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  1. that is with single 148ah bank im going to step it up to 3 banks here soon as im switching form the five recoil 1200.1 amps to five slapz audio shock 5ks
  2. bassed on v3 specs im going to guess ur going to want 3cft net and about 46sqinch of port , though u have room to play with port area , less sqinch of port = less port lenght so u can use that to play with ur box design to get it to fit int he car nicely , i would stay within the 36-50sqinch's of port though andthing smaller then 36sqinch is likley to have port noise
  3. i also vote for last box design 3x x8's should be p retty dang loud i ran 4x e8 v6's for a while on 2 x 1200w amps and they got loud if i had to guess id say a solid 145ish in my car i never did get that setup metered before i went to 3x 12's in the trunk and then 5 12's in a flatwall int he same car my e8's were in a 4cft net box with 36inch of port area tunned to 32hz
  4. bank worked great only ever saw voltage drop by 1-2 tenths from charging voltage as my alt heats up it drops voltage so when cold it was charging at 14.4 and i saw 14.2/3v when its hot i see 13.8 for charging voltage and only dropped to 13.6 at the lowest
  5. will do should be putting it to the test this comming saturday going to a comp down in nevada
  6. yeah u gota model the sub and see my subs have a pre break in fs of 45 hz , they nail the nail the lows i can play all the way down to 22/23hz very loud this score wa sput up with a leaking enclosure btw
  7. been a while but heres an update wall is repaired and holding so far though i did burn up my headway bank so i havent been able to give it fuull power yet .that being said i have 296ah of lev60 on the way along weith enough headway to rebuild my bank into a 128ah bank ontop of the 296 of lev60. my next basswars even is comming up on the 4th so well see how she does im looking for atleast 5db gains over what i put up with the leaking wall last time
  8. my thought/plan atm is to cut some 2x4's to glue and screw in there , the rear wall is on a 13* angle so im thinking about rippipng some 2x4's on that 13* angle and glueing/screwing them to the floor and the back wall , and i can go 2 layers high which should be plenty.
  9. 1st and second in classes after i broke the wall was doing some demos in the 20-30hz range before i made my runs and blew the bottom seam on the back wall , sheared the pocket screws glue and brace right in half its all dbl walled too so now i gota figur eout how to repair it
  10. seats are back in , lithium is installed back in the trunk cleaned up the amp wiring , few minor odds and ends to take care of before this weeknd
  11. it deff does bump , find out just how much in 10 days when i head down to vegas for bass wars , unfortunatly i have so much to do still i wiont have the time to actually seal the wall off to the b pillars/roof/floor
  12. got all the bracing in and done and reinstaleld the front baffle its now permantly attached and sealed , while i was at it i decided to invert the top center sub just for looks , not sure if im going to leave it inverted hence why i just pulled the speaker wire out of the port to hook it up for now . the motor is dangerously close to drivers and passenger heads , im a lil owrried somone might smack there head on it in an accident or say in an panic/emergency braking situation so not sure if im going to leave it inverted, ill do some testing with it this way in 2 days when the glue and edhesives i used are fully cured
  13. so quick stupid update on my part , when i wired up all 5 sub amps it was dark out and i somehow missed the ground wire for the 5th sub ( the one behind the driver seat ) found it today when i was dbl checking all my conections and wiring so now i have all 5 hooked up
  14. the subs are audio legion maximus 12's in dual 2 , they are no longer available they were available for a steal at 124$ each until they sold out for amps im currentl;y running five recoil audio red1200.1's but am switching to five recoil red 2500.1's with two recoil rea 600.4 4 chan amps for mids n highs electrical is 148ah with lev60 prismatic cells ontop of a 96ah headway bank still on a stock alt as im waiting for somone to get back to me on building a custom alt. nothing can really be done with the stock 100amp nissan alt on this engine so they are looking into finding front and back halves they can make work using the factory mounting for a custom alt , or i may just have to goto custom brackets to make another alt work but either way its getting atleast a 270amp alt
  15. finilizing my swapable port for the wall build , the mdf section is the main port installed into the wall , the plywood insert can be put into the port and bolted into place to lower the tunning . mdf port is tuned to 44hz and then i have 2 plywood swappable inserts that are tuned at 32hz and another one at 28 hz
  16. droppe dmy port tunning down to 26 hz should be heading out to do some testing later on today , i aprently also need some more bracing ont he front baffle what i have + a tripple 3/4 thick front baffle is aparently not enough im starting to see some baffle flex at near peak power levels
  17. got all 5 hooked up and relized i was running into a power handling issue , ended up cutting some pieces to put int he port to shrink it and it helped so im going to cut a new port thats 112sq inch instead of 170sq inch ill get some vids up a lil later today im currently sitting at 130sqinch of port and it will taske full power but im only ruinning at 1200w per driver currently when the new amps go in it will be 2k per driver
  18. 4 of the 5 playing on low power , now that im out of work for the day ill get that last amp hooked up and get some full power send videos
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