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  1. You ask for help, and then still do it the way YOU want to. Waste of energy bro...
  2. Sounds like, you have a amplifier, and .5 is your only option, and you're not sure if it's safe to run in your vehicle. If this is true, my suggestion would be to run at .5, and leave the gain down on the amp. The gain on the amp, is only to match the level of the signal coming from your radio, so it's not necessarily a volume knob, it's more of having a clean signal from the radio, and for the amp, to receive that same clean signal, without any outsource input between these two points. I hope this answers your question, and if it doesn't, than let us know! What I would suggest, is to run it at .4. Turn the radio to full max listening volume, I typically advise 10 to 15 percent below the max number on the radio. Now, go back to the amp at .5, and turn it up until either, your voltage can't hold the load, or the sub is taking too much power. This would invole you having to listen to the sub, and gracefully determine what is the safe zone, depending on your listening style and music type. Also, please bare mind that, the enclosure will have more input on how the sub takes the power, more than whatever ohm load you decide to run. So if you have a 15 that is rated at 3k, and you want to put 6k on it. Than a box at 2 cubes prob would handle the power better than if it's a 6 cube box. BUT, just because it takes the power, doesn't mean it's doing it efficiently. Essentially you're suffocated the speaker so that the suspension is tighter, therefore allowing more power to be applied. In a large box, the enclosure doesn't support the suspension as much, therefore, it could get just as loud with much less power. BUT, if you add too much power in a too large box, then you will have speaker failure. So it's a lot to know, and there is no right answer to your question.
  3. Luckily I know who the builder is, and confirmed it will be back better than ever.
  4. Go to 3:10 to see real world testing on the Single 80ah Lithium battery by Juicebox. 1 240 DC XP 240 alt 1600 amps continous 11.7v avg continuous ~ 30 minutes of testing Lowest it dropped was 11.2 Recharged back up to 13.2 within 15 seconds
  5. 2 12s, good port area. good you have the electric part taken care of.
  6. I'll be there. After runs I'll be doing until I break something.
  7. 8 gauge will be fine. I always use 6 gauge from Electronbeam.com
  8. Damn, I haven't played 8 hours a day since H2 MLG days. haha. That was freaking, 7 years ago. How do you find time now?
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