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  1. Yeah so I have 2 alternator builders right now. One is a contact via F.i and the other is John Garcia. Both are currently being built. But both are not ready for purchase. I already have the bracket being built as well. So the current plan is to have the 1 12v Alt, and 2 350v alts on top. That's what the bracket is. Yesterday I also discovered an on-board AC generator that puts out 240ac at 33a. So I can use that as another means of power source. But that may or may not make it in this build. If these first 2 alts work as planned, then I'll just try to mount 1-2 more. If I had 4 350v/10a Alts, which would be 14,000 watts in just alternator power. And omg, if you guys heard what this Excursion sounds like with just 6-10,000 watts, then you'll know how bananas this could be. But yeah, really neat stuff here. Many possibilities.
  2. [URL=https://goo.gl/photos/479zkEVBdipVRhDw9]https://goo.gl/photos/479zkEVBdipVRhDw9[/IMG][/URL]
  3. High Voltage Lithium Initial thoughts and overview. 1 350 volt Michigan Solar Energy High Voltage lithium battery. 1 Taramps T60K wired at .5 Starting voltage: 307 Final Voltage drop: 266 ~220vac 92 amps output ~266vdc 82.7 amps output 92% efficient 20,000 watts rising to 2.4 ohms clamped. The battery FYI is 6ah. Cost between 3-5 grand. Weighs 60 pounds. And the amp is $1700. 307v is less than 20% charge. Battery is 1.8kwh. 1c rate is 1,800w for 1 hour 2c rate is 3,600w for 30 min 4c rate is 7,200w for 15 min So far, I'm extremely estatic about the results and the future possibilities using these technologies together. Just think, you can literally burp 20,000 watts, out the trunk of a BMW or smart car haha. Where this cost would be justifiable, would be for applications that requires a lot of power, low weight, and space savings. This battery is only 27"x17"x4". So the power density per space is truly unmatched. I will be posting more of my findings, so stay tuned. Also, you can add as many as you want in parallel to get some really stupid power levels. *BONUS* The excursion did a 157.x outlaw @ 41hz wit that 20k. So I'm really excited about that! Rayshawn Lawrence built the enclosure.
  4. Thanks man! Yeah it has a good bit amount of it haha. Should have 2 coming soon actually.
  5. Yeah, so it's one custom high voltage lithium battery. Think Nissan Leaf battery, or Telsa battery, just on a smaller scale, and a different application. Instead of driving a car, it will driving my amplifiers. Which have an operating range of 100v-400v. This battery or tech, is not the next big thing, but it does has it's application where it would be well suited for. Here are some specs. Weight is 60 lbs. It's 27"x17"x4". Burst rating of 20,000 watts. The battery itself is 1.8kwh. 1c rate is 1,800w for 1 hour. 2c rate is 3,600w for 30 min 4c rate is 7,200w for 15 min These ratings are at full charge, which would be 350v. And these ratings are on test tone.
  6. Hey SMD, Just checking in to give you guys an update to what I have been up to. Long story short, Valerie computer system got fried during the uninstallation of the previous build back in October. So as of right now, the silver explorer, Valerie, is taking a back seat for a while. The new build, is a 2003 ford excursion. For the 2017 season, I'll be using a street box, then walling it for 2018. Below is a video, let me know if you have any questions! The battery is an High Voltage bank, made of brand new lithium chemistry. Fully saturated voltage is 350v. I use 1 battery, 1 Taramps T 60k wired at .5 ohm on 6 SSA Evils.
  7. Yeah, I think you guys are right. Now to decide which company to go with for those special cones.
  8. This is the other brand new recone that failed on me at world finals. A pic from Saturday at world finals.
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