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  1. I run the xv2 15s in my car now (two of them on a 5k). They are beasts, can take a serious beating and are very loud. My box is tuned to 30 and peaks at 32. I did a 150.1 at 32hz in an 8.5cube no wall with mediocre voltage (14.6 to 12.4:/)
  2. Hit up Juan Lorenzo from houston audio lab! He designs all my boxes and does a fantastic job
  3. Who here has dealt with it? My claps loudly at low frequencies and it sounds bad. Is it possible I could use window weld on the outside perimeter of the window to fix it from flexing so much? I’d like to get rid of that noise plus stiffen that glass up for more possible gains
  4. Dc power makes some expensive alternators! Mine has given me zero issues and installing went just fine. It’s rated to do 200a at idle. It’s just the lithium I have now sucks. Wish I would’ve built my own bank from the start. Would you recommend Coventry industries bussbars or projectdb?
  5. dc power 270, double run of 0 gauge, and double grounds to chassis from battery bank. 96ah headway. Hoping my alternator is enough for that bank
  6. Same thing I’m doin! You recommend a 96ah headway bank for 10-12k watts to me in another post so that’s what I’ll be doin. Yinglong is $$$ and I have an internally regulated alt (Dc 270) and I’d like to keep it simple and run a stout 12v system. Down the road I’m gonna get a single 370 or something externally regulated and run ying long. I’ll be running a wolfram 9k at half and a 600.4
  7. I should’ve done that with my current build but I’m doin a rebuild but keeping my doors the same. I’m gonna run a wolfram 9k at half on two plat 18s 6th order w ying long (not sure how many ah yet)
  8. I agree. I got ripped off. 600 dollars for two of them and they cannot handle my smart bass 5k. Never again
  9. …. I never said I wanted to charge at 15.5 with the lto 6.0s or headway bank. That’s only if I choose to run yinlong or cmax which I’d love to but don’t know how my car would respond to running off 15v+. I’d really really like to run yinlong if I can. Seems like they’ll take the cold better than headways and I’m hoping I can get more out of my amp with 15 volts plus. I’ve heard yinlong is more safe than cmax as well
  10. 14.8 max charge voltage. I’m dropping from 14.8 to 12.5 full tilt! one run of zero gauge from alt to bank and bank is grounded to frame of car. Not sheet metal but literally drilled and tapped into the frame of the car
  11. I’m walling my car and I have a Dc power 270 alt (it’s internally regulated tho ) under the hood along with two down 4 sound ltos 6.0s. I want to build my own lithium bank. I wanna charge at around 15.5v and get more power out of a wolfram aw9000.1 would it be worth it for cmax or yinlong or just charge at 12 with a headway bank? Would be like a 96ah headway with the project db bussbars. I live in an area with bad winters too
  12. So you’re saying I can still just add diodes to my sense wire and not have it sent in for the internal regulator to be removed?
  13. Can’t thank you enough. Awesome response. My alternator is a b*tch to get in and out. I’d really prefer not to take it out. One of the customer service reps from Dc power told me diodes are bad for alternators.
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