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  1. Well guys just stumbled into another little roadblock in the build. So I love my backup cam my stock headunit comes with but other than that I would not mind replacing it. Reason being THAT in order for me to hook up an amp pro, as someone mentioned to me earlier, my car must come with a jbl sound system/add on in which it does not. Now I am worried what other features I will lose in my car if I were to get an aftermarket HU but I am willing to sacrifice some features for my subs and amps. That backup cam is really nice tho and really the only reason I love that oem HU
  2. That is awesome. Bet in a smaller cabin like that the bass hits even harder. I've only had systems in suvs. It is too bad spl meters are so damn expensive
  3. Not sure exactly but thanks for all the recommendations. I would've just bought a mid the same size as the coaxial and throw it in there if I didn't consider all the things you just told me I am gonna hop on Crutchfield and see what mids/highs will fit my car and then I can get an idea of what I can use and then the next question will be what power rating I am looking for
  4. I will check out Crutchfield. They are awesome and will be a big help. Honestly though the stock tweeters don't sound half bad but I doubt they will keep up with two 15s on 6k watts. I have a really good feeling about this build. The four runner I have is a nice box shape and is not nearly as big inside as my old Tahoe was so I am really hoping I can get at least 145dB on the meter. Daily car for music but that is my goal number in mind. Even 148 would be awesome if I get lucky
  5. Still at work sound deadening the 4Runner. One question I have for you guys though is my front two doors have coaxials in them. I want to put mids in there that’ll be the same size/shape as the old coaxials. What y’all think?
  6. Well guys just sound deadened for my first time ever. I only finished one door and it took me a long time but made a noticeable difference. Check out this vid!! See if you can tell which door I did work to. Sound deadener I used was dynamite extreme. Really happy with my work. Can't wait to finish all my doors and trunk. c9Rp078WRLGvyLH+OrLZhQ.MOV
  7. Ok so from the dsp I will have 4 rca inputs (2 going to 4 channel amp and 2 going to sub amp?)
  8. Will the dsp take rcas from my sub amp too or just mids and highs like you said
  9. If that’s what I gotta do then I will pay the price!! Thanks so much for the reply. That really clears things up for me but I will be adding mids/highs as well as two subs
  10. How's it goin guys. I am planning on doing my first big system. I am planning on running 2 version 2 sundown x15 dual 2 ohm subs on a Taramps smart 5k wired to two ohms. I plan on making a L port box for both subs tuned to 30hz that will fit in the trunk behind the second row seats. I would like for my second row seats to be able to go up while having a couple amps and a lithium battery all in the trunk with the box. I am really hoping I will get at least 145dB out of this system My lovely trunk that I can hopefully fit at least a 6 cube box, orientation will be subs up port back. Plan on a big lithium right behind those seats as well as amp rack with 5k smart Taramps and 4 channel taramps (not sure what wattage yet) and a lc7i or lc2i possibly. Next up I would love to keep this head unit and use a powered loc instead of rip it out and put an ugly, bright, and cheap ass looking LED aftermarket head unit thing they sell these days. Although I am concerned on sound quality and intimated by the setup of a powered loc so I'm not sure what to do on this part. Ok now my alternator, got no idea how big of an alternator I'm gonna need but jeez I hope I can replace this and get it wired up ok without destroying my car lol. This probably intimidates me the most by far. Ok gotta replace the 6.5s behind these door panels. Easy money, running wire will be the biggest pain in that part though . Ok I have no clue what size tweeters are under here if there even is tweeters under here but again easyyy money to replace these. Ok guys that is all I have!! Very shortly here I will start sound deadening my doors and trunk with dynamat extreme and I will be posting pics of that
  11. Hey guys I have a Toyota 2013 four runner I am just starting to work on putting in a system and it has an awesome large screen head unit that I really do not want to get rid of and replace an aftermarket hu. It has a backup camera and shows album covers and everything on the screen. My question is can I get a powered loc and still make it sound just as good as an aftermarket HU? My system will consist of 2 15s on 5k watts and single set of tweeters along with single set of 6.5s or 8's possibly.
  12. You’re picking up some quality stuff!! Those subs gotta sweet motor on em and the cone looks cool too. You’ll nail the build!!
  13. Hey guys anyone have tips on protecting an expensive car audio system?? My box is going to be at least 6 cubic feet and I will probably bolt it down and use security screws to fasten my subs and amps. Also don’t plan on putting any stickers on my car or bumpin my system in the wrong area or where I’m going to park. I’ve read a few horror stories and it’s made me afraid to dive into this build I’m planning on doing and spending all this money on good equipment (nothing too crazy, just two 15s on 5000watts).
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