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  1. OK......So currently running the following setup in my 2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab:

    1 each RF T2 13"
    Custom ported box
    1 each RF T2500CP
    1 each JL VX800
    4each BLAM 6.5 signature series
    2 each BLAM 3.5 Signature series
    4 each BLAM 1.1" tweeters
    370AMP Mechman Alt
    1 each Interstate MTX-94R/ H7 AGM battery

    I was playing my system the other day at a stop light and noticed some dimming. That was a first. I didnt think that I would have that issue given my BIG 3 setup. That being said, I decided to install a second battery to avoid this from happening again. I bought a second battery (same as the one under my hood) and the 1/0 cable and fuses. I'm getting various suggestions as to how to wire it up. Ive heard that I dont need an isolator since i'm running the same exact batteries. Also been told that I dont need to wire the second battery direct to the alternator. Just run a fused 1/0 cable from the first battery to the second battery. I'm wanting to run the amp and DSP off of the second battery only. If that is the correct way to go. All that being said. I would greatly appreciate some clarity on this. Thanks.

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    2. cthorn208


      I've already got the BIG 3 upgrade currently. Just wanting to know which wiring configuration to go with regarding a second battery and whether its worth having one solely dedicated to the amps.

    3. Joe X

      Joe X

      I would place the isolator if you like playing the with the car off to prevent the starting battery to deplete.


      If you only play with the car on do not use any isolator, not necessary in your case, but you need a fuse in each end of the cabe instead of just one in the front battery.

    4. Kyblack76


      Ditch the isolator. Not needed, unless your play your rig with it not running for hours on end. No need for a isolator.

      As far as fusing,.... welp, thats up to you. 

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