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  1. I’m currently at 148db I think I could get to 150 with a better box design current box is subs inverted on top, port on bottom side. I believe I have 100 sq” of port area but directed off to the side 8 cubic foot . I’m running 2 fi ssd 15” on a crescendo 6k at .5 with 2 runs of 1/0
  2. I’m curious if anyone has a build with a Titan I’m curious box dimensions and port configuration to get me over the hump
  3. So recently I had a box build needless to say I basically blew the port wall loose. I have only 38” wide I can go and really want another 8 cubic ft box I’m considering getting 2 gately flat packs single 15s and stacking them on top of each other. Bad idea? I only hit a 147 with my old one with side firing port and subs pointing forward I’m running 2 Fi ssd v4 on crescendo 6k turned down to around 4K wired at .5
  4. Ok so I’m deciding whether to run 2 US acoustic nicks 2500.1 having 1 on hand or going with a crescendo bc6k wired a .5. if using one amp I’ll have to wire down to .5 or 2 amps running at 1ohm my main concern is, im currently wired to .5 with my one I clamped at 36hz at 2.89ohms. If I wire up to 1ohm will my rise be significantly more? I have a 8cube box on 2 ssd v4 15s.
  5. Yea I think 153.7 or so was top national score but is the wattage based on clamped number?
  6. I Would think your voltage with 2 batteries and a upgrade alt and big 3 wouldn’t drop in the 11’s I would check everything with a dmm grounds and batteries and alt what ohm are you wired at?
  7. I could alway have another built but musically it sounds great!! should I have aero or slot port and should it be in front but I guess if I’m having another box built I could just have a spl box but it’s a pain I have to take my front seat out just to get that box out
  8. That makes sense don’t have many options could always add a port to the front but not sure how much it would affect tuning I wanted to go at least 120” of port but Fi Fi suggested 100” in a 8 cub box guess I could play with the meter placement as well and see if that makes a huge difference I went right under rear view with windows up
  9. This is the idea of how it actually looks need to keep 1 seat for car seat
  10. I swear it’s only me and you who talk lmao if I choose to compete it would be street 3 and highest number is 153.38 of course I can still put around 1000k watts in but I also haven’t really pushed past where I set my gains at. Subs are faced up slot port bottom left think I have 100” port area
  11. While this is mainly a SQ daily driver shouldn’t I at least be around high 140s also I have a Nissan Titan for vehicle roof and doors are matted as well
  12. So let’s just say I’m fairly disappointed done with built currently and well one sub isn’t fully broke in as it’s probably got about 4hrs of playtime on it but I hit 143 at 40hz. I’m running 2 15” Fi ssds on a Us Acoustics 2500 wired at .5 ohm with a 390 alt and a xs3400 as a secondary battery steady at 14.5v my box is tuned to 32hz at 8 cubic feet
  13. It was the fusible link but with that being said I’m hoping it was just the age of the link that caused it to blow
  14. I went out and got a new battery same thing spoke with a Nissan mechanic and he said it’s probably the fusible link so waiting on tow to get to house will update soon
  15. I just installed my 390 amp alternator yesterday drove to work last night just fine on the way home this morning mids/highs amp started going into protect then head unit starting turning off and on it was reading 14.5 and then truck shut off and now reading 9v and will not take a jump start. Couldn’t find a blown fuse I’m only running 1 batt currently as my xs 3400 is getting here Friday. Any ideas why battery just drained all of the sudden and didn’t charge and when trying to jump start it won’t even click
  16. Currently struggling to decide if I should get ioxus ultra cap or battery. mainly just play music only time I do burps are to clamp or meter. I always have truck on when playing music. I’m really leaning towards ultra cap anybody who can share expertise would help.
  17. Could anyone give me what a good db number for 3 street spl? Thinking about doing a comp for fun and was wondering how competitive I would actually be or where I need to be to be competitive. If there is a better topic to put this on please let me know.
  18. After several posts without response I have a guy to build my box but would love a great box design planned I’m really wanting to go close to the specs as the gately 7.0c 2/15” box. subs on top, port on front. Running 2 Fi ssd v4s planning on around 3k watts total tuned at 32hz . Dimensions around 40x18x25 not exceeding the 40 the rest of the dimensions can go larger. If you have experience in this or know someone please let me know
  19. Anyone have plans for a ported box with dimensions close to 40x18x25 similar to the gately 7 cube for 2 15s mounted on top tuned to 32hz
  20. Is there a box calculator I can use to try and figure out how get certain tune with a certain dimension I can’t change for instance I need one seat in my back so I don’t take out everytime I need a car seat. So 38” door to seat but I’m willing to go up to 36” high at max and up to 24” foward to back need it tuned at 32hz for dual 15”
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