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  1. He won because he hit a 149.9 with under 500 watts. The other person hit a 143.9 Their names are switched.
  2. Stock Level 4s or Level 4s with XL upgrade. Carbon cone is not needed unless for pure SPL. You will get a better SQ doing a paper cone over a CF cone. Now unless you want to do a CF dustcap for a little more strength and cosmetic, I don't recommend the CF Cone.
  3. I was day 1 or 2. I was up at 2 in the morning helping David as he set up the original site. #18 for me Congrats Steve. That's one hell of a mile marker
  4. Rusty is by far one of the coolest guys in the industry. Best customer service and always there to help me out when he can. Rusty and DC Audio FTMFGDCSW!!!
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  6. Definitely an upgrade and clean looking. Great choice on the lay out.
  7. I miss my Neos, would like to see them come back in a 4" coil version and 10" spider pack. They were some LOUD woofers.
  8. What's wrong with the paint job? I think Kirill was referring to the orange peel in the black paint. Kinda looks like rattle can finish, definitely needs to be cut and buffed. It kinda looks like a textured look. I like it
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  10. Why are your posts always so negative in the DC section. If you're going to be an ass just stay out of this section.
  11. Return the Boss caps, and the AP amps. Look into DC 5ks or a DC 10k. Will need more battery reserve as well. Look into XS Power D3100s.
  12. JK, looks pretty badass. I made a "boom box" that I gotta hook to a battery but it isn't anywhere near as badass as this.
  13. Sounds pretty kool. Give me a ring when you're available and get it hashed out. I'll have her up and running by tomorrow.
  14. Been a year sine I've posted on here...hot damn....need to start posting again lulz
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