 sometimes. Would be a lot more money tho
  11. You were able to fit a second alternator? My voltage sits at 14.3 and drops to 13.2 at the lowest and that’s full tilt. Recovers quickly too. You think that’s pretty solid electrical? 1 run of 1/0 welding wire from dc power 270a alternator to two down4sound lto 6.0s with one 1/0 welding ground to chassis of car (like literally underneath the car into the frame of the car). Thinking about grounding my 5k to my car frame as well instead of the d4s battery negative. I have my engine block grounded but I think I might ground my alternator straight to the car frame as well
  12. 25hz will be nice for those subs. Are you getting the v2 or v3 18s? If you’re getting the v2s I’d put a 5k on them. I put a 3k on my two 15s and it was ok but they can handle the 5k nicely if tuned right and voltage is good. Definitely go lithium! So much smaller and lighter. Recharge rate is much higher too and output is great. Just comes at a price tho
  13. I think I’m gonna add another power run and a second ground for my battery but thanks! I do like it and it’s violent lol
  14. You’ll love the x’s. They are very well built and can take a lot of abuse. Make sure your electrical is up to par and you tune everything right and those x18s will kick your ass. As for amp you’ll def want to give them at least over 1000watts their rated power because they can take it. Also box is designed by houstonaudiolabs. Check him out, he does a fantastic job!
  15. They are definitely broken in now! Nice and loose to when I first had them. They were so stiff at first. I got them to smell for the first couple times ever and it freaked me out. Immediately turned them off and rode home in silence but man do they beat!
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