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  1. Does 54.86 sound ok for port area with flared ports for a 4.92 net cube box? Box is being ran with 2500 watts with a Fi Hc 15”
  2. Those solo x 8s are coming out near Christmas they will be monsters
  3. There is a guy think mbenclosures who tests a lot of 8s on YouTube he does some on the term lab I think the L7Q 8” and dds and top of the 8” game so far that I’ve seen
  4. So I decided to go with a 37hz tune for my design and before I build I want to make sure I will be Satisfied. If my bandwidth is around roughly high 20s to mid 40s I’m good! I typically play music in the 30s/40s rarely 20s is a tune a 33hz against 37hz drastic? Also I was pushed away from using aeros with the design and was told I cannot retune a box with adjustable aero ports which is opposite from everything I’ve ever heard of any one cares to elaborate please feel free
  5. I think any good 15 can do a 145 in the right enclosure in a car imo especially pushing 5k I think nightshades are awesome and if your willing to drop that on a sub go for it but don’t go cheap on a box
  6. I need someone who can design a box with aeros for maximum output with 1 15” Fi Hc in Honda Accord can anyone point me to someone?
  7. So recommendations were 4/4.5 cubes tuned at 33hz around 55-60” port area playing around I found 7.5 cubes tuned to 37 seems pretty impressive with 3 6” Aeros am I insane. I am new to winisd so maybe I’m tripping
  8. Anybody have any good recommendations for box designs I’d like to go 4th order if I can get specs to work if not a Kerf port
  9. I was looking for software to get a better design but maybe someone has some good advice/ recommendations . I asked FI what they recommend and it was 4/4.25 cubes 55-60” port area which seems small to me. I originally had a 5.5 cube with 88” I was thinking. This is for a Fi Hc 15” with 2500 watts going to it.
  10. what is a good design software to use for building boxes? ive been using sub box pro but it is very limited as far as port location and port number. im not really trying to spend much money as i don't build enclosures often.
  11. Yea sadly I know this, like I said the box was originally built for 2 15” . I will say yesterday we inverted all the subs and port back running the 6k on stock electrical at 1.33ohms. Frequency range was fanstastic imo clean from 25-50 hz. Only hitting around 140db on music I’m curious if I could get any more out of it running my xs3400 on it. Considering trying .33 but I highly doubt stock electrical could handle that. At this point it’s for fun really. As I have so much equipment hanging around. I have a huge box I built but durrango is around 40”max wire and my box is 48”. Do you think I’d do better running 2 subs opposed to 3?
  12. Well I’m actually trying this in a friends durrango I traded in my truck so I have a ton of stuff as I decided to not use system in new one. He can’t fit my big box so im using a smaller one around 7cubes after displacement I was using 2 15” originally when I built it but added another 15” on top inverted. I hit a 148 with it in my old Titan. I think we hit around 139 in his durrango. I know alot affects this. Mainly all my electrical was upgraded. First thing I will try is to invert all 3 to save some air space. If not much changes I’ll look at port placement and try a few different box configurations. Im trying to refrain from building a new one as it’s not my money to play with and mdf and birch is 70$ and more a sheet right now
  13. I assumed the hardest part would be getting freq to match between the two. I have nothing to lose at this point if I have to rebuild so be it.
  14. I have a slot port I have a wild question some say port area is port area. so could I add port area by adding a aero port? never really seen it done, there has to be a reason
  15. So what’s the pros and cons of stiff vs loose suspension? I have 3 15” Fi with loose suspension but thinking about reconing to change load. I don’t compete but always ran loose and I’m trying to hit 150+ I ran 2 at .5 clamped around 4500 watts or so but they got stanky would stiff help handle the power if I’m in between max and rms?
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