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  1. Are u familiar with the taramp hv20k chipeo amp. I have a high voltage charger to charge my batteries just dont know what kinda voltage im looking at and how many batteries to use.
  2. Im familiar with using them just the information on the batteries that I could not find. I saw a manual on the 20k that said 9 batteries up to 13 batteries. 10,500 watts with 9 batteries not sure on how true that is. And someone stating that the t60k minimum batteries was 8 total. I used 12v setups also but everything is getting expensive from wiring,lithium,alternators and amps. I was giving the high voltage amps on a deal and decided to go with that till i get everything i need for 12v
  3. Any info on either amp 



  4. Hey bro i need some help on high voltage amps 

  5. Im looking to install either the taramps T60.0k amp or the 2 taramp hv20k chipeo amplifiers on 4 avatar 1546 subs. I been searching for info on the 60k but wasn’t successful. If anyone can help me with info on that amplifier itll be great. What type of power im looking at on how many batteries and the least batteries i can use up to the max batteries i can use.
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