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  1. So what’s the pros and cons of stiff vs loose suspension? I have 3 15” Fi with loose suspension but thinking about reconing to change load. I don’t compete but always ran loose and I’m trying to hit 150+ I ran 2 at .5 clamped around 4500 watts or so but they got stanky would stiff help handle the power if I’m in between max and rms?
  2. Think I’m going to add another battery soon I was thinking even dipping at all will affect wattage
  3. Yea I mainly want to hit 150s but in the 30s range I don’t test in the 40s I usually peak around 38
  4. @Never Enough Basswell I thought those were related. I’m not competing just trying to get loud
  5. This also maybe a really stupid question can you mix slot with aero if more port area is needed and can’t be adjusted on box?
  6. I tried port up as well no worthy changes on meter
  7. @pnutz37Port is currently 114”, if I did the math right 25 x 4 3/4. I would imagine the 11.25 is without displacement. 147 is at 39hz on a sine sweep box is tuned at 32hz
  8. Currently wired at 1.33 390 amp alt xs3400 secondary and a duralast agm up front voltage usually doesn’t dip below 12.5
  9. I have tried and tried multiple enclosures and 2/3 15s I never can quite seem to get past 147db on a musical build. Just built a new enclosure for 3 Fi ssds at 11.25 cubic feet and still can hit much past 145 on music. Running a crescendo bc6k on 3 Fi ssds. Here is a clip on YouTube
  10. Curious if anyone used Herculiner and how many coats they went with and how well it did
  11. So if I run parallel I should be at .33? Dmm reads at .5 check all individually and all at 1ohm
  12. I am wiring 3 dvc subwoofers. If I run all the subs at + & - together does it work right? Or must it be -/+ jumper then all positive/ all negative?
  13. If this helps I run 6k on 2 15’s and run 2 rocksford tweeters 2 rocksford 6x9 2 rocksford 6.5’s on a rocksford 500x4 and music good all power series I believe
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