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  1. T15k and 13 team RFs...haha j/p i like the idea of the brutus and i forgot what subs....
  2. if i wanted to upgrade to T2s i can swap my 2 T1s for 2 T2s for around 250-300 dollars....should i do it??? answers now YES OR NO
  3. SCHWEET....whats your gamertag so i can play you...im Chizzode69
  4. yo 2000LaDe http://www.myspace.com/jacksonz this girl on your myspace is FINE....that nurse outfit it HOTT...shes blazin
  5. anyone gettin that for 360...i already got mine on reserve WOOT!!!!
  6. i just ordered me a Kinetik cap killer. cant wait for it to get in!!
  7. i guess ill just stick with the T1s and run them at full RMS power
  8. that is teh question.... ok im running my amp at 2 ohm now but i can switch my subs to dual 4 ohm to run my amp at 1 ohm to do so i am doing the below (with the batts) ok im getting my yellowtop installed and i got my kinetic cap bat on order now. i think i may switch to some T2s. would 1400 RMS for 2 t2s sound good. so thats 700 RMS between 2 T2 12s. lemme see some votes either: A. Stick with T1s and run them at full RMS power or B. Upgrade to T2s and run them at 700 RMS a piece. vote and your thoughts....
  9. off topic, subs, amps, tunes and video games...any of those would be nice
  10. rewatch the vid...the stick he is on is a pogo stick. pogo is just a name for it
  11. ooooo ill take 2 tacos and a CHINCHILLA....haha j/p (not trying to be racist meade just pullin a funny)
  12. are you serious....you were definitely deprived as a child
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