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  1. Ok im sure its been discussed a million times but i onlu come on this site a couple times a month since i sold my subs, but i still listen to decaf stuff... I know it got moved but do i have to pay to become a member or is there something i am missing? im not a lazy ass, i did use the search feature and i even looked up his name to try and find out what happened to it... no luck.
  2. Hey guys, im getting out of audio for performance and am selling my amp. It works absolutely perfectly, and has even ran at half ohm if you have the electrical I have a brand new bass knob and the original box (my truck is in IL. at a shop until sat with the bass knob in it though) so i can either ship it sat. or if u want the amp now ship it to you when i get it. I have sold on here and caco, and i have 100% ebay feedback, same tag. 10/10 mechanically 9/10 cosmetically(missing top left tab for screw) I am the original owner, the price tag is still on the front of amp. Asking 320 shipped to the lower 48, or 275 pick up. also have a carquest extreme that i bought about a year ago... rest in the high 12's $80+ship
  3. how are u running that orion amp with ur stock alt? Does it go into protect at all?
  4. no i lied.. it was a p3000.1 massive audio amp...
  5. yeah my avatar pic was when i had 2 hdc318s in 5 cubes each off a t1001bd rf amp and i wasnt too impressed. I was hoping by feeding it a lot more power in a better enclosure i would be expect better results. thanks again for the input
  6. what teh hell is that? link? i also considered the ia 21"... but im a fart in the wind when i comes to single woofer set ups, i dont know how popular they are.
  7. Thanks for your help man i appreciate it... So you think AQ over any other 18 would be the best choice?
  8. recone... or just watch my voltage @ half on the 3500
  9. yeah i will have too, unless i decide to run the aq at half. So you think copper will take 2200ish daily... and if i decide to go more do the aluminum? I have always been a multi sub set up guy, but i think if the enclosure is done correctly, i wont be let down. Edit* i suppose i can do any 18" woofer.... my budget is around $500 though
  10. I know this has been discussed several times but i feel in different applications it might be necessary for different opinions. After the tear down this is for sure whats going in: 1 18" hdc3 18 in a 5.5 with 6" aero ports(under cargo cover) @ 33hz 1 Orion 2500 @ half ohm ///Then upgrading to an aq 3500 @ 1 ohm during winter. What are yalls opinions on running 3kwrms to 1 18...do i need aluminum or should i stick with copper coils. I have 7 cubes gross to work with. 1 18" seems to be the most cone area to go with.
  11. ok thanks for the help guys... ive narrowed it down to dc lvl 3s or sd2.5's... i guess it just depends on pricing... both seem very similar spec wise.
  12. what should i tune too, its in a suv and i think decaf is majority of my ipod..
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