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  2. Witch amp, and why? for my Sundown Sa.v2 dual 4 ohm 12" subwoofer that will eventually be in a custom ported box. Currently using a Skar RP-1500.1D, and running it at 2 ohms (930rms). Sounds amazing, but been told by the local shop that this Sa.v2 will be able to handle some power. How much power, I really don't know. New to the sundown game. But enjoying the quality. I pick these two amps though because the 2 ohm stability. I understand I could just buy a bigger amplifier, and run it a 2 ohms, but trying to keep the cost down. And I really like Taramps deep down! I feel like my subwoofer can handle the 1,800. but I like the features of the bass series. And I don't know if I should pass up on them or not... Thanks for reading!
  3. new set up. skar rp1500, and a sundown sav2-12!


  4. I usually build em that way, this way my last project . a zvx 12 on a taramps hd that I finally figured out I had tuned wrong, still bumped doe!
  5. Okay, so I used to know the answer to my question. I forget, need help with this. What is the optimal subwoofer placement when designing a box? Like where would you put the subwoofer compared to the port. I'm going sub up, port back. But I completely forget where to put the subwoofer. Closest to the port, or away from the port? A) or B )
  6. just some really old onkyo audio plate amp that has been taken apart. only has a level dial, like not lpf or anything.. maybe 100 watts on a good day?
  7. rite, rite. thanks for the input! I just built this box for my room, sounds incredible. even with the sharp turns and tiny 6" displacement. Actually gets down, and sounds SO powerful in my room. thought what the heck, lets see what is sounds like in my suv. Like crap it sounded! wounder why? But I'm almost betting that it's tuned around there(25ish hz)
  8. Okay, so I think I'm going to run a evl 18" this year. in a no wall, ported box. Skar is generous enough to just give away, recommended box specs! *Recommended Ported Volume: 3.75 ~ 4.50 ft³ *Recommended Port Area: 55.5 in² *Recommended Tuning Frequency: 31 Hz Cool beans right? wrong, I want to change up the tuning of the box a little. to like uhm, 25hz or something( I listen to mostly rap ). So my question is, does the port area/box volume change at all if I where to change the "recommended tuning frequency"? or can I just change the tuning hz to what I'd like, and leave everything else the same
  9. Do you HAVE to have the factory wire on the alt? I'm still charging, and throwing no codes without it on there. Because the lug is so dang thick there's no room for both the factory wire and my aftermarket one
  10. Right, figure a big 3 and a 2nd battery is going to be the biggest help here. I was offered a older xs power battery (3100d). I could get it for $100, is that a good price? and what do I need to look out for buying something like this battery? I have a oem battery under the hood, like a liquid filled one, can I just add this to the back of my system with no problems? Do liquid filled battery's and agms play well with each other?
  11. Thanks for the list, I like each one! tbh. but a buddy just pretty much talked me into upgrading my electrical first, before hunting down a new amp. And the cherry on top will be a oscilloscope!
  12. is a dual 1 ohm sub. but it's wired in series. But when I went to hook up my multimeter, it was sitting at around 1.3-1.4 ohms..
  13. So I think it's time that I say my good byes to Taramps. But On the same note, will not give them a bad name! I'm currently using a Taramps HD3000 2 ohm model, it sounded fine on my last build( had a triple stack audiopipe 12" ) But now that I have upgraded my subwoofer and built a custom box, The once almighty Hd3000, is under powering and feeding dirty signal to the new Zvx 12 I have. Been looking into buying a 2nd hand sae-2000 from sundown, locally. Kinda was thinking just stuffing a rp2000 in my car but I feel like it would not be "good enough" for this new subwoofer I have. What's your guys opinion on a good match for this new subwoofer I have
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