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  1. Could anyone give me what a good db number for 3 street spl? Thinking about doing a comp for fun and was wondering how competitive I would actually be or where I need to be to be competitive. If there is a better topic to put this on please let me know.
  2. After several posts without response I have a guy to build my box but would love a great box design planned I’m really wanting to go close to the specs as the gately 7.0c 2/15” box. subs on top, port on front. Running 2 Fi ssd v4s planning on around 3k watts total tuned at 32hz . Dimensions around 40x18x25 not exceeding the 40 the rest of the dimensions can go larger. If you have experience in this or know someone please let me know
  3. Anyone have plans for a ported box with dimensions close to 40x18x25 similar to the gately 7 cube for 2 15s mounted on top tuned to 32hz
  4. Is there a box calculator I can use to try and figure out how get certain tune with a certain dimension I can’t change for instance I need one seat in my back so I don’t take out everytime I need a car seat. So 38” door to seat but I’m willing to go up to 36” high at max and up to 24” foward to back need it tuned at 32hz for dual 15”
  5. I bet that blow through is going to be insane. You running a infinite baffle?
  6. Yea currently I just have one seat I use in the back with the double seat up. I usually only take 1 At a time and my wife’s Tahoe is the family vehicle. Currently have a 4 cube box and it’s fine may even go with 2 15” with each in a 3 cube chamber. Im not a fan of underseat boxes seems a bit muffled to me and I like 15”! yea smaller subs seem to do well but I’m a fan of lows freq below 40hz.
  7. Also I ram a dmm to battery at full tilt and voltage dropped To 11.5 everything off running was 13.9 so clearly voltage is a big issue I think until my alt is built and arrives im going to bring my gains down to around 38.7 volts originally set a 50volts. I’m not trying to go insane with bass just enough to be content as I have kids so car seats get put in quite often I’d honestly be happy with sitting around 140/150db haven’t measured it but I figured I can get around 140 with my 1 Fi 15” with the right box and electrical
  8. But 2 gauge on a 390 amp alternator is pointless even 1/0 Id be losing a bit of amperage.
  9. System is actually in place and clearly electrical can’t hang I clip fairly bad when I get around 33hz at full tilt
  10. Running 2500 watts to bass amp and 500x4 mids and highs
  11. For sure helps i appreciate the reply!!! I actually got a js alt. mechman is who had the video on YouTube and they used a 2gauge. I think I read somewhere that a guy had filed the regulator down enough to squeeze a 0 through it. Part of me wants to ask a nissan dealership. There just has to be a real option. So what I’ve gathered is it’s in charge of making sure the battery isn’t overcharged and helps mpg. If I’m adding a secondary battery will it charge it as well. So many questions and nowhere to turn but here so I do appreciate everyone’s responses.
  12. Curious if anyone on this forum has done big 3 on titan as there is a regulator the ground cable runs through to the alternator haven’t had much luck getting answers I’m putting in a 390amp alt and it requires big 3 . Can I just bypass it/ do a 2nd run/ or can I squeeze a 0gauge with maybe dremel work without damaging. anything will be helpful at this point I’m sure someone has worked around this before. There is a video on YouTube they used a 2gauge attached file is the screenshot of the video
  13. My next step before adding anything else is my js alternator purchase choosing a 390 amp alt and deciding if I want a shuriken or xs power the shuriken has way more ah but not really clear on the reputation they have yet. I was under the impression that us acoustics was a solid amp.
  14. Quick question trying to get some thoughts. I have a Fi ssdv4 15” 2ohm dvc currently running a us acoustics nick 2500.1 what’s thoughts on adding another ssd and running at .5 ohms my thoughts are the amp will most likely never see .5 with impedance rise. Ran a test at 40hz and was hitting 2.74 ohms wired at 1ohm
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